The ITD Highway Safety Office also has several other educational publications about bicycle and pedestrian safety. Follow this link to find out more about available publications:


If you would like a copy of the Commuter Guide, Street Smarts, or Rules of the Road cards; please send an email request to

Commuter Guide Cover

Bicycle commuting is easy but it may require some small adjustments to your daily routine. This guide was created to ease the transition and make the experience safer and more enjoyable. Commuting by bicycle will save you money and quickly increase your fitness level.

Smart Street Cover

Bicycle use, whether for recreation or transportation, can be enjoyable and safeā€”if you know and follow the basic rules of the road and understand how to comfortably and safely share the road with motor vehicles. The goal of Idaho Bicycling Street Smarts is to help you learn to ride safely in a variety of situations.

Rules of the Road

The Rules of the Road education cards are a must for anyone who likes to walk, bike, or drive on our roadways.