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District 1

District 1


North Idaho

d1_i90bridgeDistrict 1 covers just more than 7,750 square miles of northern Idaho and maintains 1472 lane miles (lanes of road, on- and off-ramps, etc.) and 279 bridges.

Included in the five-county District 1 region is some of the most beautiful country in the Pacific Northwest, as the area is known for its recreational opportunities and for being a major commercial route to both entry ports into Canada. District 1 currently oversees more than 3.5 million vehicle miles traveled daily.

District headquarters is located in Kootenai County at 600 West Prairie Avenue in Coeur d’Alene, with Damon L. Allen as district engineer. Jim Coleman, of Hayden Lake, has represented District 1 on the Idaho Transportation Board since Feb. 2007.

District 1 Phone: (208) 772-1200
District 1 Fax: (208) 772-1203
DMV contact info with directions
Contact: Reed Hollinshead
(208) 334-8881
Jim Coleman
Jim Coleman
Board Member
(208) 762-4704
Damon L. Allen
District Engineer
Email Damon

Construction List

North Idaho: 2017 Highway Construction Projects (District 1)

I-90: Northwest Boulevard to Sherman Avenue, Coeur d’Alene
Click for Construction Update: I-90, NW Blvd to Sherman Ave
• Traffic will be reduced to one lane in each direction. Median crossovers will be used, a reduced speed of 55 mph, with both night and weekend work planned. Expect increased congestion.
• This is a full-depth reconstruction of I-90 that includes east- and westbound I-90 from Sherman Avenue to Northwest Boulevard. Work in the 2017 season will take place between 9th St. and Sherman Ave., with limited work west of Northwest Blvd. Work in the 2018 season will take place between Northwest Blvd. and 9th St.
• Interstate Concrete and Asphalt is the contractor on this $19.9 million project.
• Construction is underway and scheduled to end late September 2018.

Coeur d’Alene Area: Construction Overview and Map

I-90: Mullan to Montana
• Expected start June 2017 and completion October 2017.
• Traffic will be reduced to one lane. Expect increased congestion.
• This project was a full depth reconstruction of I-90 from east of Mullan to the Montana state line. Paving work is complete and only minor work remains.
• Acme Concrete Paving is the contractor on this $28.8 million project.

I-90: Sherman Avenue to Blue Creek Bay Bridge
• This project is tentatively scheduled to start Aug. 15.
• Traffic will be reduced to one lane in each direction, with all traffic in one direction while work is being completed in the other. Median crossovers and a reduced speed of 55 mph will be used. Expect increased congestion.
• This is a mill-and-inlay project on six miles of east- and westbound I-90.
• This project has not yet been awarded to a contractor. The estimated construction cost is $4.5 million.

US-95: Cougar Creek to I-90 Overpass Interchange #12
Click for Construction Update: US-95, Cougar Creek to I-90
• The speed limit will be reduced to 45 mph from Cougar Creek to Blackwell Slough and normal posted speed (35 mph) from Blackwell Slough to I 90. There will be nighttime lane closures and no weekend work anticipated. Expect increased congestion and delays, with flagging operations between Blackwell Slough and the Spokane River Bridge.
• This project is a roadway resurface and rehabilitation that starts south of Coeur d’Alene at the U.S. 95 crossing of Cougar Creek and continues north to the southern approach span of the U.S. 95 Interchange Bridge over I-90. No work under this project is being performed on U.S. 95 between the north end of the Spokane River Bridge and West Linden Ave.
• Poe Asphalt Inc. is the contractor on this $2.2 million project.
• Construction is underway and scheduled to finish in August 2017.

Coeur d’Alene Area: Construction Overview and Map

US-95: Smith Creek to Sheep Creek Stage 1, Benewah County
• This season’s work will tentatively begin May 8 and last about three weeks.
• This summer’s construction work will utilize shoulder closures with some lane closures and flaggers. Expect increased congestion and some delays.
• This project was a full-depth reconstruction that included as 5-mile portion of US-95 north of the Latah-Benewah County line (milepost 376.827 – 378.751). Three weeks of approach work and erosion repair this spring are all that remain to complete project work.
• Apollo Construction, Inc. is the contractor on this $9.3 million project.

US-95: Hangman Creek Overflow Bridge
• This project starts in June and ends two months later.
• Traffic will be reduced to one lane, controlled by a portable traffic signal. The speed limit will be reduced to 20 mph. Expect increased congestion and some delays.
• This project will replace the existing box culvert located at the Hangman Creek crossing of U.S. 95.
• T. LaRiviere Equipment and Excavation is the contractor on the $845,000 project.

Idaho 3: Cattle Pass Creek Bridge
• This project starts in June and should end in early August.
• Traffic will be reduced to one lane, controlled by a portable traffic signal. The speed limit will be reduced to 25 mph. Expect increased congestion and delays.
• The existing 12-ft, single-span, timber structure will be replaced with a culvert, and an adjacent culvert located just south of St. Maries on SH 3 will also be replaced.
• Project construction cost is $1.1 million. Contractor is West Company Inc.

Idaho 53: Intersection North Hollister Hills Road, Kootenai County
• This project is tentatively scheduled to start late summer.
• This project will utilize shoulder closures and a reduced speed limit on SH 53 mph during construction, with a flagger on North Hollister Hills Road. Expect increased congestion.
• This project will install east- and westbound turn bays and lighting at the intersection of Idaho 53 and North Hollister Hills Road.
• This project has not yet been awarded to a contractor. The estimated construction cost is $450,000.

Coeur d’Alene Area: Construction Overview and Map

US-95, Ironwood Intersection Improvements
Click for Construction Update: US-95, Ironwood Intersection
• Traffic Impacts: Lane shifts, lane reduction, reduced speed, night and weekend work, expect delays
• Project Description: Intersection Improvements, added turn lanes, and signalization.
• Timeframe: Ironwood and Emma April to September 2017; Ironwood and Medina mid-summer to fall 2017

Seltice Way Revitalization
Click for Construction Update: Seltice Way
• Traffic Impacts: Lane shifts, reduced lanes, reduced speed, expect delays
• Location: Seltice Way in CDA from Riverstone Drive to Huetter Road.
• Project Description: Roadway reconstruction and resurfacing, including roundabouts at Grand Mill Drive and Atlas Road, and bike lanes and shared-use paths.
• Timeframe: April 2017 to mid-summer 2018.

Government Way, Hanley Way to Prairie Avenue
• Timeframe: Mid-June to mid-fall 2017
• Traffic Impacts: Traffic will be reduced to one lane in each direction.
• Project Description: Government Way will be completely reconstructed to include two travel lanes in each direction, a center turn lane, two buffered bike lanes, and sidewalks.

Coeur d’Alene Area: Construction Overview and Map

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Public comment sought on Idaho Transportation Investment Program (ITIP)

June 30, 2017
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Transportation department to host public meeting June 21 on U.S. 95 improvements

June 15, 2017
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Major construction planned in Coeur d’Alene area this summer

May 19, 2017
Major construction will impact north Idaho traffic in and around the Coeur d'Alene area this summer. Interstate 90, U.S. 95,...
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Train derailment closes lanes on U.S. 95

May 3, 2017
Coeur d'Alene - Multiple train cars derailed ten miles north of Athol, ID near the roadway Monday, spilling corn and...
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Mudslide caught on camera totally covers road

April 12, 2017
ITD crews were on scene with cameras rolling as a hillside broke free and covered a section of U.S. 95 south of Bonners Ferry
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New Revenue Projects

Construction Projects

Critical repair work was completed in December on the U.S. 95 Long Bridge in Sandpoint. Crews structured the work in a effort to allow two-way traffic and pedestrian access. This was an interim step until a large-scale maintenance project can be designed and constructed around 2018. The cost of this initial work was $2 million, while the full repairs are estimated at approximately $16 million.

D-1 Long Bridge This first-phase effort completed necessary repairs while also helping determine the magnitude of repairs needed for the second phase. Crews resealed the roadway bridge deck with epoxy to protect the surface against water and weather damage, replaced bearing pads and repaired patches on the bridge, along with preservation work on the piles and sealing joints on both structures.

The epoxy work was the best short term solution to seal the bridge deck to keep it from eroding. It is a rougher surface than regular repaving and is the best short term solution to keep the deck from coming apart. Also, to maintain two lines of traffic during construction, the epoxy was laid down in thirds versus each lane at a time. This left two seams in the roadway versus just one right down the middle. If it was sealed each lane at a time, ITD would have to close the bridge for long periods of time.

The work that was done will help ITD determine the best way to manage traffic flows during construction and determine the structural and deck work that needs to be done on the next phase. The project could start as soon as next spring and will have a strong economic impact on Bonner County.

Photos of Phase 1 Construction Repairs


Project Description

Location: Mullan, Idaho
Contractor: ACME Concrete Paving Inc.
Contract: $28.8 million

This project reconstructs 4.5 miles of concrete pavement on eastbound and westbound I-90 between Mullan, Idaho, and the Idaho/Montana State Line.

  • Work on the westbound lanes will be completed in 2015. During construction of the westbound lanes, traffic will be reduced to one lane in each direction and westbound traffic will be crossed over to the eastbound side of the interstate.
  • Work on the eastbound lanes will be completed in 2016. During construction of the eastbound lanes, traffic will again be reduced to one lane in each direction and eastbound traffic will be crossed over to the westbound side of the interstate.

In addition to the roadway reconstruction work, the following improvements will be made:

  • The stormwater drainage system will be upgraded to better remove water from the roadway.
  • All metal guardrail and concrete barrier will be replaced. The existing standard concrete barrier in the median will be replaced with tall median barrier.
  • All signs will be replaced.
  • The runaway truck ramps on WB I-90 will be upgraded.
  • Major erosion damage to the fill slopes off the roadway will be repaired.

For more information, or to provide comment on the project, please contact:

Idaho Transportation Department
District 1 – Resident Engineer
John Perfect
(208) 772-1200


CDA Lake Drive

Coeur d’Alene Lake Drive Corridor Master Plan

Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) is in the process of evaluating the possibilities of transferring jurisdictional control of Coeur d’Alene Lake Drive (Sherman Ave. to Higgins Point, hereafter referred to as “the corridor”) to a local entity or entities. ITD has been collaborating with several local entities including East Side Highway District (ESHD), Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation (IDPR), and the City of Coeur d’Alene (City) as potential receipts of jurisdictional control.

Coeur d’Alene (CDA) Lake Drive was designated US Route 10 in 1927 and operated as a highway until I-90 was completed in the early 1990s. Now CDA Lake Drive functions as a local road and ITD is interested in transferring CDA Lake Drive jurisdiction to a local government entity (or entities) to improve operations, maintenance, and management. ITD is organized and equipped to efficiently manage and maintain roads and highways with higher traffic volumes and needs to use its limited resources on these facilities. ITD decided to evaluate options for transferring jurisdiction to a local entity (or entities) because it is likely that a local entity (or entities) can operate the road at a higher level of maintenance and responsiveness at a lower cost and make better local decisions affecting the community.  ITD has a limited amount of funding to provide a one-time payment to a local entity (or entities) to take over jurisdiction.

ITD selected Welch Comer Engineers of Coeur d’Alene to complete a Master Plan of the roadway to determine its current condition, estimate future maintenance costs, and also evaluate opportunities for potential additional public uses and enhancements within the corridor. This information has been presented to the local entities for their consideration and was presented at a public meeting on May 5, 2016 in Coeur d’Alene.

ITD’s objective with completing the evaluation is to objectively analyze CDA Lake Drive’s current condition, needed repairs and on-going operation and maintenance needs.  This information can be used by local entities to evaluate accepting the CDA Lake Drive jurisdiction.

ITD is considering funding necessary road maintenance and improvements to reduce future maintenance costs for local entities that may take jurisdiction.  ITD’s goal is for a local entity, that is best equipped to cost effectively manage and operate the corridor to the highest level of maintenance and can best serve the community’s expectation of function and use of the road, to take over jurisdiction.  If local entities do not take over jurisdiction, ITD will only be able to provide a minimal level of maintenance necessary to keep the road safe.

Those with questions about the project can contact Ben Ward at (208) 772-1285 or email


ITD Public Hearing
Project Bidding Information

Contact Info

District 1 Phone Number: (208) 772-1200

District 1 Fax: (208) 772-1203

Office of Communication Contact: Reed Hollinshead, Phone: (208) 334-8881