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New User Fee Revenue

Two transportation bills were passed into law at the end of the 2017 Idaho Legislative session, giving Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) access to millions of dollars to invest in improving state roads and bridges. The funds from these bills will allow ITD to address the most critical needs for infrastructure. The bills create four revenue streams for transportation funding. First, it authorizes ITD to borrow $300 million in GARVEE bonds. Next, it extends the “surplus eliminator” until 2019, but creates a 60/40 split with state and local transportation agencies. It also includes 1% of sales tax and a portion of the cigarette tax going to a Congestion Mitigation Fund. This makes a total estimated funding of approximately $320 million.

This marks the second new road-funding package in recent years. In 2015, increases to the gas tax and registration fees allowed ITD to perform necessary maintenance on deteriorating infrastructure. ITD has effectively and efficiently put these funds on the roads. The new revenue from 2015 user fee increases have gone into repairs on 60 projects across the state. All but a few of those projects were completed in just 18 months.

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