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The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) maintains a list of consultants pre-qualified to perform various services on an on-call basis.  This list will be used Department-wide, as well as by many local agencies, to select consultants.  Typical services range from specific work tasks (as a portion of a project) up to small projects.  The period of the Term Agreement is for two years, with opportunity for a one-time extension.

All currently scheduled highway projects are listed on the Idaho Transportation Investment Program (ITIP).  Click here for more information.

NOTE:  In order to work as a subconsultant on a Work Task under the Term Agreement, the subconsultant must be on the Term Agreement for the category of service they will be providing as a subconsultant.

To submit your qualifications for the Term Agreement, view the Request for Qualifications (RFQ) and Category of Service definitions , which can be downloaded from this web site, or a hard copy can be requested by sending an e-mail to, or by calling (208) 334-8486. 

Proposals will be accepted on a continuing basis, thus there is no deadline for submitting proposals.  The typical time frame to obtain approval is four to six weeks from the date a proposal is submitted.




If your firm is currently on the Term Agreement List, you may be eligible for a one-time extension of the agreement.  Download the Term Agreement Extension Request form.  Requests for extension must be received within thirty (30) days of expiration of the Term Agreement.  If approved, the extension period will be for two years, with a new dollar limit.  Thereafter a new qualification package must be submitted for a new agreement.

Term agreement extensions will be made upon request if key personnel have not changed.  If key personnel listed on the original qualifications proposal are no longer with the firm, new key personnel must be identified and additional documentation will be required as follows:

-    Identification of New Personnel
-    Idaho Professional Registration, if applicable
-    Past three (3) years' experience
-    Description of qualifications as pertains to the service category
-    Three (3) referenced

That documentation will be reviewed for acceptance prior to the agreement being extended.




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