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2020 Safety Stand Down – Safety tips & best safety practices for “new normal”

ITD providing face coverings for employee use

A plane carrying face coverings and hand sanitizer landed this afternoon at Jerome County Airport in District 4
ITD’s King Air arrives at Jerome County Airport in D4 this afternoon. Pilot Tim Steffen delivered hand sanitizer and face coverings to districts throughout the state.
The Center for Disease Control has recommended the use of face coverings to help slow the spread of COVID-19. ITD has partnered with a local supplier and starting today, will begin providing reusable face coverings to all employees.

Face coverings should be worn by individuals whenever they are in a community setting and especially anytime social distancing cannot be maintained. Examples of such instances are as follows:

  • When riding in vehicles together.
  • When in close proximity to others indoors, working or otherwise.
  • When in close proximity to others outdoors, working or otherwise.

Face coverings must be washed before initial use and then every day after use.

Field personnel and individuals not capable of teleworking will be the first recipients of these face coverings. Remaining personnel will be issued face coverings in the coming days as they become available. Employees should speak with their supervisor or supply personnel for information on how coverings can be obtained.

It is important that employees understand that the use of face coverings does not protect individuals from contracting COVID-19, but rather helps prevent possible transmission to others. It is also important to note that social distancing should still be maintained, where possible, regardless of whether face coverings are utilized.

If employees see fellow colleagues not wearing face coverings, please gently remind them to put theirs on – the life you protect may be your own.

Agency safety standards to protect employees

There are safety standards that should be practiced by everyone, like hand washing and social distancing, and then there are some that are specific to our ITD environment.

Face Coverings | Masks
Here are updated guidelines from the Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC). ITD stance on the use of face coverings or masks includes the following:

Vehicle Disinfecting
The PDf below has guidelines, as sent to all ITD Operations Managers on April 1, 2020, in the form of a checklist for employees when they check out a vehicle.

How to Sanitizing Vehicles | Colorado DOT

Direct From the Director

ITD Employees can see the latest Direct From the Director on the ITD Employees’ Portal page.

9/21/2020‘Best of the Best’ Winners Announcements Beginning Soon

For many years, I have seen Innovate ITD grow to be a powerful way of generating ideas that save time, save money, and improve services for the public.

Innovate ITD culminates every year with the ‘Best of the Best’ celebration, where we let you decide which innovations should be awarded.

This year, rather than award all of the category winners at once, we will be doing things a bit differently.

Over the next four weeks, we will announce a new winner every Tuesday and Thursday morning through email. Each of our four ITD Strategic Teams will announce the winners in the following order:

  • September 22 and September 24: Char McArthur and team will announce the winners for Time and Cost Savings.
  • September 29 and October 1: Scott Stokes and team will announce the winners for Safety and COVID Response.
  • October 6 and October 8: Brenda Williams and team will announce the winners for Ideal Workplace and Customer Service.
  • October 13 and October 15: Dan McElhinney and team will announce the winners for Mobility and Economic Opportunity.

On each day a winner is announced, we ask that you spend some time coming up with new submission ideas for that category. We want to see how many innovations we can generate at ITD over the next four weeks.

It is your ideas and your willingness to share them that makes Innovate ITD the success that it is.

And it is this same innovative thinking that is helping us become the best transportation department in the country.

Brian W. Ness

9/2/2020Innovate ITD Wins Top United States Entry for Gartner Award

When Innovate ITD launched in 2014, I had high hopes for the program. Since the program began, our innovation has become synonymous with who we are, not just what we do.

I am proud to announce that Innovate ITD was awarded the top entry in the entire country for the 2020 Gartner Communications Awards “Small Idea, Big Impact” category.

While we were first in the country, we won second place worldwide, coming in as a runner-up to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Gartner selected ITD as one of eight international finalists for this category in early July. The committee received more than 200 entries from 30 different countries.

You can find the full list of this year’s finalists at the 2020 Gartner Communications Awards website.

This is a huge achievement for ITD. Not only has our innovation program saved Idaho taxpayers millions of dollars, but it is now recognized on an international scale.

I believe this award reflects the culture fostered at ITD and is only the beginning of what will be accomplished.

By keeping innovation at the forefront of everything we do, ITD will continue to become the best transportation department in the country.

Brian W. Ness

8/26/2020‘Leading a Respectful Workplace’ Training Begins September 1

The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) is committed to maintaining a safe and respectful work environment for all our employees. I believe this starts with equipping our leadership with the right tools.

I am pleased to announce the ‘Leading a Respectful Workplace’ Training for supervisors will launch next Tuesday, September 1.

Because of the importance of the topic, this training will be required for all ITD supervisors. There will be several dates and times available throughout the month of September and training times will be first come, first serve. Supervisors can sign-up via TalentEd. If you have further questions about signing up, please contact Victoria Justin on Microsoft Teams.

A ‘Respectful Workplace’ training for all non-supervisory ITD employees will begin in October and dates for this required training will be announced in September.

In addition, ITD Human Resources will launch an awareness hotline for employees on September 1. The new ITD AwareLine will serve as a complaint line for reporting suspected instances of fraud, waste, abuse, or concerns at ITD. Employees can either call in to leave an anonymous complaint or fill out an online concern form.

These are just a few examples of the many ways we are working toward sustaining a safe and positive work environment. By treating each other with kindness and respect, we can continue to become the best transportation department in the country.

Brian W. Ness

7/7/2020Welcoming Our New Chief Operations Officer

Dan McElhinney, Chief Operations OfficerI am pleased to announce that Dan McElhinney has accepted the position of Chief Operations Officer for the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD), effective August 10, 2020. His selection follows an extensive national search, with the final round of interviews including external and internal candidates.

Dan comes to ITD from the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) where he currently serves as District 10 Director in Stockton. As District Director, he is responsible for overseeing more than 3,500 lane miles in eight counties, leading 600 employees and managing a nearly $2 billion capital program asset management plan and an annual operating budget of more than $150 million.

He also brings experience serving on a variety of commissions and policy councils. As District Director, Dan serves as Commissioner on the Delta Protection Commission and as a Caltrans Ex-Officio member of the San Joaquin Regional Rail/Altamont Corridor Express Commission, the Stanislaus Council of Governments, and the San Joaquin Council of Governments. He previously served a six-year term as a Commissioner on the San Francisco Bay Conservation & Development Commission (BCDC) and on the BCDC Sea Level Rise Policy Group.

Prior to accepting the District 10 position, Dan served as the San Francisco Bay Area District 4 Chief Deputy District Director where he was responsible for over 7,000 lane miles in nine counties. He led more than 3,000 employees and had oversight for a construction program in excess of $10 billion.

Dan also served as District Chief Deputy of Toll Bridges and State Toll Bridge Program Manager, and was a Deputy District Director/Principal Manager of the Caltrans North Region. These are just a few of the many positions that he held during his 32 years at Caltrans.

He is a licensed civil engineer who graduated from the Colorado School of Mines with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering with Minors in Surveying and Metallurgy.

Dan is excited to become a member of the ITD team. “I look forward to joining ITD employees delivering highway safety and mobility in partnership with local communities, industry, and the citizens of Idaho,” he said.

Dan brings a wealth of experience with him to ITD. During his career, he has dealt with many issues that our department will be facing such as rapid growth, innovative contracting and autonomous vehicles. He has demonstrated a history of seeing tough projects through to the finish line and bringing diverse groups together. Dan will quickly become a very valuable asset to our team.

It has been several months since someone has held the position of Chief Operations Officer. During that time, many of you stepped up to keep operations running smoothly. I appreciate Scott Stokes handling the day-to-day operations and working closely with the entire highway staff. A special thanks to Blake Rindlisbacher and Dave Kuisti for being there whenever Scott and I turned to them and for readily sharing professional insights and knowledge. I want to thank the District Engineers and their staffs who continued to do a fantastic job. I know your efforts will continue with the new Chief Operations Officer.

Please join me in welcoming Dan to the ITD team. He is the kind of collaborative leader who will bring people together to make us the best transportation department in the country.

Brian W. Ness

6/26/2020Respect Co-Workers by Wearing Face Coverings and Keeping Social Distance

During the last several years, the Idaho Transportation Department has placed an emphasis on providing respectful workplace training. This is because I expect all employees to treat each other with kindness and respect.

The key to a respectful workplace is that people are comfortable coming to work. This includes your safety and well-being during the workday. The respect we show each other is especially important as more of us return to our workplaces. We should all be understanding of the potential concerns of those around us.

In a respectful workplace setting, we will wear a face covering or mask when we are less than six-feet from others, walking through tight office areas, walking in hallways, and during meetings if you cannot properly distance from each other. I am asking that all employees wear a face covering or mask in these situations. In Idaho, we pride ourselves in taking personal responsibility. We can all be that responsible person as we interact with others.

Please watch this video with more examples of workplace situations we should all be aware of in the current COVID environment. In addition, here is a link to the Department’s “Return to Workspace Plan and Guidelines.”

Since this pandemic began, we have asked all ITD employees to focus on three key coronavirus priorities, which are:

  • Keeping everyone as safe as possible
  • Keeping service levels as close to normal as possible
  • Remaining flexible as conditions change

You have done a tremendous job of providing essential services by sticking to these priorities. Our citizens have seen your steady response to this pandemic from building and maintaining our roadways, keeping commercial goods and services moving and providing motor vehicle services. We have not missed a beat.

To continue this strong commitment to serving Idaho, we must do our part to keep each other safe and healthy. As we move forward, remember we all have the responsibility to each other to sustain a healthy, positive and respectful workplace. By working together to create this safe environment, we will become the best transportation department in the country.

Brian W. Ness

5/21/2020Economic Stability for ITD Employees

Earlier today, the department presented the current compensation plan to the Idaho Transportation Board. The Board agreed to move forward in the process and seek approval. This plan looks different than in previous years due to the dramatic decline in state revenues. I regret that the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) will not be recommending across the board merit-based pay raises for all for the first time since 2012.

The plan presented to the board has four recommendations:

  • an increase in salary for employees making less than 80% of their respective pay grade;
  • move employees in an approved Horizontal Career Path (HCP) to the next step if they meet eligibility requirements;
  • targeted increases for hard to fill positions, such as mechanics, electricians and surveyors; and
  • an increase for positions with high turnover.

ITD will do everything possible to give you merit-based raises when the revenues return. I take the economic stability of our employees very seriously.

I have always said that when you come to work at the Idaho Transportation Department every employee has the opportunity to enjoy a fulfilling career. This stable environment ensures we can move closer to our vision of becoming the best transportation department in the country.

Brian W. Ness

5/19/2020Starting to Phase Back

Last Thursday, Governor Brad Little moved Idaho into Stage 2 of his plan to reopen the state and move forward with our economic recovery. When the Governor’s plan moves to Stage 3, we will begin the process of slowly phasing employees back into the office.

Before I talk about the ITD plan, I want to thank the hundreds of employees who remained working in the field during the Governor’s ‘Stay-Home’ order. You kept maintaining our roads and helped the state through an earthquake. You kept the Ports of Entry open and goods flowing through Idaho. You inspected and delivered on our construction program. Many others came to offices in the districts and in Boise to provide essential services.

The ITD plan will be implemented using a careful and deliberate process to phase staff back into their offices safely and effectively. Your managers and supervisors have probably talked with you about when you would like to come back. If you are unsure about your timing, please contact your District Engineer, Division Administrator, or supervisor or if you have any questions or concerns. A small number of employees across the state will return when the Governor moves to Stage 3 of his plan. These employees have specifically asked to come back as soon as possible. After that, more staff will return in conjunction with the Governor’s move to Stage 4.

Senior Leadership Team members developed guidance to help you safely make the transition back into your work area. This covers topics such as face-coverings, meetings, travel, and best practices the day you come back. Next week, we will add additional information that will elaborate on sanitization and workspace safety.

This has certainly been a trying time. I am very proud of how this organization has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic. We have admirably performed our work and shown once again why we are becoming the best transportation department in the country.

Brian W. Ness

5/12/2020Thank You for Keeping ITD Moving

During the next five days, the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) will recognize you as part of Employee Appreciation Week. Your accomplishments the past two months are shining examples of why ITD is recognized as a national leader in transportation. Thank you for your commitment to providing Idaho’s transportation users the best system possible.

I have had the pleasure of witnessing firsthand your remarkable contributions, achievements and passion. Your work is noticed as you provide essential services to the citizens of Idaho. This commitment to excellence shows in ITD’s continual success and award-winning efforts year after year.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, your valuable contributions have been noted by our Board, the Governor’s Office and other agency leaders. I wish I could thank all of you personally during this week.

Each year during Employee Appreciation Week, ITD leaders across the state recognize employees with face-to-face activities like serving ice cream or having barbeques. This is their way of saying thank you. Given the current situation, this is not possible.

We hope each of you takes time to participate in the Employee Appreciation Week activities developed by the Office of Communication. Please use these opportunities to reflect on your accomplishments, share with others what you are doing and most importantly thank your teammates as we build toward even greater successes in the future.

It is this kind of connection that keeps us all together as one team and will help ITD move towards becoming the best transportation department in the country.

Brian W. Ness

April 30, 2020ITD Prepares as Idaho Begins to Reopen

Many of you have now been working differently for the last five weeks. Thank you for doing such a great job, and for keeping the department and the state’s transportation system running smoothly and delivering the services the public has come to expect from the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD).

The Governor will begin opening the Idaho economy in phases starting on May 1. However, for those of you who have been working from home, do not plan on coming back to the office right away.

State employees will be phased back to work based on the progress of Idaho’s economy as it moves through the Governor’s four-stage plan to reopen the state. When the Governor’s plan reaches Stage Three, we intend to implement the ITD plan developed by our Return-to-the-Office Team:

  • Damon Allen, District 1 Engineer
  • Jessica Garrison, Human Resources Unit Supervisor
  • Alberto Gonzales, Division of Motor Vehicles Administrator
  • Mark McKinney, Chief Information Officer
  • Vincent Trimboli, Office of Communication Manager

I will be sending out a new message to keep you informed—and for those of you who are currently working from home—to let you know when to begin preparing to return to your offices.

We will implement ITD’s plan using a careful and deliberate process to phase people back into their offices safely and effectively. Please contact your District Engineer, Division Administrator, or supervisor if you have any questions or concerns.

As Idaho begins transitioning into the first stages of the Governor’s plan, please continue focusing on our key coronavirus priorities, which are:

  • Keeping everyone as safe as possible
  • Keeping service levels as close to normal as possible
  • Remaining flexible as conditions change

Your dedication, loyalty, and innovation have kept most of ITD’s functions and services on a very high level. What you have accomplished is amazing. Our contribution to reopening Idaho’s economy will take us another step toward becoming best transportation department in the country.

Brian W. Ness

April 24, 2020The Idaho Transportation Department Prepares for Governor’s Rebounding Plan

When Governor Little issued his stay-home order in late March, the services you provide to the public were deemed essential. Many of you who work in the field continued working much the same as you did before the pandemic, and some of you began working from home. For the last month we have addressed the coronavirus pandemic while successfully continuing to deliver critical services.

We know Idaho’s stay-home situation will not last forever, and that we must be prepared for the time when we can reopen. To make sure we are ready, I appointed a team to develop a coordinated phase-in plan that is specific to the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD).

That plan is nearing completion. It will include timing for reopening, returning employees back into the office and guidance for keeping employees safe. It is being developed by team members representing a broad cross-section of the department, including:

  • Scott Stokes, Chief Deputy (Executive Sponsor)
  • Damon Allen, District 1 Engineer
  • Jessica Garrison, Human Resources Unit Supervisor
  • Alberto Gonzales, Division of Motor Vehicles Administrator
  • Mark McKinney, Chief Information Officer
  • Vincent Trimboli, Office of Communication Manager

On Wednesday, April 22, Governor Little stated that he would like most of the state to be open by the end of June. The Governor presented his four-stage Idaho Rebound plan to serve as general guidelines to reopen the state, which includes the stipulation that people continue to practice social distancing.

Stage One of Governor Little’s plan is scheduled to begin May 1, the day after his current stay-home order expires. This stage will allow retail stores and places of worship to reopen if they can maintain appropriate social distancing. Bars, dine-in restaurants, and gyms will remain closed, and large gatherings will continue to be discouraged.

Stage Two, tentatively scheduled for May 16 to May 29, will allow restaurants, hair and nail salons, and gyms to reopen if they can safely meet protocols. Restaurants will need to submit reopening plans and have them approved by their local public health district before being allowed to serve dine-in customers. Bars, nightclubs, and large venues such as movie theaters and concert venues will remain closed.

Stage Three, tentatively scheduled for May 30 to June 12, will allow gatherings of 10 to 50 people—if precautionary measures are observed. Vulnerable Idahoans will be allowed to resume public interactions, but should continue to practice physical distancing and avoid social situations where that is not possible. The mandatory 14-day quarantine for people entering Idaho will also be lifted. Non-essential travel will once again be allowed to places that do not have ongoing transmission of the virus.

Stage Four, the final stage, is currently projected to begin on June 13 and will allow bars, theaters, and other public venues to reopen, as well as gatherings of more than 50 people—if necessary precautions are in place. Work-from-home recommendations will also be lifted at that point, and visits to correctional facilities and senior living centers will be allowed to resume.

He also said: “We know that we cannot reopen everything all at once, and undo all the progress. If things don’t go right, if something happens… we’re going to go back.”

The Governor will open state agencies based on the success of each stage of the plan he outlined. When that time comes, ITD will be ready to incorporate its plan in alignment with the Governor’s direction.

Please stay tuned for future Direct from the Director messages to remain up to date on what is happening—and when. If you have questions or concerns, please speak directly with your District Engineer, Division Administrator, or supervisor.

We will continue delivering critical services to the citizens of Idaho during the phase-in period, and continue to focus on our key coronavirus priorities:

  • Keep each other, our business partners and citizens as safe as possible
  • Keep service levels as close to normal as possible
  • Be flexible as conditions change

By working together, we will help reopen the great state of Idaho for business and recreation, and continue to move towards becoming the best transportation department in the country.

Brian W. Ness

4/15/2020Returning Idaho’s Economic Opportunity

We have just passed the first 21 days of Governor Brad Little’s ‘stay-home’ order for the State of Idaho. And we now know it will last at least two weeks longer after the Governor extended the order until April 30.

By now, many of you have settled into your temporary work and life routine. It probably includes wearing a mask when you go out, maintaining your social distancing and continually washing/sanitizing your hands. We may be just getting comfortable, but one thing we know is this will change again. Eventually, we will return to our regular work routine. Although, new procedures and habits will be added to our lives at home and in the workplace.

During his announcement to extend the stay-home order, the Governor talked about the past 21 days. He especially noted the important journey to reduce the impact of the coronavirus and to ensure the safety of every Idaho citizen. He also talked about the path forward and the importance on fully restoring Idaho’s economy.

“Idaho will be better positioned for a strong economic comeback because we are making difficult changes in how we live and work in the short-term,” Governor Little said. “The statewide stay-home order is working to flatten the curve and slow the spread of coronavirus in Idaho, but the science tells us if you don’t time these measures right then we could worsen the outcome for citizens’ health and the economy weeks or months down the road.”

When the Governor talks about restoring Idaho’s economy, those words are important for every employee at the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD). After all, one piece of our mission is “Your Economic Opportunity”. ITD will play a key role in restoring Idaho’s economy.

During the next 14 days, we will develop plans for returning to our work areas, opening up offices to the public and restoring all services back to the same levels as before. The goal is to have a smooth transition with the priorities being placed on your safety and providing the services that return ITD to moving at the speed of business.

As we move into the next phase, continue to live by our mission statement of “Your Safety, Your Mobility” and be ready to enhance “Your Economic Opportunity.” Together, we will make it happen. By thinking about this now and being prepared for the future, we will show the rest of the nation we are becoming the best transportation department in the country.

Brian W. Ness

4/9/2020Thank You for Working Through the ‘New Norm’

Two weeks ago today, Governor Brad Little issued the ‘Stay at Home ‘Order for Idaho. The following days moved fast here at the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD). None of us have ever gone through anything like this before in our lifetimes.

In very short order, we had to be flexible as we worked through new federal laws and regulations and accompanying state policies. ITD had to equip a lot of our workforce to bring the office home. We also had to make sure all our employees remained safe whether they were working at home or in the field.

It has been a whirlwind. Through it all, you have maintained your patience. We have endured. ITD is and will be better because of this experience. I want to say thank you for being ‘the best’ through this pandemic emergency!

It is not over yet. We are all settling into what many are calling the “new norm.” I think of it as temporary. However, it could be a while before we get back to normal. The Governor recently said that this may not end soon.

What has impressed me the most is despite the anxiousness, the confusion and uncertainty, we have learned how to adapt during this pandemic.

Look at what we have accomplished. The Division of Motor Vehicles is providing excellent customer service, and setting records for vehicle registrations and license renewal transactions online. The customer service center is still answering nearly 1,000 call per day. The ports of entry continue to be flexible and efficient at moving much-needed freight through Idaho.

The majority of our construction projects are moving forward. The design teams continue to work on future projects. The construction teams, including the inspectors and project managers, are showing up at job sites every day to work with our partners in the construction industry.

The maintenance crews, along with the bridge team, assessed the damage from the recent earthquake and then gladly cleaned up Mother Nature’s mess. Districts 3 and 4 teamed up to clear Highway 21. They had to remove mountains of mud, rocks, snow and huge boulders. For them, it is all in a day’s work. Despite the pandemic, they never broke stride. In addition, crews across southern and southwestern Idaho have helped FEMA move critical medical supplies to hospitals and other facilities throughout the state.

All of what I just mentioned is a small sample of the work everyone is accomplishing across the department. So much of what you are doing is being highlighted on the employee website, which was set up to keep you informed during this emergency. It has everything from tips on working from home, employee safety guidance, along with information on how to code your timesheet, and many great stories detailing what all of you are doing to meet this challenge.

I have heard from many of you about how you are coping and feeling during this coronavirus pandemic. Some employees are feeling isolated and alone working at home, while others are anxious about having to report to the office and work in the field. If you feel like you need someone to speak with, ITD has the Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) team standing by to help you. The CISM team consist of employees who are trained to listen and help you in difficult times. There is also the Employee Assistance program (EAP) that can offer counsel. Information on the EAP program is available on the website.

In addition, today we began delivering washable/reusable facemasks to employees across the state. Soon we will distribute around 1,200 pounds of hand sanitizer. Both of these products have been on backorder from our traditional suppliers. Our purchasing team has worked with local companies to have the masks and sanitizer manufactured for you rather than waiting for our regular supply lines.

As we move forward, we need to keep one foot on the gas and the other on the brake. Work safely by protecting yourself, our business partners and citizens. Keep designing, building and maintaining our transportation system. Keep helping to provide services and move critical goods through Idaho by ground and air as close to normal as possible. At the same time, this situation will change again, so please be flexible. Be ready to hit the brakes, adjust and move forward with whatever comes our way.

When this is over and we come back to work, we are not sure of what that normal will look like. What we know for sure is that we will all look back and be proud of what we accomplished together as one team. By working safely to handle each change in direction, we will get through this and continue to make ITD the best transportation department in the country.

Brian W. Ness

4/2/2020Three Guiding Messages to Help in Uncertain Times

A month ago today, the parking lots at our facilities across the state were full. Despite knowing our situation could soon be different, it was business as usual. Now 30 days later, our circumstances have drastically changed.

For all of us, the uncertainty has caused stress. Understandably so. We all like our routines and knowing what each day brings. With these changes at the Idaho Transportation Department has come a number of questions, especially since the Governor issued a “Stay at Home Order” one week ago.

As a part of Governor Little’s order, transportation is an essential function. Since then, you have asked, “What does that mean to me?” Here are three messages to help you answer that question as we all work together to continue and deliver these critical services.

  1. Keep each other, our business partners and citizens as safe as possible
  2. Keep service levels as close to normal as possible
  3. Be flexible as conditions change

If you think about it, these messages are another way of delivering our mission of your safety, your mobility and your economic opportunity. They are adapted to meet our current situation.

Our goal is to keep goods and services moving. The Ports of Entry are doing a tremendous job maintaining the consistent movement of medical supplies, food shipments and other critical freight that will be key to winning the battle against the coronavirus pandemic.

ITD maintenance operators continue to provide critical services which keep our transportation system safe. A great example is the quick response by maintenance crews across Idaho to help clean up debris and assess road and bridge conditions after the earthquake on Tuesday.

Like so many other essential workers in Idaho, ITD maintenance crews, construction inspectors and staff at the ports are feeling anxiety as they continue to work around people.

Some employees are still reporting to our offices across the state and keeping critical services going, like sending and receiving mail, printing materials, making signs, and so much more.

Per the Governor’s Order, some of you are working from home. Whether it is answering questions from DMV customers, designing roads and bridges or communicating to the public, those at home are finding innovative ways to do their jobs.

I want to thank everyone for working through this emergency. The citizens of Idaho see what you are doing and appreciate your service. If you are feeling isolated, or anxious and want to speak with someone who can help you cope with this emergency, the state’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) has staff on hand to address your concerns.

No matter what your job is, please make sure that you are practicing social distancing. Wash your hands, cover coughs and use cleaning supplies to keep your facilities, trucks and cars clean and safe.

In addition, ITD is working quickly to provide you with more PPE. We have purchased more hand sanitizer for employees. Procurement staff is looking to acquire masks as soon as possible, as well as gloves and other protective equipment.

I know people want information in these times. The department has a website that has been updated on a daily basis since early March. When changes happen, we will provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information. We also are telling your stories to make sure you can see the positive impact of your critical work.

I would like to reiterate that if you have concerns or questions, please speak directly with your District Engineer or Division Administrator and supervisor. Every work area has the flexibility to address your concerns and solve your problems. But they cannot help if you do not ask.

While the uncertainty remains, I know a constant will be the resolve, strength and willingness of every employee at the Idaho Transportation Department to keep our state moving. We have a great opportunity to meet the challenges ahead and ensure Idaho is resilient when this is over.

I know we will all look back and be proud of what we accomplished in the face of the greatest global public-health crisis we have seen in our lifetime. As one team working together, we will get through this and continue to make ITD the best transportation department in the country.

Brian W. Ness


3/18/2020Addressing Your Coronavirus Concerns

I know many of you have questions as the Idaho Transportation Department, the State of Idaho, our nation and the world deal with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. I have heard the concerns you are sharing with executives, senior managers and me.

You are watching as schools, some government agencies, and countless businesses across our state and country are closing to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Led by Governor Brad Little, Idaho’s agencies remain open to meet the state’s critical business needs, which includes services provided by the Divisions of Aeronautics and Motor Vehicles, along with maintaining and building our roads and bridges.

In addition, the Governor announced today that Idaho is adopting the latest guidance from the White House and U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to slow the spread of coronavirus.

This situation seems to be changing on a daily basis. To help address your questions and concerns, the department has set up an employee website with information about how we are handling meetings, travel, and certain leave situations, including what to do if you are out of the office because of school and daycare closures.

If you have any concerns, please address them with your Senior Leadership Team member (District Engineer or Division Administrator).

Information on the employee website is being updated regularly and provides guidelines to help you make decisions. As we move forward, let us take care of each other by practicing the safety and prevention tips recommended by the CDC, which include social distancing, covering coughs and washing hands. I thank all of you for remaining calm and vigilant. Working together, we will come out of this stronger than ever before as we continue to pursue our goal of being the best transportation department in the country.

Brian W. Ness

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May 11 - Take some time to enjoy the outdoors and go for a walk around the block or sip a cup of tea in the garden. Oh, and don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers throughout the day.
Tuesday: Gather Round the Watercooler!
May 12 - Set up a virtual meeting with coworkers you’ve missed seeing each day. Spend some time visiting just like you would in the office over lunch or during a coffee break. Talk, laugh and have a good time.
Wednesday: Say Thanks!
May 13 - If you haven’t yet done so, share your appreciation for a specific coworker (or two, or three, or four…) by filling out an MVP Card on the MVP Card internal page. We all like to know our work is valued, so be the person to put a smile on your colleague’s face.
Thursday: Get Creative!
May 14 - Think of a creative way to celebrate a personal or team success you’ve experienced over the last year. We’re so often running full-steam ahead and seldom take time to reflect upon our successes. Don’t let another year go by without doing so.
Friday: Treat Yourself!
May 15 - There’s no better way to end the week than with a little treat of something sweet. Grab a small delight from the cupboard or the fridge and indulge yourself just a bit. Whether it’s a popsicle, an apple, or a piece of cherry pie, take a moment to enjoy your day and your life.

Send snapshots and recordings to your designated Public Information Officer who will be working with the Communication Team to compile the content received into a montage for all of ITD.

Messages from ITD Executives


Listen to Episode #4 from this season’s “Drive Idaho” PodcastDrive Idaho Podcast

Tune in as Vince and Mark welcome a new guest, Megan Sausser, from the ITD Office of Communication. Megan gets answers to listener questions like the I-84 completion date, COVID-19 and earthquake impacts. Vince and Mark also give us the monthly I-84 construction updates.

Statewide roadeo events cancelled due to safety concerns
District equipment roadeos scheduled for May and June have been cancelled following concerns about the ability to safely maintain social distancing and gather in large groups at these popular events. Read the entire story.

The following events are now cancelled:

  • D2 – May 14 in Orofino
  • D1 – June 2 in Bonners Ferry
  • D5 – June 9 in Pocatello
  • D6 – June 11 in St. Anthony
  • D4 – June 16 in Twin Falls
  • D3 – June 18 in Garden Valley
  • STATE – June 23 in Twin Falls


Beth Thompson

ITD DMV employees work from home to continue helping Idaho drivers

By Jillian Garrigues
During this COVID-19 emergency, DMV Customer Contact Center employees are dedicated to keep assisting Idahoans with their DMV concerns while maintaining safe social distancing protocols. More than 160 people are working from home, answering phone calls related to all aspects of DMV operations. That includes driver’s licenses, vehicle registration and titles, motor carrier registration and permits, and vehicle dealer support. These DMV employees are taking more than 1,000 calls a day from the public, and more than 800 a day from county DMV offices across the state. Read the entire story.

4/28/2020ITD crews work with BLM to conduct controlled burn
By Jake Melder
The Idaho Transportation Department closed a section of Interstate 84 east of Mountain Home this week, allowing BLM crews to conduct a controlled burn of vegetation along the highway. Read the entire story.

Controlled Burn in Southwest Idaho

Articles from The Transporter

Unloading the seismic equipment from the Kodiak airplane
Unloading the seismic equipment from the Kodiak.
4/23/2020 – Shakin’ Up The Backcountry

ITD Division of Aeronautics aids in response to 6.5-magnitude earthquake

This story was a collaboration between: Ross Engle, Director of Flight Operations-Aeronautics, Tammy Schoen, Administrative Assistant-Aeronautics, Tim Steffen, Safety/Education Coordinator-Aeronautics, and Claudio Berti, Geologists-Idaho Geologic Survey

As the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) watched the snow accumulate in the Central Mountains of Idaho on March 31, we wondered if this would be the storm to shut down Idaho Highway 21. The snow subsided after around 27 inches of beautiful new white fluff came down. Read more . . .

For up-to-date information regarding the earthquake, go to:



4/20/2020Work Zone Safety - Construction season is here!

National Work Zone Awareness Week: April 20-24

Work Zone Safety Vest
National Work Zone Awareness Week reminds drivers to continue to watch out for work zones during the COVID-19 pandemic. Construction and maintenance operations continue and are essential to Idaho’s response to allow for the essential delivery of goods, medical equipment and other important services throughout the state and the nation.

Short Duration Operations

Along with larger road construction projects, which are typically well-marked and have better visibility for drivers, the work of ITD’s highway maintenance crews also often includes a lot of Short Duration Operations. These can pop up anywhere, at any time. Whether it is a highway worker stopping to remove a shredded tire or animal carcass from the road, or performing maintenance work like an impromptu guardrail repair right next to the travel lanes, these jobs generally put workers closer to the road, and closer to danger – there is less time for the worker or the driver to take evasive action in those circumstances. In fact, an ITD operator was killed just outside Arco last year in a Short Duration Operation, reminding us all of the importance of being safe and vigilant in all work zones across the state.


4/16/2020 Rest Area News

Food Trucks to serve Truck Drivers at Idaho Rest Areas

As of April 2020, food trucks will be able to offer services at ITD rest areas following concerns from the trucking industry about issues finding meals on the road given the restrictions placed on nonessential businesses. These temporary services are targeted at truck drivers and other essential travelers.

Earlier this month, the Federal Highway Administration announced it would temporarily relax enforcement of rules that prohibit commercial activity on state-owned, federally-supported right of way like rest areas. Food trucks will be permitted at rest areas around the state, with up to two vendors allowed at each site. They will not be permitted at rest areas that already offer these services and are under public-private management.

Articles from The Transporter

Stacy Simkins with donated masks
Stacy Simkins with donated masks

4/14/2020Farm family from Sagle delivers 100 homemade masks to ITD
By Megan Sausser
Anyone watching the news has likely seen the positive stories of individuals and organizations helping one another during the COVID-19 outbreak, with much of that assistance being directed—rightly so—toward our first responders and our healthcare workers as they save lives.

The work we do at ITD save lives too, and a farm family from Sagle recently recognized that by gifting the department with 100 masks.

“We are grateful for everyone who’s putting themselves on the line,” said Trina Johnson, the matriarch of the family farm in Sagle.

4/14/2020Reduced traffic on I-84 provides opportunity for repairs at East Boise Port of Entry
By Jake Melder

D3 POE On-ramp Repave
Pat Dickson of GFHD operates the 12-foot paver.
As thousands of Idahoans stay home during the Covid-19 pandemic, maintenance crews have found a silver lining – fewer cars on the Interstate means some jobs are more feasible than normal.

District 3 had been eyeing the crumbling asphalt on the East Boise Port of Entry on ramp for months, waiting for the chance to make repairs at the busy port. The project had three main challenges: trucks entering the Interstate needed all the length of the ramp to get up to speed and merge, many pieces of equipment and material were scattered across the District, and the repairs required a specialized paver and operator the District doesn’t have.

ITD’s new Traffic-Tracker tool shows a nearly 40% drop in trips on I-84 in Ada and Elmore Counties. Most of this reduction comes from passenger vehicles. The drop creates more gaps in traffic and an easier time for trucks entering the Interstate. It presented a perfect moment to make the repairs.

4/13/2020This Too Shall Pass
From the (home) desk of Transporter Editor Reed Hollinshead
This too shall pass. That was a statement I heard my mother say many, many times as I was growing up when I thought whatever situation I was faced with at the moment would define me and change my life forever. It was a good reminder to keep it in perspective. Certainly it requires an adjustment in the moment, but this (insert crisis here) too shall pass.

Ted Baxter and Dixie help Jillian Garrigues work from home.
Ted Baxter and Dixie help Jillian Garrigues work from home.
4/10/2020New ITD employees share their “work from home” experiences
By Jillian Garrigues
On March 23, I started my brand new job as a Public Information Officer at the Idaho Transportation Department. When I applied and interviewed back in early February, I had no idea the coronavirus would have such a large impact on our day-to-day lives. It’s definitely a strange time to be starting a new job with video meetings and phone calls and little personal interaction, but after talking to a few other new ITD employees who also started in the midst of this crisis, we all agree how fortunate we are to have a job right now.

My first day was filled with the usual HR paperwork, computer setup, and enough ITD acronyms and abbreviations to make my head spin. Leslie De La Cruz, a Crash Data Analyst with the Office of Highway Safety, was also starting. We met Carlin Hill in a conference room to sign our paperwork with hand sanitizer ready and our tables spread across the room from each other at a safe distance. Throughout the day, as we met our new co-workers, we waved hello instead of shaking hands, which was an adjustment for all of us!

4/10/2020ITD’s Enterprise Technology Services guides over 1,600 employees to work from home
By Aubrie Spence
Keyboard SupportWhen Gov. Brad Little’s order to shelter-in-place went out on March 25, only a handful of ITD employees were set up to work remotely. Within days, Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) guided over 1,600 employees to work from home.

“The team has done an incredible job,” said ITD’s new Chief Information Officer Mark McKinney. “We shifted policies, dropped a lot of protocol, and dug in to make this happen.”

In order to continue operations, employees needed to get at resources and applications that before could only be accessed at work through ITD’s network. To do this from home, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) needed to be established. The task of helping employees set up VPNs fell mainly on the shoulders of ETS’s Service Center.

Articles from The Transporter

4/8/2020Adopt a Highway program suspended during COVID-19 pandemicITD truck loaded with bags of trash from an Adopt a Highway pickup
By Megan Sausser
The Idaho Transportation Department has suspended the Adopt a Highway and other volunteer programs to focus on essential services and promote community safety.

Under the program, volunteers adopt a section of highway for two years at a time and commit to removing litter twice a year. These sections are marked by special white and blue signs on the highway.

4/7/2020ITD crews part of frontline pandemic responseStaff sorts supplies for distribution
By Jake Melder

Assisting with the efforts to reduce the spread of Covid-19 and offer essential services, ITD has spooled up more resources in emergency services to deliver medical protective gear across the state.

During the pandemic, ITD resources are called upon to provide critical transportation services. This can be many different tasks including traffic control, hazard removal, or road repairs. Most recently, crews in southern and southwestern Idaho have answered the call as couriers to transport medical personal protective equipment (PPE) from warehouses in Boise to communities with the greatest need.

Inspector Jolana Valdez checks vehicles at the Cotterel Port of Entry.
Inspector Jolana Valdez checks vehicles at the Cotterel Port of Entry.
4/7/2020Idaho Ports of Entry provide essential service during COVID-19
By Jillian Garrigues

As COVID-19 halts activities around the world, trucks are still moving on Idaho roads and work continues at ports of entry. The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) is dedicated to providing a safe system to allow for the essential delivery of goods, medical equipment, and other important services throughout Idaho and the nation. At the East Boise Port of Entry, 2,400 trucks pass through every day on the eastbound side of Interstate 84.

Idaho Trucking Association provides lunches to Truckers4/6/2020“Lunches for Truckers” supports truck drivers at East Boise Port of Entry
Generosity is pouring in across Idaho during the COVID-19 emergency. Friday, April 3, the Idaho Trucking Association (ITA) showed support to thousands of truck drivers traveling through the Idaho Transportation Department’s East Boise Port of Entry.

The ITA’s “Lunches for Truckers” project provided a free boxed meal to the hard working drivers who are keeping resources moving. Governor Brad Little and other volunteers handed out 2,000 lunches to appreciative truck drivers.

4/3/2020ITD’s Public Transportation group preparing for federal funding boost and dealing with dwindling ridership
CARE Act could bring $27M to Idaho

This is an unprecedented time, at least in modern times, and so a slowdown or lack of services is to be expected. But that’s not what ITD’s Public Transportation group is experiencing. In fact, they are 100% operational – all services are still being delivered, just remotely.

4/2/2020New Traffic-Tracker Tool from ITD

Many decision-makers in Idaho, from the Emergency Managers to Chambers of Commerce, have been wanting to understand the impacts of COVID-19. Leveraging existing automatic traffic recorders, Traffic Data Manager Margaret Pridmore and HQ GIS Specialist Will Thoman created a user-friendly tool to provide this important information in a timely manner.

4/2/2020Aero prepared to transport medical personnel, suppliesAeronautics Logo
Also helps D3 assess avalanche zone following quake

Idaho’s Division of Aeronautics is making preparations to begin transporting medical personnel and supplies, should the need arise. Administrator Jeff Marker is hoping never to see the day arrive when the spread of the virus necessitates such an action, but he and his crew at Aero are ready if that happens. See the entire article at the link below.

4/1/2020ITD crews respond quickly to earthquaketwo landslides fell across idaho highway 21

Yesterday evening a 6.5 magnitude earthquake occurred in central Idaho. Although the quake was centered in the Challis National Forest, trembling was felt far and wide throughout central and south-central Idaho.

In D4, Operations Manager Seth Helms began texting his foremen as soon as the shaking stopped. See article below for more information.



6/11/2020Stage 4 | Idaho Rebounds: Our Path to Prosperity

5/28/2020Stage 3 | Idaho Rebounds: Our Path to Prosperity

5/14/2020Stage 2 | Idaho Rebounds: Our Path to Prosperity

4/17/2020President’s plan to responsibly reopen the economy in phases is underway in Idaho
By Governor Brad Little
President Donald Trump laid out new guidelines last night that align with Idaho’s approach to responsibly reopen our economy in stages. Read more . . .

April 15, 2020Governor’s Stay at Home Order Extension

Governor Little charts path to prosperity, extends statewide stay-home order to April 30 with exceptions

Governor Brad Little announced today that he is extending the statewide stay-home order to April 30, with exceptions for operations of formerly “non-essential” businesses, facilities, and services and new restrictions related to nonresident travel into the state. Read more . . .

Essential Construction and Impacts to Highway Construction Due to COVID-19

April 8, 2020 – ITD will continue with essential maintenance and construction activities but is doing so with the health of our staff and business partners at the forefront of all activities. ITD has implemented protective measures like the use of virtual tools to limit in-person contact and allowing employees to work remotely where feasible. See the following letter for more details.

March 25, 2020Original Stay at Home Order

Idaho Governor Brad Little issued a stay at home order for all Idahoans effective immediately. The Governor’s order requires employees of non-essential employees to “work remotely at home” if possible.

How does this effect ITD?

First: Do all you can to be safe.
Second: Let’s all work together to maximize the productivity of ITD as you work from home. The Work we all do together is as critical as ever to Idaho.
Third: ITD provides mostly essential functions per the Governor’s items. Some of our employees that directly provide the essential functions will continue to work in the field.

If you are still working in an office or have job that you can’t do from home, you need to speak with your District Engineer or your Administrator and your direct supervisor. They will give you further instructions on what you need to do to.

Our department and all of our employees will follow this order while still providing our critical and essential services to the citizens of Idaho. Many ITD employees will still continue to work in the field delivering maintenance, construction, commercial trucking and other services. See your supervisors for more information.

To all employees working at home, please continue to be innovative in providing services by doing whatever you can to advance your projects and our services as much as possible. And thank you to the employees providing services in the field.

Photo Gallery

4/8/2020Photo Gallery & Article: Idaho Highway 21 re-opens after earthquake damage closure
By Jake Melder
ITD crews have finished cleaning up tons of rock, dirt and snow on Idaho Highway 21 between Lowman and Stanley one week after a record 6.5 magnitude earthquake struck the area.


Training & Development Highlights

Training & Development, in coordination with ITD leadership, is making every effort to balance the safety of our employees, their families and communities with the training needs of ITD’s ongoing operations. Through at least the month of May ITD will not be holding most in-person training classes. Some exceptions may be made if there is an urgent organizational need and the class size falls within ITD guidelines. In an effort to help maintain critical business operations and assist those in Horizontal Career Paths with training, T & D is working to offer online classes. The following are some of the options that will be available to employees:

  • TC3 classes are a source of online courses that are available on TalentED. For more information visit TalentED and search TC3 for a complete list.
  • Renae Beal, your friendly neighborhood computer trainer, is offering online classes for Microsoft Teams. You can find them listed in TalentEd.
  • Many certifications and qualifications have been extended so that those with them have time to complete the required training. If you have questions regarding certification & qualifications extensions, reach out to your District Trainer.
  • The National Highway Institute offers over 100 Web-Based training’s that cover 18 different program areas pertaining to highways. These training courses are free to ITD employees. To access the training go to: Click “Login” at the top of the screen. If you are a returning user, enter User ID and Password. If you are a new user you will need to register using your email and creating an account. You can search for training a number of ways. Selecting “browse courses” you are able to search specifically Web-Based training. Once you complete a course you will need to enter the information into TalentED as “external training”. Reach out to your District Trainer if you have questions.
  • The equipment training program has an interim plan for helping foremen work with their new hires so that they may utilize equipment. Please contact Mike Stowell for more questions.
  • Many required classes for HCPs have been scheduled online.
  • Some leadership classes will move online.
  • Many of the training sessions that were to be held at the Program Delivery Conference will be held online. Those registered for the conference breakout sessions will be automatically registered for those online sessions – others may enroll in the sessions in TalentEd. You may enroll in any available session that is applicable. There is no longer a 6 session cap. Please search PDC20 – to find online courses in TalentEd. There are more sessions getting added daily! For a more detailed explanation about how to find & add those classes, click this link:


How do I find classes online?
All online courses will be scheduled in TalentED. The easiest way to find live online classes is to look in the events calendar and under location click “virtual training” – please note that is on page two of the location options.

When will in person training resume?

At this point we aren’t sure. The T & D team members are excited to get back to in-person training and doing what they love—working with the employees of ITD in the classroom. We will continue to work with ITD leadership to fall in alignment with safety guidelines and do our best to offer more online training options as we can.

It seems like you are focused on specific classes or people in HCPs. What if I’m not in an HCP but I still want to get my learn on?

That’s awesome and we’d like to help. We may expand our training offerings online but for now we’re managing the same challenges you are—navigating uncharted territory while trying to focus on essential functions of our work. While we are ramping up, check out readitforme. This site summarizes popular business books and records summaries for you to use. ITD has a subscription and you can sign up just using your ITD email. Here’s the link.

Finally, you can check out Productivity Game. They offer short video book summaries for free.

Telecommute Resources

Important message from ITD CyberSecurity

To get the updates required for ITD computers to run better outside of our network, we will need to ask users to log into the VPN periodically. This will be the way computers receive important patches and updates.

Employees that are working remotely need to log into ITD’s VPN once a week for at least one hour. This should be when it is the most convenient for the user and can even be during your lunch break or over dinner after standard working hours. During this time the computer will get the updates required for ITD computers to operate more safely and efficiently remotely.

VPN Access

Please be patient with VPN speeds. With so many employees working off site through various internet service providers, speed and performance may vary at times depending on how many people are on the network. If you have VPN issues, questions about connecting through your cell phone’s hot spot or anything else, please call the ETS Service Center at 208.334.8175 or email The team is all working from home and will help you as soon as possible.

WebEx Online Meetings

“How To” Links for WebEx

Microsoft Teams

Available to all ITD employees, Microsoft Teams is an online tool that brings together all the other programs offered by Microsoft Office 365.

  • Teams is a great tool to keep your work groups connected remotely.
  • Video chat and file storage is included.
  • To gain access log into ITD internal network.
    • No VPN access is required to work in Microsoft Teams.

Check out this video tutorial on how you can use Teams to connect remotely

Employee Applications Online

To make it easier for employees to have access to workplace resources, ETS has made several apps available – one of those being the Advantage time sheet app that you can now access remotely.

All you need to do from a home computer is go to, then click on “Sign In” and use your ITD email and password. You’ll get email, SharePoint, time sheets, and a number of other agency apps like OTIS, TAMS, WARS, etc. Give it a try – it’s pretty intuitive once you log in.


  • Telecommuting can be an option. If you have concerns, please address them with your Senior Leadership Team member (District Engineer or Division Administrator).
  • A written understanding will be required by the employee’s supervisor detailing the work to be performed.
  • These telecommuting arrangements are temporary and will be re-evaluated the final Friday (every two weeks) of each pay period for as long as the State/ITD allows it.
  • The Statewide DHR policy restriction on telecommuting when there are young children or other persons requiring care and supervision present is waived at this time. Under this exception, a telecommuting employee would be expected to account for work and non-work hours and take appropriate leave (paid or unpaid) to account for time spent away from normal work-related duties (e.g., to care for children or sick family members).
  • Employees who are teleworking using ITD equipment and/or VPN access continue to be monitored for compliance with state policies, including appropriate use of ITD equipment. You are required to follow the same rules at home and accessing inappropriate sites or materials is a violation of state policy.


  • Timesheet Coding FAQs Updated April 5, 2020
    • Information in this document will be updated as changes to guidance occur.

Employee Timesheets

Employees working from home need to use the code CVR (coronavirus regular) on timesheets. All employees who use LDPR code (primarily SPR funded and DMV employees) will not use the CVR coding, which is noted in the instructions.

Here are a few guidelines regarding how ITD will handle timesheets during this time:

  •  All employees need to create a timesheet in ESS Advantage. Employees are asked to keep their timesheet current through the end of each workday. This includes the appropriate time coding. If employees are going to be out on leave, they should record that time as well.
  • Do this at the beginning of any subsequent week as well.
  • Then if you need to stay home, your Timekeeper or Admin. Support can access the file and simply add in the info for the remaining days rather than starting a new timesheet for you from scratch.
  • Supervisors will need to approve timesheets just as soon as they are submitted, but not for time not yet worked or unless the employee is on approved leave.

The exception is for employees who enter their hours through TAMS. If that is the case, here is your guidance:

  • Employees who record their time in TAMS need to ensure that the job order for this pay period is up to date. TAMS will export time data for these employees on the normal cycle. TAMS timesheets will be available in Advantage on Monday, based on the normal cycle.

Leave – What do you do if you need to be out for health-related concerns or to take care of children because of school and daycare closures?

  • Employees may request time off and use any available accrued leave balance
  • Employees may stay home with minor age children and use any available accrued leave balances including sick, vacation, and comp time.
  • If an employee does not have accrued sick leave, and has met eligibility requirements, an employee may be advanced 80 hours of sick leave. (Your District Engineer or Division Administrator needs to send your name to an HR representative if you require advanced sick leave.)

Communication | Contacts

ITD Employee Communication Plan

Outside the office, ITD employees can utilize these external options to view ITD notification & information.

1.  Office 365 – Access your ITD email through your browser at:

  • Click on “Sign in” – then use your ITD email and log in to gain access.
  • Then click on the Outlook icon to view your emails.
  • You can also get to the ITD SharePoint site through this online access.
  • Your ITD email & SharePoint can also be accessed via your department-issued cell phone.

2. Toll-free Number

  • The toll-free number 1-877-281-0994 will be activated for employees to call in to get information. Employees may want to print off the linked Transporter page for more info on that number: Transporter Link

3. Alert Sense

  • We encourage everyone to sign up for the ITD Alert System to get emergency status messages via your work phone, computer or mobile device. Simply send an email to the ITD Service Center requesting that you be added to the alert system, with your first and last name, your ITD email address typed out (you can list your personal email address, too), and your personal or work cell phone number so they can program it into the system.
  • Please email or call the ETS Service Center at 208.334.8175
  • Alert Sense will be used in emergency situations only.
    • Regular updates will be made on a daily basis from the ITD Office of Communication email.

Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

  • Aeronautics Administrator – Jeff Marker
  • D1 District Engineer – Damon Allen
  • D2 District Engineer – Doral Hoff
  • D3 District Administrator – Caleb Lakey
  • D4 District Engineer – Jesse Barrus
  • D5 District Engineer – Todd Hubbard
  • D6 District Engineer – Jason Minzghor
  • Office of Communication – Vincent Trimboli
  • Governmental Affairs – Mollie McCarty
  • DMV Administrator – Alberto Gonzalez
  • HCO Administrator – Dave Kuisti
  • HD Administrator – Blake Rindlisbacher
  • HR Supervisor – Jessica Garrison
  • ITD Board Secretary – Sue Higgins
  • ITD Controller – Dave Tolman

COVID-19 Resources

Idaho Rebounds

Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)

The department’s Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) team is ready to help employees dealing with anxiety, fear, or other feelings that employees may face during this pandemic.

Employee Assistance Program

  • The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) has staff on hand to assist with workplace concerns. Visit for more information. GuidanceResources® is Idaho’s online EAP platform that provides access to timely, expert information on thousands of topics, including the coronavirus.
  • Telehealth Benefits – All state employees and family members enrolled in the state’s medical plan have access to telehealth through MD Live. Visit to learn more about your telehealth options.

For State of Idaho Coronavirus updates go to:

  • FAQ answers to your questions
  • Call 2-1-1 or contact your local Public Health District with additional questions.

For additional information on Coronavirus (COVID-19) and FAQs, go to: