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Central Issuance Driver Licenses
Frequently Asked Questions

Idaho's New Driver's Licenses and
Identification Cards

Security Features and Formats

Production and Mailing

The Temporary License / ID Card

Identification Questions

Address Changes


Idaho's New Driver's Licenses and Identification Cards

What is changing?

Central Issuance means driver’s licenses and identification (ID) cards will be produced at a central, secure location and then mailed to you.  You will receive a temporary license or identification card; the new plastic card will be sent to your mailing address within about 10 days.

Why is Idaho making this change?

Central Issuance is a cost-effective, safer and more secure way to handle one of the most important identity documents you own. State-of-the-art security features help protect you from identity theft and fraud.

When does the Central Issuance process begin?

Two county driver license locations (Ada County and Payette County) will begin the new process in May 2011.The statewide rollout for other locations will happen in summer 2011.

My card is good for a few more years.  Do I need to do anything now?

No. Your current Idaho license or ID card remains valid until it is time to renew. If you currently have an out of state driver's license, you will need to obtain an Idaho driver's license within 90 days of moving to Idaho.

Can the new driver's license be used for border crossing?

The new driver’s license is not an “enhanced driver’s license” (EDL).  A passport or passport card must be used for border crossing.

How does Idaho compare to other states?

Neighboring states, including Utah, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon and Washington are among the states that centrally issue driver’s licenses and ID cards. Idaho is one of 15 remaining states that only issue driver’s licenses over-the-counter.

Many states transitioned from over-the-counter issuance for security reasons. Improving security features of licenses and ID cards is the main reason Idaho is converting to the new Central Issuance process.


What new security features are included?

Sophisticated security features are incorporated into the new cards. Not all features are evident.

Some of the security elements include:
  • Security lamination contains the word “Idaho” and shape of the state printed with a high-tech  tri-color “optical variable design” featuring gold ink that glows green under UV light
  • Fine lines and microprinting through background, photo and ghost image
  • Laser-perforated pattern reveals the shape of Idaho when held to the light
  • Ghost image of photo
  • A vertical format for minors (under age 21), providing quick reference for retailers and law enforcement

What information is on the reverse side of the card?

Two barcodes appear on the back side of the card: one barcode contains a card-specific manufacturing inventory number, and a two-dimensional barcode contains the same information printed on the front of the card. The laser-perforated pattern of Idaho (its reverse image) can also be seen when held up to light.


How does the temporary card work?

A temporary driver’s license or identification card will be issued for identification and driving purposes until the plastic card arrives in the mail within about 10 business days. The card is mailed in an unmarked envelope, in much the same way credit cards or passports are mailed.

The temporary document contains a photo and all of the information that is contained on the plastic card, including the machine readable barcode.

It is also printed on security paper, which contains ultra-violet (UV) fibers throughout. These fibers can be easily detected under a UV light source. The paper’s reverse side is color-washed with thermochromatic ink that temporarily turns white when warmed by the touch.

Can I keep my old license or ID card?

No. Your old card will be surrendered when you receive your new temporary license or ID card.

Can the temporary card be used for driving and airline travel?

Yes. This card will be issued for driving and identity purposes until your new plastic card arrives in the mail.

How long is the temporary card valid?

The temporary card will be valid for 30 days from date of issue.

If my temporary card is lost or destroyed, can I get another one?

Yes, and there is no charge for a duplicate temporary document.


Will businesses accept the temporary card as identification for cashing checks, buying alcohol or tobacco, etc?

This has not been reported to be an issue in other states where central issuance exists (approximately half the nation). However, each business must decide if the temporary document will be accepted.

As Idaho transitions to central issuance, Idaho DMV staff is updating groups representing the restaurant and hospitality industry, as well as law enforcement statewide. These groups have been provided with sample temporary documents.


Where will the cards be produced?

The cards will be produced at a facility within the United States by an experienced issuance firm that has secure facilities and rigorous processes.

Will there be an extra fee for the new card?

No.  There are no additional costs to customers.

How long will it take to get my new card in the mail?

Expect to receive your license or ID card within about 10 business days. If the card cannot be delivered by the U.S. Postal Service to the address provided, it will not be forwarded. Instead, it will be returned to the Division of Motor Vehicles at the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) Headquarters.

What do I do if I don’t receive my card in the mail?

If you do not receive your card within 20 days, contact the ITD Division of Motor Vehicles at (208) 334-8735, option 3. All undeliverable driver’s licenses and ID cards will be held at the ITD Division of Motor Vehicles.

I don’t receive mail at my home address. Can you mail my new card to a P.O. Box?

Yes. Cards will be mailed to the address you provide, and so it is extremely important that you provide your current, accurate mailing address to the DMV.


I changed my address after applying for my new license (but prior to the new card arriving in the mail). What address will show on my new card? Will the post office forward my new card?

The mailing address you provided at the time you applied will be printed on your driver’s license, permit, or identification card. The post office will not forward the envelope containing your plastic card.

If it is undeliverable, it will be returned to the Division of Motor Vehicles at the Idaho Transportation Department. If you do not receive your permanent card in the mail within 20 days, you should call ITD at (208) 334-8735, option 3.

Please note, whenever you change your address, this must be reported to the DMV within 30 days.

Address change forms are available on the Driver Services website at The address change forms can be taken to your county driver license office or mailed to the address on the form. Your address can also be changed by emailing the information to Please include your name, driver license number, date of birth, and your new address. Address changes cannot be taken over the telephone.


There are errors on my temporary card. How can I get them corrected? How long will it take? Will this delay getting my new plastic card?

To reduce errors, when you apply for a driver’s license, permit, or ID card, a copy of your application form will print for every transaction. This form will include all of the same information that will appear on the actual license or ID card.

The DMV technician will ask you to carefully read this form. If the information is not correct, it can be corrected at that time. If you determine the information is accurate, you will be asked to sign the form, indicating your approval.

If you find an error on your interim document after you have signed the copy of your application form, you will be required to pay $15 for a new card. You will need to come to a county licensing office to have the corrections made. A new interim document will be printed and given to you at the county location, and your corrected card will be mailed to you within 10 business days.


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