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Milepoint Logs

Milepoint Logs

Milepoints contain descriptions — milepoint by milepoint — of events (e.g., bridges, passing lanes, intersections, historical sites, overhead utility crossings, etc.) that occur along state highways, and local highways that receive federal aid. All routes are listed in numeric order statewide and within each ITD district. All milepoint locations identified on a route are listed in ascending order, which typically runs south to north and west to east.

To learn how to use the milepoint logs, please view the
Milepoint Log Instructions

The map to the right shows all of Idaho’s six regional districts.

State Highway System (SHS) Federal Aid System (FAS)
State Wide State Wide
District 1 District 1
District 2 District 2
District 3 District 3
District 4 District 4
District 5 District 5
District 6 District 6
District_1 District_2 District_3 District_4 District_5 District_6

Idaho Districts