Computer Aided Drafting and Design

What's In the CADD Pages

The Idaho Transportation Department purchased its first CADD equipment in 1984. Today, the system consists of some 150 PC-based workstations on a statewide network including a variety of support equipment and output devices.

The Department's standard graphics package is MicroStation by Bentley Systems. The Department's standard civil engineering products are the InRoads suite of products by Bentley Systems. The standard graphics files, symbol libraries, font libraries and other resource libraries used are also in native MicroStation file formats.

The files on this site are provided in their native file formats to assure that the information provided to the public and consultants is the same information used by the Department. Files are not translated to other CAD file formats (.iges, .dxf, .dwg, etc.) to eliminate the errors and omissions related to the translation process.

The ITD Corporate Workspace is a custom environment designed to facilitate CADD productivity and direct the user to ITD specific standards, workflows and procedures. The ITD Workspace is a set of configuration files, MicroStation and InRoads resource files, documentation, and customized tools, designed to work together to allow for development of a standardized project plan set. Some of the items included in the workspace are: seed files, cell libraries, DGN libraries, line style resource files, all border sheets, plan summary sheets and other sheets, design scripts, settings files, InRoads XIN files, ITD configuration files and documentation.

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