Welcome To Volunteer Activities

The citizens of Idaho are proud of our state and are willing to volunteer their services to ITD's Maintenance Volunteer Programs. There are many ways to volunteer including litter pickup, wildflower planting and maintenance, graffiti removal, landscape planting and maintenance, yard and building maintenance, and dispensing refreshments to the motoring public.


  1. Adopt-A-Highway: Program overview and the various forms one needs to fill out in order to participate in the program.
  2. Operation Wildflower: Find information on the Operation Wildflower Program or try our Wildflower Search which contains planting tips, images, descriptions, and growing conditions.
  3. Rest Area Activities Program: Program overview as well as information on Rest Area Safety Breaks and Idaho Rest Areas
  4. Volunteer Services: Here you will find information on the Volunteer Services Program.

Need additional information? See District Volunteer Contacts