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Construction / Materials

Construction / Materials

Construction / Materials


To provide expert construction and materials engineering services to our customers, by:

  • solving their requests with innovative solutions
  • providing responses in a timely manner
  • using emerging technologies


To be recognized inside and outside the Department as the first resource to call for problem solving and solutions. We will anticipate our customer’s needs and have research results ready to prevent tomorrow’s problems from happening.

We serve the public, AGC, FHWA, contractors, and a host of other customers with our expertise. We take pride in providing excellent customer service, applying creativity and innovation to our manuals and specifications, and working in partnership with contractors.

Construction Resources

  • Construction Claims Support and Claims Tracking
  • Records Inspection Support
  • Maintaining the Quality Assurance Manual
  • SiteManager and the SiteManager User Guide
  • Construction Administration
  • Construction Project Inspection
  • Maintaining the Construction Administration Manual
  • Maintaining ITD’s Construction Specs


  • Maintaining the Materials Manual
  • Geotechnical analysis and structures
  • Purchasing and maintaining materials site sources
  • Providing Pavement Design Support
  • Assisting in the Materials Lab

Fuel & Asphalt