The Relocation Unit is administered by the Relocation Supervisor and one relocation agent who is located in Boise's Headquarters Right of Way Office.

The Relocation Unit has the responsibility of providing relocation assistance and benefits to persons, businesses, farm operations, and non-profit organizations being displaced by the acquisition of right of way for highway projects statewide. It is the function of the Relocation Unit to clear all proposed rights of way of all persons occupying residential dwelling units, operating businesses, farm operations and any items classified as personalty. This includes, but is not limited to, both owner and tenant occupied dwelling units, owner and tenant occupied operating businesses, cemeteries, storage units, signs, billboards, etc. This is accomplished by implementing a combination of relocation planning, advisory services, coordination and financial payments to those being displaced. These payments and programs are set-out by the Federal Uniform Relocation and Real Properties Acquisition Act of 1970 and its revisions. The act is to insure fair and consistent treatment of all displaced individuals, families, businesses, farm operations and others who occupy acquired right of way in a way that does not cause a disproportionate hardship to those affected by projects designed for the benefit of the general public.

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