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District 4

District 4


South-Central Idaho

d4_galena267x200District 4 headquarters is located at 216 South Date Street in Shoshone. Devin Rigby is the District Engineer. Former Idaho Legislator Jim Kempton, of Albion, represents District Four on the Idaho Transportation Board.

District 4 is made up of 11,553 square miles and maintains 2,321 lane miles and 290 bridges. It is the third largest district by area and by population with over 185,000 residents. District 4 has a diverse landscape with the highest Idaho mountain highway pass (Galena Summit, 8,721 ft.), fertile farms and the Snake River plain.

District 4 Phone: (208) 886-7800
District 4 Fax: (208) 886-7895
Jim Kempton
Board Member
(208) 673-6261
Devin O. Rigby
District Engineer
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Design Projects & Corridor Studies

Declo Port of Entry on I-84 in Cassia County

Declo Port of EntryThe Idaho Transportation Department is proposing to relocate the Cotterel Port of Entry (POE) to a location that will allow for regulation of commercial truck traffic on both I-84 and I-86 and will provide a safer traveling experience for all vehicles on the interstate system. Additionally, the proposed POE location will facilitate more efficient commercial trucking operations through advanced technology and will more effectively meet federal compliance standards. The project is funded for construction in 2021.

Since 1966, the Cotterel Port of Entry (POE) and the Cotterel Rest Area have co-existed in the same location on I-84 at milepost 228.90 servicing both eastbound and westbound travelers. Conflicts between commercial carriers and private vehicles using the same area have increased over the years creating a safety issue. For more than 11 years, the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) has been planning to separate the POE and rest area. In December, 2005 ITD received approval of a Concept Report and Environmental Evaluation to relocate the POE near Milepost 219.00, but due to funding constraints the project did not move forward. The Cotterel rest area facilities were rebuilt in 2014 and will remain at the site. The proposed POE relocation will provide a more strategic location for the POE and promote a safer traveling experience for motorists using the rest area.

Declo POE Project Newsletter
• Eastbound I-84 POE – Project No.: A019(973), Key No: 19973
• Westbound I-84 POE – Project No.: A020(191), Key No: 20191

Purpose and Need
The purpose of the project is to relocate the Cotterel POE and provide a safer traveling experience for all vehicles on the interstate system. Additionally, the new POE location will facilitate more efficient trucking operations through advanced technology and will more effectively meet federal compliance standards. The needed facilities will require the expansion of Interstate Access Control, construct on/off ramps, infrastructure, scales, WIM/AVI installation, video equipment, luminaires, signage and an office building. A development plan will be needed to address future expansion for a hazmat containment area, truck inspection area, and a detainment parking area. These two projects will include the purchase of necessary right of way for both eastbound and westbound facilities. A demolition plan for the Cotterel POE (post construction of both projects) and an expansion plan for the rest area parking areas will be part of this project.

The Interstate 84, South Jerome Interchange (Exit 168) is an aging structure that has been identified by the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) for replacement and redesign. To effectively design an interchange that meets the functional and aesthetic interests of the community, ITD wants to hear from the people that use it every day.

Public Meeting #2 was held on Aug. 23, 2017
Public comments were due by Sept. 6, 2017. This allowed the project team time to review and incorporate comments within the project schedule.

New interchange design objectives:

  • Minimize the potential for collisions.
  • Minimize the impact to properties and the natural environment.
  • Reduce travel time.
  • Provide fluid traffic flow on I-84, on/off ramps, Lincoln Avenue, E Frontage Road N and Bob Barton Road.
  • Safely accommodate multi modal pedestrian and bicycle travel.
  • Increase efficiency in the movement of goods and services.

Conversations with key stakeholder, including with local government, area businesses and land owners, are ongoing. Click the links below for more project information and watch for additional opportunities to provide your comments during each design phase.

Project Schedule

  • Phase I: Value Engineering Study – Summer 2017
  • Phase II Preliminary Design – Summer 2018
  • Phase III Final Design – Spring 2019
  • Anticipated Construction – Fall 2019

If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to be included on future distribution of project information please contact ITD District 4 Public Information Specialist, Nathan Jerke at (208) 886-7800 or

Project Facts
Key Number: 13966
Project Number: A013 (966)

The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) is planning a replacement of the U.S. 20 Big Wood River Bridge in Blaine County. The bridge, locally known as Stanton Crossing, is located at milepost 176 about two miles west of the Idaho 75 (Timmerman) junction.
Project Background
The current bridge, built in 1956, is a three span structure with an overall length of 237 feet and is 32 feet wide.

The bridge is located adjacent to the Stanton Crossing campground managed by Idaho Department of Fish & Game. When constructed, the campground was originally known as Roadside Park built by ITD when the highway was State Highway 68. When highway was realigned and designated as US-20, the Roadside Park remained in effect until construction of the Timmerman Rest Area. The Stanton Crossing site has a long history of recreational activities, such as camping and fishing.
Project Description
The project involves replacing the aging and structurally deficient Big Wood River bridge. The new structure will be wide enough to accommodate two 12-foot lanes and 6-foot shoulders. The bridge will be designed to best meet the requirements for a meandering river while still protecting the bridge.

The project will have temporary impacts to the campground, while having long term improvements to the campground area.

The expected construction year is 2018.
Nathan Jerke, District 4 Public Information Contact
(208) 886-7809 –

Brock Dille, Project Manager
(208) 886-7828 –

Project Facts
Project Number: STP-F-2392(035)
Key Number: 3077

The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) in cooperation with The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) have completed the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) and received the signed Record of Decision (ROD) from FHWA on August 13, 2008. The environmental approval clears the way to proceed with preliminary design of critical segments of the Timmerman to Ketchum corridor. ITD personnel will be reviewing anticipated design work and determining funding flow for critical phasing of projects as outlined in the FEIS.

Project Description
The Idaho 75 Timmerman to Ketchum project includes the highway corridor from Timmerman Junction (US-20 and SH-75 intersection) north to the City of Ketchum. The 27-mile corridor is the primary passageway for north-south travel to destination resorts, Wood River Valley commerce, and recreational opportunities. The overall goal of the project is to increase transportation safety for all users of SH-75.

The main purpose of the project is to increase the capacity of SH-75 to accommodate existing traffic loads while anticipating future highway demands to the year 2025. Since environmental approval has been attained, ITD will be moving ahead with the preliminary design of strategic sections of the corridor.

Preliminary design of the project will include four primary phases as outlined in the FEIS – Timber Way to Hospital Drive South, Hospital Drive South to Elkhorn Road, McKercher to Alturas Drive, and wetland mitigation development at the Boulder Flats site north of Ketchum. In the months ahead ITD personnel will interview consultants, preparing the funding flow for each design segment, and visiting with area stakeholders to firm up local needs. Project activities in the near term include an aerial survey of the corridor, ground survey to establish existing and required right of way, and preliminary engineering within the four primary phases listed above.

  • Timber Way to Big Wood River Bridge was completed in 2014

Additional projects in the Idaho 75 Timmerman to Ketchum corridor are currently on hold until additional funds become available for highway expansion development.

Record of Decision

Final EIS

Contact Information
Mike Scott, Project Manager
(208) 886-7806 –

Project Description
Key No.: 11622

The Big Wood River Bridge to Elkhorn Road section of Idaho 75 is the second stage of design for the Timmerman to Ketchum corridor as directed in the Final Environmental Impact Statement that was completed in 2008. The project limits begin south of the Big Wood River Bridge near the north end of Hospital Drive and terminates just south of the Elkhorn Road intersection – a section approximately 0.68 miles in length. The project will include the rebuilding and widening of the Big Wood River Bridge to four lanes and will transition into the existing lane configuration north of the bridge. The project also will address any environmental impacts associated with its design.

The improved roadway will conform to the concept as determine by the approved Environmental Impact Statement. Development activities will include field surveys, coordination with utilities, contacting adjacent property owners to inform them of how the project may affect their interests, and coordination with local governments and agencies. Much of the work will follow the design standards developed for the Timber Way to Big Wood River Bridge project.

The design process started in February of 2014 and is anticipated to conclude by the end of 2015. Construction is planned for 2016 to 2017.

Regular travelers of Idaho 75 will continue to see many different activities throughout the project limits. Those interested in more information may contact Project Manager Steve Hunter with questions or comments.

July, 2015 Public Meeting Displays

August, 2014 Public Meeting Displays

News Releases

Steve Hunter, Project Manager
(208) 886-7846 –

Nathan Jerke, District 4 Public Information Contact
(208) 886-7809 –

Boulder Flats Wetland Mitigation
Project No.: A011(624)
Key No.: 11624

Project Background
Within the Timmerman to Ketchum corridor are several environmental impacts that require a mitigation plan. Pursuant to the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) for the reconstruction of Idaho 75 Timmerman to Ketchum, ITD is required to develop a wetland mitigation plan to create and offset all wetland impacts from the reconstruction of Idaho 75 throughout the corridor.

The original site selected to facilitate mitigation at Boulder Flats (milepost 139-140.5) would have realigned Idaho 75 and recreated natural wetlands. Through the wetland delineation, engineering studies, and roadway design for the Boulder Flats site, it was determined the site was not viable due to substantial destruction of additional wetland area to recreate new mitigation wetlands.

Project Description
ITD remains committed to fulfill its obligation to develop wetland mitigation for the Idaho 75 Timmerman to Ketchum corridor. ITD has purchased credits in an approved wetland bank of sufficient size to satisfy the mitigation obligation.

The wetland bank, developed by The Wetland Group of Eagle, Idaho, is located at Grove Creek near U.S. 20 southeast of Bellevue.

Development of a wetland mitigation plan did include a cooperative effort from the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Federal Highways Administration, and other key agencies and stakeholders.

The Idaho Transportation Department values your input. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Connie Jones, Senior Environmental Planner
(208) 886-7824 –

Nathan Jerke, District 4 Public Information Contact
(208) 886-7809 –

Project Facts

The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) is planning a series of roadway improvements along U.S. 93 between the Interstate 84 junction and Idaho 25 junction in Jerome County. The roadway is a critical link to local and through traffic on the U.S. 93 corridor. As many as 10,000 vehicles per day use this portion of roadway and volumes are expected to double within 20 years. Without adequate funding to complete a comprehensive reconstruction and expansion project, several shorter and focused projects will address safety and capacity concerns.

Project Background
The U.S. 93 corridor from I-84 to the Idaho 25 junction (6.4 miles) serve as a commuting route from the cities of Twin Falls, Jerome and Shoshone, is a primary route for intrastate and interstate distribution of goods and services, and is in the early stages of significant commercial development along the route.

To prepare for future projects, an environmental assessment was completed with an approved Finding of No Significant Impact in 2007. The overall purpose is to improve U.S. 93 between I-84 and Idaho 25 to provide a safe highway facility that meets the current and future needs of local and regional traffic as well as through travelers for personal, commercial, and agricultural uses. Highway improvement will specifically address the need for additional roadway capacity to reduce congestion caused by increasing traffic volumes between Jerome, Twin Falls and the Wood River Valley. The projects will also improve access to meet the demands of expanding development along the corridor. The proposed improvements will also meet the needs of traditional agricultural activities.

Roadway improvements are planned to meet the corridor’s needs for the next 20 years. The completed Environmental Assessment also provided language requiring adequate space be provided on the west side of the highway for a future pedestrian/bicycle path.

The first corridor project, completed in 2011, reconstructed and widened about two miles of U.S. 93 from south of I-84 to near 450 South with a combination of concrete and asphalt paving. Additional projects near the 400 South Road intersection, 200 South Road intersection, and early development of a future project at 100 South Road are under way.

Project activities for each project will include ground survey to establish existing and required right of way and preliminary engineering. Right of way purchase will be required with each project for highway expansion. ITD is required to complete environmental reevaluation for each project area.

Additional highway projects in the U.S. 93 – I-84 to Idaho 25 corridor will commence when adequate funding becomes available.
Corridor Projects

US 93 Documents

Connie Jones, Senior Environmental Planner
(208) 886-7824 –

Nathan Jerke, District 4 Public Information Contact
(208) 886-7809 –

US20 & ID 75 Study Description

The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) is undertaking a roadway improvement study for the U.S. 20/Idaho 75 intersection, locally known as Timmerman Junction. To accomplish this, ITD will work collaboratively with local community leaders and representatives to evaluate a wide range of intersection alternatives. From this evaluation, the team will identify and propose near-term and long-term improvements for the intersection.

Funding for these proposals is not currently in place. However, the study will help provide direction necessary to pursue funding and future implementation.

Study Need
Timmerman Junction is a high crash location with several serious injury crashes occurring at the intersection over the past decade. ITD has installed numerous safety treatments at the intersection since 1990, but recognizes the need to investigate additional treatments that may further improve the safety of the location.

The goals of the study include:

  • Identify alternatives to improve the safety performance of the intersection.
  • Maintain acceptable operational performance of the intersection.
  • Identify and evaluate alternatives at the intersection in collaboration with local community leaders and representatives
  • Establish a prioritized implementation plan for proposed improvements at the intersection.

The study will consider recommendations and commitments from past planning efforts including the 2008 SH-75 Timmerman to Ketchum Environmental Impact Statement and Record of Decision, Blaine County Comprehensive Plan and Transportation Plan, and the 2011 Road Safety Audit of the US 20/SH 75 Intersection.

Study Information

Community Advisory Committee
Meeting #3 – October 5, 2016

Meeting #2 – July 14, 2016

Meeting #1 – April 7, 2016

Bruce Christensen,ITD Traffic Engineer
(208) 886-7860 –

US30Project Facts

Key Number: 19086
Project Number: A019(086)

The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) is proposing to reconstruct and widen portions of U.S. 30 in Cassia County from near Parke Avenue in Burley west through the 400 West Road intersection. The project is funded for construction in 2019.

Project Background
The U.S. 30 corridor west from Burley serves as a primary route for commuting, farm-to-market, and industrial traffic on the south side of the Snake River between Cassia and Twin Falls Counties. In addition to through traffic, there are in excess of 80 roadway, commercial, residential, and industrial access points through the project area that create several safety-driven concerns as identified by crash rates and a highway corridor safety analysis.

Plans to improve this section of roadway were developed through preliminary design in 2005. The current project will expand the original scope to include safety improvements. The project will improve roadway safety and capacity by adding through lanes, additional turn bays, installation of a traffic signal at the Washington Street/Bedke Boulevard intersection, and access control at select locations.

Project Description
The project proposes to rehabilitate or reconstruct the existing pavement, widen the roadway to two lanes in each direction with a center turn lane and turn bays as needed, add access control curb at select locations, and improve the Washington Street/Bedke Boulevard intersection with a signal and lighting.

Work will include utility coordination and relocation, coordination with the City of Burley for future planning, and drainage and irrigation systems. The project provides for the opportunity to partnership with the City of Burley, the industrial corporations and commercial businesses within the corridor to develop economic-driven, long-term improvements.

Nathan Jerke, District 4 Public Information Contact
(208) 886-7809 –

The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) is committed to compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and all related regulations and directives. ITD assures that no person shall on the grounds of race, color, national origin, gender, age, or disability be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be otherwise subjected to discrimination under any ITD service, program, or activity. The department also assures that every effort will be made to prevent discrimination through the impacts of its programs, policies, and activities on minority and low-income populations. In addition, the department will take reasonable steps to provide meaningful access to services for persons with Limited English Proficiency.

TTY/TDD Users: Dial 711 or (800) 377-3529 to use Idaho Relay System

Accommodation Requests
Accessibility Contact
External Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Grievance Procedure


Public can view 3-D animation, design of interchange Feb. 22 in Jerome

February 13, 2018
ITD is hosting a public hearing Feb. 22 to present the preliminary design for the reconstruction of the I-84 South...
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August 29, 2017
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Fire season closing south-central Idaho roads

July 17, 2017
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ITD unveils new highway signs to honor Vietnam veterans

July 5, 2017
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March 16, 2017
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Construction List

South-Central Idaho: 2018 Highway Construction (District 4)

South Gooding Main Canal Bridge Replacements

Four bridges on the South Gooding Main Canal will be replaced starting Jan. 2 at US-26 between 1500 East Road (2 miles west of the Gooding area) and 1850 East Road (near Gooding). Construction begins at mile post 146.43 and ends after mile post 149.53.

• Traffic will reduce to one lane with temporary traffic signals directing traffic
• Lanes reduced to 11-foot openings
• Speed reducted to 35 MPH through construction zones
• Expect delays and shoulders will be closed
• Construction Budget: $24.1 Million. Contractor: Wadsworth Brothers Construction

Contact: or call 1-208-908-8110

2017 Highway Construction Projects

2017 Construction Map

Elmore & Gooding County Bridge Preservation (13 bridges)
• Starting in summer, 2017
• Ramp closures; detours; lane & width restrictions; reduced speed limits
• This project will consist of driving surface overlays, concrete repair and waterproofing, and shoulder repairs around bridges at 13 locations affecting both I-84 traffic and local roadways.
• Construction budget is $1.3 million. Contractor: Cannon Builders Inc.

Glenns Ferry to King Hill Concrete Preservation
• Starting about May 15
• Reduced to a single lane of traffic and speed reductions for nine miles along I-84; ramp closures at Exits 125 and 129.
• Work consists of grinding concrete in travel lanes, repair cracks and damage, and seal joints. Paving on/off ramps at Paradise Valley and King Hill interchanges.
• Construction budget is $3 million. Contractor: ACME Concrete Paving, Inc.

Wendell to J Canal Bridge
• Work starting in late spring, 2017
• Traffic will be reduced to a single lane in each direction with speed reductions for 10 miles between Wendell and Jerome.
• Work will include pavement overlay, bridge repair at J Canal, and complete a seal coat. Temporary detour of Exit 165 during paving.
• Construction budget is $3.7 million. Contractor: Idaho Materials & Construction.

Idaho 50 to Valley Road East Bound Lanes
• Work starting in summer, 2017
• Traffic in both directions reduced to one lane, reduced speed for eight miles. Temporary ramp closure and detour at Exit 182.
• Project will recompact road base, replace irrigation crossings, and repave I-84 and Valley Road ramps.
• Construction budget is $10.9 million. Contractor: Knife River Corp. Northwest

Ridgeway Road Interchange Bridge Preservation
• Work starting in summer, 2017
• Idaho 25 traffic reduced to one lane, delays on ramps and overpass.
• Work includes replacing concrete driving surface on bridge.
• Construction budget is about $700,000. Contractor: Cannon Builders Inc.

Northside Canal to Kasota Road West Bound Lanes
• Work staring in summer, 2017
• Traffic in both directions reduced to one lane, reduced speed for seven miles. Temporary ramp closures for westbound traffic at Exit 201.
• Work includes removal of asphalt surface, pave new driving surface and a seal coat.
• Construction budget is $4 million. Contractor: Idaho Materials and Construction

Snake River Twin Bridges
• Replace two bridges spanning the Snake River and realign the ramps at Exit 216.
• Construction budget is $18 million. Contractor: Ralph L. Wadsworth Construction Co.
• Expected completion is Aug. 2017

Big Wood River Bridge (Stanton Crossing)
• Replace the U.S. 20 bridge over the Big Wood River in southern Blaine County and realign access to county road.
• Construction budget is $3.7 million. Contractor: Concrete Placing Company, Inc.
• Expected completion is Dec. 2017

Bickel to 4900 East
• Work starting about May 15
• Traffic will be reduced to a single lane with flaggers and pilot car during work hours
• Work includes removing deteriorated asphalt surface and overlaying roadway with a seal coat for 14 miles
• Construction budget is $1.5 million. Contractor: Idaho Materials and Construction

Deep Creek to Hollister
• Work starting in August, 2017
• Traffic will be reduced to a single lane with flaggers and pilot car during work hours
• Project will rehabilitate the road base and repave the driving surface for seven miles
• Construction budget is $4.7 million. Contractor: Western Construction Inc.

500 South Road (Jerome County)
• Work anticipated to start in late summer, 2017
• Limited traffic impact, possible lane restrictions
• Project will include installation of a traffic signal, realign county road and business access
• Construction estimate is $2 million

400 South Road (Jerome County)
• Work starting in summer, 2017
• Traffic delays, lane restrictions, and flaggers can be expected throughout project
• Project consists of realigning 1.3 miles of road, constructing two lanes in each direction, turn bays, and a frontage road.
• Construction budget is $7.3 million. Contractor: Idaho Materials and Construction

Idaho 46 – Snake River to Rex Leland & Wendell
• Work starting April 24
• Traffic will be reduced to a single lane with flaggers and pilot car during work hours
• Work includes overlay resurfacing from Snake River through realigned curve on Rex Leland (1950) Road and seal coat through the city of Wendell
• Construction budget is $800,000. Contractor: Western Construction Inc.

Idaho 50 – Hansen Bridge Preservation
• Starting in summer, 2017
• Lane restrictions as needed
• Work includes bridge painting and minor repairs to bridge structure
• Construction budget is about $500,000. Contractor is Cannon Builders Inc.

Idaho 75 – Big Wood River Bridge
• Ongoing construction to replace the Idaho 75 bridge over the Big Wood River south of Ketchum
• Construction budget is $5.5 million. Contractor: Concrete Placing Company, Inc.
• Expected completion is Aug. 2017

Idaho 81 – Yale Road to Marsh Creek Bridge
• Work starting in late spring, 2017
• Road reduced to one lane during work hours; delays, flaggers and pilot car operation
• Work will include removing existing driving surface, compact base and place new driving surface.
• Construction budget is $3 million. Contractor is Western Construction Inc.

  • Work will take place between June 15 and Aug. 31
  • Various restrictions. Will include lane restrictions, speed restrictions and delays to normal highway operations.
  • Work includes adding asphalt oil and rock chips to roadway to seal surface from water
  • Routes and locations include:
    • I-84 Bliss to Tuttle (milepost 137.7 to 149.5)
    • I-84 Near Twin Falls Exit (milepost 171.9 to 173.9)
    • US-93 Snake River to I-84 (milepost 50.33 to 52.7)
    • Idaho 27 Oakley to Burley (milepost 0.0 – 22.0)
    • Idaho 75 Magic Reservoir to Timmerman (milepost 92.75 to 102.08)
    • Idaho 75 East Fork to Big Wood River (milepost 122.9 to 126.8)
    • Idaho 77 Declo to I-84 (milepost 14.6 to 18.12)
    • Idaho 77 Spur City of Rocks Road (milepost 0.0 to 13.5)
    • Idaho 81 Malta to Yale Road (milepost 0.0 to 9.5)

Nathan Jerke, District 4 Public Information
(208) 886-7809 –

Contact Info

District 4 Phone: (208) 886-7800

District 4 Fax: (208) 886-7895