Existing Projects and Programs

Idaho is proud of its existing bicycling and walking infrastructure and has several infrastructure projects and programs in the works that will make this existing network even better. The majority of bicycle/pedestrian projects on the state highway system are implemented in conjunction with designated highway improvement projects. For more information on projects that have been identified and have funding follow this link:
Idaho Transportation Investment Program (ITIP).

Community Choices for Idaho is an umbrella program that contains funding sources related to bicycle and pedestrian activities. For program information please click here: Community Choices for Idaho

Local Planning

Infrastructure projects are usually identified at the local level through planning studies, bicycle/pedestrian plans, master plans, and other planning documents. Check with your local community to see if any planning studies have been completed or initiated. The path to construction includes project identification, engineering, environmental clearance, and purchase of right-of-way , all of which can take significant time, even years.


There are a variety of planning partners that could be involved in a project depending on the project sponsor (local or state), environmental considerations, constructability, and other issues. These partners could include local governments, Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO)'s, the Community Transportation Association of Idaho, the Local Highway Technical Advisory Council (LHTAC), and ITD. If a project is federally funded, it will need to be in the Statewide Transportation Improvement Plan (STIP).

Planning Ahead

Unfortunately, there are substantially more bicycle and/or pedestrian projects that have been identified through the various mechanisms in place than there is available funding. The good news is that the projects that have undergone a planning process are well positioned to take advantage of funding opportunities as money comes available. For more information to plan for improved bicycle and pedestrian mobility in your community, check out these resources and/or contact the ITD Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator for additional assistance.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Program Contact Information

Brian Shea

Sr. Transportation Planner

Bicycle and Pedestrian Email:ITDBikePed@itd.idaho.gov



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Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan (1995)

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