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US 20-26

US 20/26 Resurfacing Projects


US-20 Boise Construction

The Idaho Transportation Department repaved Front Street, Myrtle Street and Broadway Avenue during the summer of 2018. The repaving was necessary to restore and extend the life of the roadway.

US-20 Construction: Front, Myrtle & Broadway


The project included milling off the worn asphalt and replacing it with new pavement.

Work includes:

  • Myrtle Street between I-184 (connector) and Broadway Avenue
  • Front Street between I-184 (connector) and Broadway Avenue
  • Broadway Avenue between Rossi Street and the New York Canal north of I-84


Construction began on Front and Myrtle Streets in mid-May and on Broadway Avenue in late June or July. The repaving work was completed in August 2018.

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US 20-26 Construction: Caldwell to MeridianCOMPLETE – U.S. 20/26 Resurfacing: Borchers Lane to Locust Grove Road
The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) resurfaced U.S. 20/26 from Borchers Lane in Caldwell to Locust Grove Road in Meridian. The project will extend the road’s lifespan and prevent more costly repairs in future years.

FINAL Construction Update

This project was completed in July 2017.
US 20/26 Construction CompleteUS20/26 Improvements

US 20-26 Caldwell to Meridian Map

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