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S&L Underground, Inc.
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S&L Underground is requesting sub bids and material quotes from ALL qualified subcontractors and suppliers, including MBEs, WBEs, SBEs, ACDBEs, DBEs, and ESBEs for:

City of Spokane

CSO 33-1 Liberty Park Control Facility

Bid Date: 10/17/2016 Bid Time: 1:00PM
Project Description: The project consists of the construction of a 2,000,000 gallon combined sewer storage facility underground concrete tank with mechanical, odor control and electrical facilities; about 800 vertical square feet of shoring, approximately 24,000 cubic yards of excavation and 1,000 cubic yards of rock removal (tank site), 80 linear feet of 42” diameter tunnel in rock, 1,900 linear feet of 18” to 54” combined sanitary/storm sewer (most requires rock removal), 160 linear feet of 18” to 24” fusible slip-lined sewer pipe; and also includes 600 linear feet of 4” to 6” water line, nine drainage structures, 350 linear feet of sidewalk, 5,600 square yards of 3” to 5” thick pavement, sundry utility adjustments and other related miscellaneous items.
Plans available at:

Please verify your intent to provide a quotation and respond by October 14, 2016 with your proposals.


Thank you for your time and consideration!

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