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Contractor Bidding

NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS: Advertised Highways Projects & Bid Results

This page contains current & previously advertised highway construction & maintenance projects for bid by ITD. Project data is from the original advertisement & does not reflect changes made by addendum, or otherwise. For website questions, contact Kyle Monson | 208-334-8052 |

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Currently Advertised Major Highways Projects (Typically $1M+) – Electronic Bidding Available

Major Highways projects & projects scheduled in the Idaho Transportation Investment Program (ITIP), with the exception of the SIA projects. Contractors may bid on these projects electronically through Bid Express, or via hardcopy by delivering a sealed envelope marked "Bid Enclosed" to ITD Headquarters at 11331 W. Chinden Blvd., Bldg #8, Boise, ID 83714 or PO Box 40, Boise, ID 83707-0040 before the bid opening date & time.
Bid OpeningKey No. | Funding | DistrictProjects | Click project title for detailsReference Files
July 30, 202423567 | State | 2Call 1: US-95, ROCK FALL MITIGATION
August 13, 202420547, 20186, 21872 | Federal | 5Call 1: I-15 INKOM CORRIDOR IMPROVEMENTS
Reference Files

Currently Advertised SIA/IRP Highways Projects (Typically $50K-$5M) – Hardcopy Bidding ONLY

SIA projects are maintenance projects in the ITIP. IRP projects are maintenance & other miscellaneous projects that are not in the ITIP. Electronic bidding is not available for these projects. Bids must be submitted via hardcopy by delivering a sealed envelope marked "Bid Enclosed" to ITD Headquarters at 11331 W. Chinden Blvd., Bldg #8, Boise, ID 83714 or PO Box 40, Boise, ID 83707-0040 before the bid opening date & time.
Bid OpeningKey/Proposal No. | Funding | DistrictProjects | Click project title for detailsReference Files
None Currently Advertised

Bid Results for All Projects

Preliminary Results are generally posted before the close of business on bid opening day. Results are certified once the Department has reviewed the bids for irregularities. Bid abstracts are posted when initial contracts have been sent to the apparent low bidder. Please do not call Advertisement & Award for these results.
Bid OpeningBid ResultsProject TypeFundingDistrictStatus Bid AbstractsEbid Doc #
July 09, 2024Key No. 23180 FY24 D3 FENCINGSIAState3Certified9186073
July 09, 2024Proposal No. B200321 SH-8 CRACK SEAL TROY TO MOSCOWIRPState2RejectedN/A9178111
July 09, 2024Key No. 23243 I-90, WOLF LODGE TO CEDARS MTC SITEMajorFederal1Certified9185024
July 02, 2024Key No. 24308 I-15, NORTHGATE TO FORT HALL – NORTHMajorState5AwardedBid Abstract9138012
July 02, 2024Key No. 10005 SH-53, PLEASANT VIEW IC
MajorFederal1CertifiedBid Abstract9149799
July 02, 2024Key No. 24243 D4 SIGNAL UPGRADES
MajorState4Pending Board Decision9185025
July 02, 2024Key No. 23581 FY25 D6 MILL & OVERLAY
SIAState6No BidsN/A9178074
June 18, 2024Key No. 24255d I-15 D5 CATTLEGUARD REPLACEMENTSSIAState5No BidsN/A9156288
June 18, 2024Key No. 23248 FY24 D6 MILL & OVERLAYSIAState6AwardedN/A9156290
June 18, 2024Key No. 24307 I-15, NORTHGATE TO FORT HALL – SOUTHMajorState5AwardedN/A9138006
June 11, 2024Key No. 24657 D2 REPLACE NON-COMPLIANT TERMINAL ENDSSIAState2Awarded
June 4, 2024Key No. 23635 FY25 D4 HAZARDOUS ROCK MITIGATIONSIAState4AwardedN/A9141408
June 4, 2024Key No. 23586 FY24 D6 MILL AND OVERLAYSIAState6Pending Board Decision9141411
June 4, 2024Key No. 23578 FY25 IDAHO FALLS SIGNAL UPGRADEMajorState6Pending Board Decision9137999
May 21, 2024Key No. 23137 US-91, MP 17.5 AND MP 17.6 CULVERT SLIP LINES SIAState5AwardedN/A9108095
May 21, 2024Key No. 19288 BECK RD; SELTICE WAY TO PRAIRIE AVE, POST FALLS HDMajorFederalLHTACAwardedBid Abstract9106009
May 21, 2024Key No. 21897 SMILEY CR AIRPORT BRMajorState4AwardedN/A9108102
May 21, 2024Key No. 24399 US-20, MP 264 to MP 301 PAVEMENT REPAIRMajorState6AwardedBid Abstract9112324
May 21, 2024Key No. 24381 SH-34, D5 GUARDRAIL REPLACEMENTMajorState5AwardedN/A9108103
May 14, 2024Proposal No. C200212 SH-55 AND BANKS LOWMAN INTERSECTION FLAGGINGIRPState3No BidsN/A9096281
May 14, 2024Key No. 22398 I-84, MCGHEE RD PED IMPROVEMENTS, PONDERAYMajorFederalLHTACAwardedBid Abstract9094199
May 14, 2024Key No. 22102 FRANKLIN BLVD & KARCHER RD INTERSECTIONMajorFederalLHTACAwardedBid Abstract9094201
May 14, 2024Key No. 22715A SH-55, FARMWAY RD. TO MIDDLETON RD.MajorState3AwardedN/A9106015
May 7, 2024Key No. 23636 I-84, JUNIPER ROAD INTERCHANGE RAMP REPAIRSIAState4No BidsN/A9094189
May 7, 2024Key No. 23719d WOODVILLE ROAD GIRDER REPLACEMENTSIAState5AwardedBid Abstract9076884
May 7, 2024Key No. 23284 ROADWAY & GUARDRAIL IMPROVEMENTS, LAKES HDMajorFederalLHTACAwardedBid Abstract9082360
April 30, 2024Key No. 22656 I-15 W BLACKFOOT IC TO RIVERSIDE CANAL NBLMajorFederal5AwardedBid Abstract9066590
April 23, 2024Key No. 23585 & 23398 FY24 & FY25 D6 INLAY PAVEMENT MARKINGSSIAState6No BidsN/A9062342
April 23, 2024Key No. 23816 FY25 D6 STRIPINGSIAState6AwardedN/A9062346
April 23, 2024Key No. 23242 & 22765 US-93 WILLOW CR SUMMIT TO JCT SH-75MajorFederal6AwardedBid Abstract9052639
April 16, 2024Key No. 23632 SH-77 ALBION SNOW FENCE PHASE IISIAState4AwardedBid Abstract9060260
April 09, 2024Key No. 22686 & 23215 SH-28 LEMHI RV BR TO TENDOYMajorState6AwardedBid Abstract9041849
April 09, 2024Key No. 20660 BROWN CR PASSING LN TO COMANCHE ST.MajorState1AwardedBid Abstract9041848
April 09, 2024Key No. 20090 US-95, GRANGEVILLE TRUCK ROUTE BYPASS RD TURNBAYMajorState2AwardedBid Abstract9039697
April 09, 2024Key No. 24400 SH-14 HARPSTER TO ELK CITY PAVEMENT REPAIRMajorState2AwardedBid Abstract9039701
April 02, 2024Key No. 23719a D2 ON-CALL GUARDRAIL REPAIRSIAState2AwardedBid Abstract9027796
April 02, 2024Key No. 23224 FY24a D2 HIGH PRIORITY CULVERTSSIAState2AwardedBid Abstract8992893
April 02, 2024Key No. 18807 RIVER STREET, WALNUT TO GALENA, HAILEYMajorFederalLHTACRejectedN/A9016634
April 02, 2024Key No. 24243 D4 SIGNAL UPGRADESMajorState4RejectedN/A9037579
April 02, 2024Key No. 22760, 22679 & 23214 I-15, EXIT 119 to ROBERTSMajorFederal6AwardedBid Abstract9020888
April 02, 2024Key No. 24390 & 24389 SH-55, DEMOLITION AND US 20/26, DEMOLITIONMajorState3AwardedN/A9022999
March 19, 2024Key No. 20453 & 22946 SH-200, MCGHEE TO KOOTENAI ST, SH-200 TO RAILROAD AVE PATHMajorFederal1AwardedBid Abstract9002919
March 19, 2024Key No. 20146 MISSION STREET; SCL TO DEINHARD LNMajorFederalLHTACAwardedBid Abstract8992896
March 19, 2024Key No. 20745 SH-55, LITTLE GOOSE CREEK BRIDGEMajorFederal3AwardedBid Abstract8992894
March 19, 2024Key No. 22673 SH-36, ONEIDA CO LN to 2200 SMajorState5Awarded N/A9005036
March 19, 2024Key No. 23198 I-15, CHERRY CREEK BR TO DOWNEY RD ICMajorState5AwardedN/A9009273
March 19, 2024Key No. 20705 & 20609 FY24, D5 BRIDGE REPAIRMajorState5AwardedBid Abstract9009270
March 12, 2024Proposal No. D200311 INTERSTATE RIGHT OF WAY FENCE REPLACEMENTIRPState4AwardedN/A9002917
March 12, 2024Key No. 20710 SH 33, TETON CO INTERSECTION IMPROVEMENTSMajorFederal6AwardedN/A8980736
March 05, 2024Proposal No. B200319 SH-7 MP 36.78 to 48.86 GILBERT GRADE DUST ABATEMENTIRPState2CertifiedN/A8980708
March 05, 2024Key No. 21912 US-12, SYRINGA TO MONTANA SEAL COATMajorState2AwardedN/A8980741
February 27, 2024Key No. 23791 FY24 D1 STRIPINGSIAState1AwardedN/A8972881
February 27, 2024Proposal No. B200318 SH-11 SIGN WORK, MP 7.66 TO 18.62IRPState2AwardedBid Abstract8968619
February 27, 2024Key No. 23625, 23629, 22227, 22701, and 23164 SH-55 D3 SealcoatingMajorFederal3AwardedBid Abstract8956741
February 13, 2024Proposal No. C200320 D3 ON-CALL GUARDRAIL REPAIRIRPState3AwardedBid Abstract8944588
February 13, 2024Key No. 24244 D5 WILDLIFE CROSSING SIGNSSIAState5AwardedN/A
February 13, 2024Key No. 23803 FY24 D3 STRIPINGSIAState3AwardedN/A8944582
February 13, 2024Key No. 20229 I-15, INKOM SOUTH IC TO PORTNUEF ICMajorFederal5Awarded Bid Abstract8936770
February 06, 2024Key No. 21843 FY24 D4 INTERSTATE STRIPINGSIAState4AwardedN/A8942511
February 06, 2024Key No. 20570 US-95, MP 210 SLIDE TO WHITEBIRD BR, IDAHO COMajorFederal2AwardedBid Abstract8921919
February 06, 2024Key No. 20484 US 2, JCT US 95 TO MONTANA ST LN, BOUNDARY COMajorFederal1AwardedBid Abstract8924044
January 30, 2024Key No. 21923D, US-26, JCT. HITT ROAD (25th E.) DEMOLITION PACKAGESIAFederal6AwardedBid Abstract8915563
January 30, 2024Key No. 22702 & 20579 US-95, NEW MEADOWS TO SMOKEY BLDR, SMOKEY BLDR TO HAZARD CRMajorFederal3AwardedBid Abstract8908364
January 30, 2024Key No. 20383 6TH ST, S FK CDA RV BRIDGEMajorFederalLHTACAwardedBid Abstract8910466
January 23, 2024Key No. 21824 SH-77 FY25 D4 #5 NON COM SEAL COATSMajorFederal4AwardedBid Abstract8908363
January 23, 2024Key No. 22677 FY24 SURFACE TREATMENTS: US 20/26 & SH 44MajorState3Awarded N/A8913366
January 23, 2024Key No. 20620 FY24 D4 BRIDGE REPAIRMajorFederal4AwardedN/A8911512
January 23, 2024Key No. 21935 I-90, CDA RV BR EBL & WBLMajorFederal1AwardedBid Abstract8897107
January 23, 2024Key No. 23227/23228, FY24a+b D2 HIGH PRIORITY GUARDRAILSIAState2AwardedBid Abstract8919795
January 9, 2024Key No. 20647 FY24 D3 BRIDGE REPAIRMajorFederal3AwardedBid Abstract8887229
January 9, 2024Key No. 20481 US-26, MORELAND RD TO MP 303.5, BLACKFOOTMajorState5AwardedBid Abstract8903417
January 9, 2024Key No. 23798 FY25 D2 STRIPINGSIAState2AwardedN/A8905484
December 19, 2023Key No. 23810 FY25 D5 STRIPINGSIAState5AwardedN/A8868550
December 19, 2023Key No. 23203 I-84B BLISS BUSINESS LOOPMajorFederal4AwardedBid Abstract8836914
December 19, 2023Key No. 20664 I-84 MP 222.3 TO COTTEREL POEMajorFederal4AwardedBid Abstract8836911
December 19, 2023Key No. 22200 & 22691 I-84 WB/EB HILL CITY RD TO LATERAL X-18MajorFederal4AwardedBid Abstract8861240
December 12, 2023Key No. 23345 I-84, HEYBURN ICMajorState4Awarded Bid Abstract8783207
December 12, 2023Key No. 20726 FY24 D6 BRIDGE REPAIRMajorFederal6Awarded Bid Abstract8843170
December 05, 2023Key No. 22703 SH-19 OREGON STATE LINE TO JCT US-95MajorFederal3AwardedBid Abstract8823130
December 05, 2023Key No. 20592 & 20482 SH-3, CDA RV BR to I-90, SH-97, HARRISON BR to WHISTLE RDMajorState1AwardedBid Abstract8848850
November 21, 2023Key No. 20434 FY24B D2 BRIDGE REPAIRMajorFederal2AwardedBid Abstract8809131
November 21, 2023Key No. 22217 SH-77, NIBBS CR TO RICE CRMajorFederal4AwardedBid Abstract8809129
November 21, 2023Key No. 23336 I-84, KARCHER INTERCHANGE, KARCHER TO MIDDLETON ROADMajorFederal3AwardedBid Abstract8809130
November 14, 2023Key No. 19305 ANNIS HWY; RIGBY TO MENAN-LORENZO HWYMajorFederalLHTACAwardedBid Abstract8785287
November 07, 2023Key No. 24245 I-84, E BOISE POE OVERHEAD SIGN REPAIRSIAState3AwardedBid Abstract8785266
October 31, 2023Key No. 23344 I-84, BURLEY IC, MINIDOKA COMajorState4AwardedBid Abstract8757739
October 31, 2023Key No. 22877 SIGNING AND GUARDRAILMajorFederalLHTACAwarded Bid Abstract 8759880
October 31, 2023Key No. 20207 RAPID LIGHTNING CREEK BRIDGE #5MajorFederalLHTACAwardedBid Abstract 8768172
October 31, 2023Key No. 14058 A2 HIGHWAYMajorFederalLHTACAwardedBid Abstract 8766096
October 31, 2023Key No. 13964/22101 PECKHAM ROAD AND PECKHAM ROAD INTERSECTIONSMajorFederalLHTACAwardedBid Abstract 8768173
October 24, 2023Key No. 12098 CENTER ST RAILROAD BRIDGE UNDERPASSMajorFederalLHTACAwardedBid Abstract8750008
October 24, 2023Key No. 20447 US-91 BLACKFOOT CANAL BRIDGEMajorState5AwardedBid Abstract8766095
October 24, 2023Key No. 22746 I-84 COLE & OVERLAND LIGHTINGSIAState3Awarded N/A8768175
October 24, 2023Key No. 22749 I-84 D3 CULVERT CLEANINGSIAState3Awarded N/A8759882
October 17, 2023Key No. 18716 SPOKANE STREET RIVER BRIDGEMajorFederalLHTACAwardedBid Abstract8743746
October 17, 2023Key No. 20462 FY24 D2 BRIDGE REPAIRMajorFederal2AwardedBid Abstract8725411
October 17, 2023Key No. 22874 RECTANGULAR RAPID FLASHING BEACONS, CDAMajorFederalLHTACAwardedBid Abstract8743747
October 17, 2023Key No. 19513 WISCONSIN ST; HIGH ST TO US-2, PRIEST RIVERMajorFederalLHTACAwardedBid Abstract8743742
October 17, 2023Key No. 22747 FY23 D3 FENCE REPAIRSIAState3Awarded Bid Abstract8745811
October 03, 2023Key No. 19338 I-84, SOUTH JEROME INTERCHANGEMajorFederal4Awarded Bid Abstract8679216
October 03, 2023Key No. 20384 SH-55 FLEMING CR BRMajorFederal3Awarded N/A8686933
October 03, 2023Key No. 22882 INT 3800 N & US 93, FILER HDMajorFederalLHTACAwardedN/A8700912
October 03, 2023Key No. 19943 US-93, 300 SOUTH ROADMajorState4Awarded Bid Abstract8679217
October 03, 2023Proposal No. C200210 ROW HERBICIDE SPRAYING, DISTRICT 3IRPState3No BidsN/A8700917
September 26, 2023Key No. 20506 SH-55, SH-44 (STATE ST) TO PAYETTE RV BRMajorFederal3AwardedBid Abstract8679215
September 19, 2023Key No. 23437 I-84, CENTENNIAL IC TO FRANKLIN IC, CANYON COMajorFederal3AwardedN/A8639976
September 19, 2023Key No. 21798/21799 JCT US-20 (IC 333), REXBURGMajorFederal6AwardedBid Abstract8628751
September 19, 2023Key No. 22662/23249 US-93, FY23,24 D6 ROCKFALL MITIGATIONSIAState6Awarded Bid Abstract8670965
September 12, 2023Proposal No. F200001 D6 ON CALL SERVICE FOR ILLUMINATION & SIGNAL REPAIRIRPState6Awarded Bid Abstract8660094
September 12, 2023Key No. 23988 SH-33 CENTERLINE AND SH-32 TRANSVERSE RUMBLE STRIPSSIAState6Awarded N/A8648107
August 29, 2023Key No. 23409 SH-16, FRANKLIN RD TO USTICK RDMajorState3AwardedBid Abstract8620670
August 22, 2023Key No. 22661 FY23 D6 MILL & OVERLAYSIAState6AwardedBid Abstract8621704
August 08, 2023Key No. 22876 CLEAR ZONE SAFETY IMPROVEMENTSMajorFederalLHTACAwarded Bid Abstract8598756
July 18, 2023Key No. 23815 FY24 D6 STRIPINGSIAState6AwardedBid Abstract8581834
July 11, 2023Key No. 23204 SH-27, I-84 TO SH-25MajorFederal4Awarded Bid Abstract8567488
July 11, 2023Proposal No. C200215 US-95, D3 MARSING POE SCALE PIT AND DECK REPLACEMENTIRPState3RejectedN/A8571397
July 11, 2023Key No. 21842 I-84, FY23 D4 INTERSTATE STRIPINGSIAState4RejectedN/A8576643
June 27, 2023Key No. 24249 SH-11 TO GRANGEMONT ROADWAY REPAIRMajorState2AwardedN/A8554006
June 13, 2023Key No. 23474 US-20; EXIT 343 INTERCHANGEMajorState6Awarded Bid Abstract8539418
June 13, 2023Key No. 20487 FY24 D1 BRIDGE REPAIRMajorState1Awarded Bid Abstract8544742
June 06, 2023Key No. 22408 3000 E & FOOTHILL RD CURVE, TWIN FALLS HDMajorFederalLHTACAwarded Bid Abstract8526724
June 06, 2023Key No. 24192 SH-75, OHIO GULCH ROAD INTERSECTIONMajorState4AwardedN/A8529878
May 23, 2023Key No. 19860 I-84, SIMCO RD IC, ELMORE COMajorState3Awarded Bid Abstract8508638
May 23, 2023Key No. 23631 US 20 SATURN TO SCIENCE CENTERMajorState6Awarded Bid Abstract8512847
May 23, 2023Key No. 22774 SUNNYSIDE TO LOMAX MILL AND INLAYMajorState6Awarded Bid Abstract8512848
May 23, 2023Key No. 23223 FY24 D2 LANDSLIDE CLEANUPSIAState2Awarded N/A8508655
May 23, 2023Key No. 23398 FY24 D6 INLAY PAVEMENT MARKINGSSIAState6No BidsN/A 8512853
May 09, 2023Key No. 13487 MIDDLETON AND USTICK ROUNDABOUT, CALDWELLMajorFederalLHTACAwarded Bid Abstract8482725
May 09, 2023Key No. 22486 SH-34 FY 23, D5 GUARDRAIL REPLACEMENTSIAState5Awarded Bid Abstract8484851
May 09, 2023Key No. 23809 FY24 D5 STRIPINGSIAState5Awarded N/A8489024
May 02, 2023Key No. 20122 FY22 PAVEMENT PRESERVATION AND ADA, PH 2, BOISEMajorFederalACHDAwarded Bid Abstract8463441
May 02, 2023Key No. 23935 SH-53, N BRUSS TO LATAH ST.MajorState1Awarded Bid Abstract8482724
May 02, 2023Key No. 23202 US-93 INTERCHANGE RAMPSMajorState4Awarded Bid Abstract8463440
May 02, 2023Key No. 22744/22748 FY22 D3 SIGNINGSIAState3Awarded Bid Abstract8481134
May 02, 2023Key No. 22781 US-12, DIKE BYPASS RR TRACK REMOVAL, LEWISTONSIAState2Awarded Bid Abstract8464529
April 25, 2023Key No. 22723 SH 25, WEST RD TO FRONTAGE RD NSIAState4Awarded
April 18, 2023Key No. 18933 GARDEN CREEK ROAD TO CHALLIS CITY LIMITMajorFederalLHTACAwarded Bid Abstract8435584
April 18, 2023Key No. 22411 S 5TH AVENUE SAFETY IMPROVEMENTS, POCATELLOMajorFederalLHTACAwarded Bid Abstract8434492
April 18, 2023Key No. 23934 SH-5, PEEDEE CR RD TO BENEWAH CR RDMajorState1Awarded Bid Abstract8436737
April 11, 2023Key No. 19377 US-12, LOCHSA RANGER STATION TO HOLLY CREEK TURNOUTMajorFederal2Awarded Bid Abstract8435582
April 11, 2023Key No. 19247 S FISHER ST; E WALKER ST TO E ALICE ST, BLACKFOOTMajorFederalLHTACAwarded Bid Abstract8421626
April 11, 2023Key No. 21892 D5 FENCE UPGRADESIAState5Awarded Bid Abstract8436693
April 11, 2023Key No. 22745 D3 CULVERT CLEANINGSIAState3Awarded Bid Abstract8436764
April 11, 2023Key No. 23235 US-2 at MP 7.348 CULVERT RELININGSIAState1AwardedN/A8436759
April 04, 2023Key No. 20595 FY23 BLACKFOOT SIGNAL UPGRADEMajorState5Awarded Bid Abstract8429215
April 04, 2023Key No. 22886 RAISED CURB MEDIANS SAFETY IMPROVEMENTS, IDAHO FALLSMajorFederalLHTACAwarded Bid Abstract8422724
March 14, 2023Key No. 20688 I-15, ROSE IC TO N. LAVA ROCKSMajorState5Awarded Bid Abstract8408518
March 14, 2023Key No. 20237 US-95, FY24 D1 SEALCOATSMajorState1AwardedBid Abstract8400926
March 14, 2023Key No. 22228 US-95, OREGON STATE LINE TO SOMMERCAMP RDMajorFederal3AwardedBid Abstract8400934
March 14, 2023Key No. 23343 I-84, SOUTH JEROME IC TO TWIN FALLS ICMajorState4AwardedN/A8391222
March 14, 2023Key No. 20566 D4 #2 SEAL COATSMajorFederal4Awarded Bid Abstract8378631
March 14, 2023Key No. 20678 FY23 BRIDGE REPAIRMajorFederal1Awarded N/A8363955
March 07, 2023Key No. 20525 US-95, MP 515.5 to JCT SH-1MajorState1Awarded Bid Abstract8394409
March 07, 2023Key No. 20121 US-2, BNSF RR UNDERPASS, SANDPOINTMajorState1Awarded Bid Abstract8371673
March 07, 2023Key No. 20695 SH-53, N LATAH ST TO MP 9.3, RATHDRUMMajorFederal1Awarded Bid Abstract8391220
March 07, 2023Key No. 20735 US-20B, YELLOWSTONE HWY and HOLMES MICROSEAL, IDAHO FALLSMajorFederal6Awarded Bid Abstract8395535
Feb 28, 2023Key No. 23797 FY24 D2 STRIPINGSIAState2Awarded N/A8400933
Feb 28, 2023Key No. 20536 US 20/26 & SH-44 MILL & INLAYMajorFederal3Awarded Bid Abstract8391221
Feb 28, 2023Key No. 20372 I-84, FY23 D3 BRIDGE REPAIRMajorFederal3Awarded Bid Abstract8375371
Feb 28, 2023Key No. 23708 FY23 D3 INTERSTATE STRIPINGSIAState3AwardedN/A8396623
Feb 14, 2023Key No. 20684 & 22772 I-90, OSBURN to WALLACEMajorFederal1Awarded Bid Abstract8377561
Feb 07, 2023Key No. 22005 INT 17TH ST & ROLLANDET, IDAHO FALLSMajorFederalLHTACAwarded Bid Abstract8371590
Feb 07, 2023Key No. 22397 GUARDRAIL IMPROVEMENTS, LAKES HIGHWAY DISTRICTMajorFederalLHTACAwarded Bid Abstract8371674
Feb 07, 2023Key No. 23535 SH-21, TECHNOLOGY WAY TO SURPRISE WAY (HOT SEAL)MajorFederal3AwardedN/A8371672
Feb 07, 2023Key No. 20636 FY23 D5 BRIDGE REPAIRMajorFederal3Awarded Bid Abstract8371581
Jan 31, 2023Key No. 20658 US-2, MOYIE SPRINGS TURN BAYSMajorFederal1Awarded Bid Abstract8366069
Jan 31, 2023Key No. 23044 US-93, PERRINE BRIDGE REPAIRSMajorFederal4Awarded Bid Abstract8367201
Jan 31, 2023Key No. 20420 I-15B, ASPHALT INTERSECTIONS, IDAHO FALLSMajorState6Awarded Bid Abstract8366655
Jan 24, 2023Proposal No. V200107 WESTBOUND I-84 EAST BOISE POE SCALE DECK REPLACEMENTIRPStateHQAwardedN/A8366657
Jan 24, 2023Key No. 20437 US-30, D5 WILDLIFE FENCESIAState5AwardedN/A8367215
Jan 24, 2023Key No. 21967 I-84 FY23 D3 W BRIDGE REPAIRMajorFederal3Awarded Bid Abstract8365837
Jan 24, 2023Key No. 20513 US-12 CLEARWATER RV MEMORIAL BRIDGEMajorFederal2Awarded Bid Abstract8344551
Jan 10, 2023Key No. 22734 US-12 SADDLE CAMP to WARM SPRINGSMajorFederal2Awarded Bid Abstract8356386
Jan 10, 2023Key No. 23047 US-89, BEAR LAKE OUTLET CANAL BRMajorFederal5Awarded Bid Abstract8356401
Jan 10, 2023Key No. 23090 US-95, AHT'WY INTERCHANGE AND PLAZAMajorFederal2Awarded Bid Abstract8355855
Dec 20, 2022Key No. 23041 US-95, SPOKANE RV BRIDGE REPAIRSMajorFederal1Awarded Bid Abstract8339709
Dec 20, 2022Key No. 19452 US-95, IC# 430 TO LACROSSE AVE, CDAMajorState1Awarded Bid Abstract8348720
Dec 20, 2022Key No. 19465 FY22 CAPITAL MAINTENANCE, PH 1, BOISEMajorFederalACHD (3)Awarded Bid Abstract8337585
Dec 20, 2022Key No. 22684 FY23 D5 FORT HALL PAVEMENT PRESERVATIONMajorFederal5Awarded Bid Abstract8346648
Dec 20, 2022Key No. 20171 I-84, KASOTA IC to BURLEY IC WBLMajorFederal4Awarded Bid Abstract8346664
Dec 20, 2022Key No. 20478 SH-75, BELLEVUE TO HAILEYMajorFederal4Awarded Bid Abstract8345587
Dec 20, 2022Key No. 20637 FY23 D4 BRDIGE REPAIRMajorFederal4Awarded Bid Abstract8346663
Dec 13, 2022Key No. 23331 SH-21, MORES CREEK SUMMIT TO LOWMANMajorState3Awarded Bid Abstract8345584
Dec 13, 2022Key No. 20641 SH-53, INT N RAMSEY RDMajorFederal1Awarded Bid Abstract8339706
Dec 13, 2022Key No. 20662 US-95, Mc ARTHUR LAKEMajorState1Awarded Bid Abstract8334333
Dec 6, 2022Key No. 12099 INT HAWTHORNE & W QUINN ROADS, CHUBBUCKMajorFederalLHTAC (5)Awarded Bid Abstract8340749
Dec 6, 2022Key No. 22470 I-84, FY22 D3 FENCE REPAIRSIAState3AwardedN/A8337583
Nov 22, 2022Key No. 22416 17TH ST, 1ST ST, LINCOLN RD X-WALKS, IDAHO FALLSMajorFederalLHTAC (6)Awarded Bid Abstract8323164
Nov 22, 2022Key No. 22405 DITTO CREEK & RESERVOIR ROAD, MOUNTAIN HOME HIGHWAY DISTICTMajorFederalLHTAC (3)Awarded Bid Abstract8324220
Nov 15, 2022Key No. 20486 US-20, PINEHAVEN DRIVE to BUFFALO RIVER BRIDGEMajorState6Awarded Bid Abstract8332138
Nov 15, 2022Key No. 13864 INT MEYER ROAD & BOEKEL ROADMajorFederalLHTAC (1)AwardedBid Abstract8319997
Nov 8, 2022Key No. 23556 US-95, SH-1 to CANADIAN BORDER SEALCOATMajorState1Awarded Bid Abstract8322101
Nov 1, 2022Key No. 20415 FY23 E BINGHAM CO PAVEMENT PRESERVATIONMajorFederal5Awarded Bid Abstract8308764
Nov 1, 2022Key No. 20182 OLD HWY 30; OLD OREGON TRAIL RD TO E 54TH S STMajorFederalLHTAC (3)Awarded Bid Abstract8311414
Nov 1, 2022Key No. 20215 DEEP CREEK LOOP; JCT US-95 TO LIONS DENMajorFederalLHTAC (1)Awarded Bid Abstract8311960
Nov 1, 2022Key No. 23270 I-84 GALLOWAY RD REPAIR, I-84 ROBINSON & I-184 ORCHARDMajorState3AwardedN/A8319983
Oct 25, 2022Key No. 20019 STC-3857, SAND HOLLOW; OASIS TO BLACK CANYON RDMajorFederalLHTAC (3)Awarded Bid Abstract8306632
Oct 25, 2022Key No. 22254 I-84, FY23 D4 BRIDGE REPAIRMajorFederal4Awarded Bid Abstract8309808
Oct 25, 2022Key No. 20458 FY23 D6 BRIDGE REPAIRMajorFederal6Awarded Bid Abstract8306634
Oct 25, 2022Key No. 14024 SMA-7406, INT E 17TH ST & S WOODRUFF AVE, IDAHO FALLSMajorFederalLHTAC (6)Awarded Bid Abstract8306656
Oct 18, 2022Key No. 18973 1700 S ROAD BRIDGE, GOODING HIGHWAY DISTRICTMajorFederalLHTAC (4)Awarded Bid Abstract8305040
Oct 18, 2022Key No. 22349 SH-33, S FK TETON RV BRIDGE REPAIRMajorFederal6Awarded Bid Abstract8306102
Oct 18, 2022Key No. 22872 CANYON RD & FERNAN LAKE RD GUARDRAIL, E. SIDE HWY DISTRICTMajorFederalLHTAC (1)Awarded Bid Abstract8306104
Oct 18, 2022Key No. 20423 FY23 D4 SEAL COATSMajorFederal4Awarded Bid Abstract8305043
Oct 4, 2022Key No. 19028 GOLDEN VALLEY ROAD; 1500 W TO 1100 W & 950 W TO 900 WMajorFederalLHTAC (4)Awarded Bid Abstract8296672
Sep 27, 2022Key No. 22399 SILVER VALLEY ROAD SAFETY IMPROVEMENTSMajorFederalLHTAC (1)Awarded Bid Abstract8287593
Sep 13, 2022Key No. 23471 I-15, DEVILS CREEK LANDSLIDE MITIGATIONMajorState5Awarded Bid Abstract8286538
Sep 13, 2022Key No. 22489 I-15, FY23 D5 FENCE IMPROVEMENTSSIAState5AwardedN/A8287598
Aug 30, 2022Key No. 21994 & 21996 OFF SYS GUARDRAIL UPGRADE, NR BONNERS FERRYMajorFederalLHTAC (1)Awarded Bid Abstract8268897
Aug 30, 2022Key No. 19993 FY23 ROADWAY & ADA IMPROVEMENTS, PT 2, BOISE AREAMajorFederalACHD (3)Awarded Bid Abstract8274775
Aug 23, 2022Key No. 22456 SH-46, INTERSECTION EAST 2000 SOUTHMajorFederal4AwardedN/A8268896
Aug 23, 2022Key No. 20675 I-84, KIMBERLY IC (SH-50)MajorState4Awarded Bid Abstract8268895
Aug 16, 2022Key No. 23234 US-95 MILL AND INLAYSIAState1AwardedN/A8270998
Aug 16, 2022Key No. 22787 FY22 D2 HIGHWAY LUMINAIRES LED UPDATESIAState2AwardedN/A8270999
Aug 9, 2022Key No. 22544 I-86, UPRR BRIDGE, POCATELLOMajorState5AwardedN/A8265110
Aug 9, 2022Key No. 22709 D4 LUMINAIRE REPAIRMajorState4AwardedN/A8266170
Aug 9, 2022Key No. 22488 I-86, FY22 FENCE IMPROVEMENTSSIAState5AwardedN/A8262946
Aug 9, 2022Proposal No. E200113 US-30 & SH-34 MILL AND INLAY AND PATCHINGIRPState5AwardedN/A8262949
Aug 2, 2022Key No. 21888 US-95, WHITEBIRD CR BR REPAIRSMajorFederal2Awarded Bid Abstract8253868
Aug 2, 2022Key No. 23564 US-91, CITY OF PRESTON SEAL COATMajorState5Awarded Bid Abstract8258144
Aug 2, 2022Key No. 20704 & 20391 US-12, OROFINO TO GREERMajorState2Awarded Bid Abstract8258146
Aug 2, 2022Key No. 23356 FY23 D2 NON COMMERCE PAVEMENT RESTORATIONMajorState2Awarded Bid Abstract8259258
Aug 2, 2022Key No. 18813 SLAUGHTER HOUSE BRIDGEMajorFederalLHTAC (1)Awarded Bid Abstract8242259
July 19, 2022Key No. 22401 STC-5705, BENEWAH CREEK ROAD SAFETY IMPROVEMENTSMajorFederalLHTAC (1)Awarded Bid Abstract8242262
July 19, 2022Key No. 20230 EASTSIDE DRIVE BRIDGEMajorFederalLHTAC (3)Awarded Bid Abstract8243289
July 12, 2022Key No. 22782 FY22, D2 SOFT SPOT REPAIRSIAState2AwardedN/A8242228
July 12, 2022Key No. 22768 SH-53, MILL AND INLAYSIAState1AwardedN/A8247529
July 12, 2022Key No. 22665 SH-55, EAGLE ROAD; I-84 TO SH-44MajorFederal3Awarded Bid Abstract8240106
July 12, 2022Key No. 22414 SIGNING SAFETY UPGRADES, ASHTONMajorFederalLHTAC (6)RejectedN/A8240108
June 14, 2022Key No. 22165 US-20, US-26, CHINDEN BLVD; I-84 TO MIDDLETON RDMajorState3Awarded Bid Abstract8202444
June 14, 2022Key No. 22239 I-84, FY20 D3 INTERSTATE FENCINGSIAState3AwardedN/A8219326
June 14, 2022Proposal No. A200152 D1 ON-CALL ILLUMINATION & SIGNAL REPAIRIRPState1AwardedN/A8222520
June 7, 2022Proposal No. T200106 ATR AND WIM SENSOR INSTALLATION
2022, DISTRICTS 1, 2 & 3
IRPFederalHQAwarded Bid Abstract8213479
June 7, 2022Key No. 20575 SH-53, HAUSER LAKE RD TO N BRUSS RDMajorFederal1Awarded Bid Abstract8213486
June 7, 2022Key No. 20083 I-15, FORT HALL IC #80MajorFederal5Awarded Bid Abstract8210798
June 7, 2022Key No. 22413 STC-6760, W 5200 S SAFETY IMPROVEMENTSMajorFederalLHTAC (6)Awarded Bid Abstract8213490
June 7, 2022Key No. 19434 NHC-6854, 45th WEST; 49TH SOUTH to US-20MajorFederalLHTAC (6)Awarded Bid Abstract8210800
June 7, 2022Key No. 20645 I 90 CEDARS TO DUDLEY RDMajorState1Awarded Bid Abstract8202447
May 26, 2022Key No. 20367 & 20227 PHYLLIS CANAL BR to SH-16MajorState3AwardedBid Abstract8196994
May 24, 2022Key No. 22429 FY22, D6 ROCKFALL MITIGATIONSIAState6AwardedBid Abstract8201201
May 24, 2022Key No. 23236 I-90, RAMP MILL & INLAYSIAState1AwardedN/A8201319
May 17, 2022Key No. 23408 SH-16, USTICK RD TO US-20/26MajorState3AwardedBid Abstract8185750
May 17, 2022Key No. 23121 US-95, SAGLE RD TO LONG BR INTERIM IMPRV. PH 2MajorState1AwardedBid Abstract8200148
May 10, 2022Key No. 23355 CRAIGMONT BUSINESS LOOPMajorState2AwardedBid Abstract8187867
May 10, 2022Key No. 20442 I-90, SH-41 INTERCHANGE, KOOTENAI COMajorFederal1AwardedBid Abstract8156664
May 10, 2022Proposal No. C200107 ROW HERBICIDE SPRAYINGIRPState3AwardedN/A8192163
May 3, 2022Key No. 23410 SH-16, I-84 TO FRANKLIN RDMajorState3AwardedBid Abstract8175002
Apr 19, 2022Key No. 20405 I-84, FY22 D3 BRIDGE REPAIRMajorFederal3AwardedN/A8166399
Mar 15, 2022Key No. 23099 I-84 EXIT 25 IMPROVEMENTMajorState3AwardedN/A8175000
Apr 19, 2022Proposal No. D200104 DR ROADSIDE MOWINGIRPState4AwardedN/A8174974
Apr 12, 2022Key No. 23230 SH-41, MILL & INLAYSIAState1AwardedN/A8169584
Apr 5, 2022Key No. 22647 SH-55, ROUND VALLEY TO CLEAR CRMajorFederal3AwardedBid Abstract8151319
Mar 29, 2022Key No. 20589 I-86/I-15 SYSTEM IC, POCATELLOMajorFederal5AwardedBid Abstract8136362
Mar 22, 2022Key No. 20597 US-26 / SH-39, FY22 W BINGHAM CO PAVEMENT PRESERVATIONMajorFederal5AwardedBid Abstract8141389
Mar 22, 2022Key No. 19973 I-84, DECLO POE EBMajorFederal4AwardedN/A8071062
Mar 22, 2022Key No. 18770 STC-4792, BEECH / CHESTNUT STREET RECONSTRUCTION, GENESEEMajorFederalLHTAC (2)AwardedBid Abstract8136436
Mar 15, 2022Key No. 21990 RRX NEAR SANDPOINTMajorFederalLHTAC (1)AwardedBid Abstract8136435
Mar 8, 2022Key No. 20643 & 21977 I-15/I-86 FY22 D5 BRIDGE REPAIR, VARIOUS COUNTIES, FY22 D5 BRIDGE REPAIRS ON I-86MajorFederal5AwardedN/A8092890
Mar 8, 2022Key No. E200111 WEST BLACKFOOT IC, I-15, EXIT 93 GIRDER REPAIRIRPState5AwardedN/A8134241
Mar 1, 2022Key No. 19358 US 20, INTERSECTION SH 47 IMPROVEMENTS, ASHTONMajorState6AwardedN/A8133037
Feb 15, 2022Key No. 20266 SH-44, INT SH-16 TO LINDER RDMajorState3AwardedBid Abstract8113483
Feb 8, 2022Key No. 20544 SH-31, OVERLAY AND GUARDRAIL UPGRADEMajorFederal6AwardedBid Abstract8108043
Feb 8, 2022Key No. 22792 I-90, GOLCONDA ACCESS ROAD IC WBLMajorState1AwardedN/A8113433
Feb 8, 2022Key No. 22697 I-86, FY22 D5 PAVEMENT PRESERVATION, POWER COUNTYMajorFederal5AwardedBid Abstract8098738
Feb 1, 2022Key No. 21895 US-30, NOUNAN RD TO BENNINGTONMajorState5AwardedN/A8108027
Feb 1, 2022Key No. 20693 US-93, MARLEY RD TO JIM BYRNE SLOUGHMajorState4AwardedBid Abstract8108051
Jan 25, 2022Key No. 20788 SH-16, I-84 TO US 20-26, & SH-44 IC DEMOLITION PACKAGEMajorFederal3RejectedN/A8101899
Jan 25, 2022Key No. 21849 SH-45, JCT SH-78 to DEER FLAT RDMajorFederal3AwardedBid Abstract8101894
Jan 25, 2022Key No. 21901 US-12, US-95, FY23 D2 SEALCOATSMajorState2AwardedBid Abstract8104732
Jan 25, 2022Key No. 22487 I-86, FY21 FENCE IMPROVEMENTSSIAState5AwardedN/A8013008
Jan 11, 2022Key No. 20403 SH-21, LOWMAN TO SOUTH AVALANCHE GATESMajorFederal3AwardedBid Abstract8092794
Jan 11, 2022Key No. 20552 SH-3, CLEMENHAGEN ROAD TO DEARYMajorState2AwardedBid Abstract8097643
Jan 11, 2022Key No. 21831 SH-34. SODA SPRINGS to CONDAMajorState5AwardedBid Abstract8097030
Jan 11, 2022Key No. 23332 SH-34, WEST SIDE RD TO WAYAN LOOP RDMajorState5AwardedBid Abstract8098156
Jan 11, 2022Key No. 22258 US-20, D3 Culvert RepairSIAState3AwardedBid Abstract8098747
Dec 14, 2021Key No. 20159 FY21 CAPITAL MAINTENANCE, PHASE 3, ACHD, BOISE AREAMajorFederalACHD (3)AwardedBid Abstract8078976
Dec 14, 2021Key No. 19134 US-93, 100 SOUTH RD, JEROME COUNTYMajorFederal4AwardedBid Abstract8077930
Dec 14, 2021Key No. 13014 SMA-7674, MOUNTAIN VIEW ROAD, MOSCOWMajorFederalLHTAC (2)AwardedBid Abstract8072114
Dec 7, 2021Key No. 21938 US-95, IRONWOOD TO SH-53 SIGNAL UPGRADESMajorFederal1AwardedN/A8075227
Nov 23, 2021Key No. 20032 US-95, CULDESAC CANYON PASSING LANE, PH 3MajorFederal2AwardedBid Abstract8064633
Nov 23, 2021Key No. 22431, 22597 22598 & 22599 S HIGBEE DRIVE,
MajorFederalLHTAC (5&6)AwardedBid Abstract8064589
Nov 23, 2021Key No. 20411 & 20379 US-26 ANTELOPE FLATS PASSING LANEMajorFederal6AwardedBid Abstract8044453
Nov 16, 2021Key No. 19526, 19653 & 19195 US-95, JCT. SH-6 TURNBAY, WM&I RR BRIDGE, DEEP CREEK BRIDGE SH-167 IMPROVEMENTSMajorFederal2AwardedBid Abstract8062463
Nov 16, 2021Key No. 20428 SH-21, TECHNOLOGY WAY to SURPRISE WAYMajorState3AwardedBid Abstract8027053
Nov 16, 2021Key No. 19916 US-95 LABROSSE HILL ST TO ALDERSON LN,
MajorState1AwardedBid Abstract8038614
Nov 16, 2021Key No. 19848 SH-24 & SH-25, CITY OF RUPERTMajorState4AwardedBid Abstract8053988
Nov 16, 2021Key No. 13873 STC-1801, RAILROAD AVE, ST MARIESMajorFederalLHTAC (1)AwardedBid Abstract8044548
Nov 16, 2021Key No. 22260 FY21 D1 ROCKFALL MITIGATIONSIAState1AwardedBid Abstract8062468
Nov 9, 2021Key No. 20109, 20483 & 21997 STC-7664, 6TH STREET PEDEDSTRIAN
MajorFederalLHTAC (2)AwardedBid Abstract8053993
Nov 9, 2021Key No. 09294 US-95, THORN CR RD TO MOSCOW, PH 1MajorFederal2AwardedBid Abstract8050853
Nov 9, 2021Key No. 23350 I-90 MULLAN TO MONTANA ST LNMajorState1AwardedN/A8058279
Nov 2, 2021Key No. 20491, I-90 FY22 D1 BRIDGE REPAIRMajorFederal1AwardedBid Abstract8050828
Nov 2, 2021Key No. 20676 SH-200, PACK RV TO TRESTLE CRMajorState1AwardedBid Abstract8054056
Nov 2, 2021Key No. 20446 US-95, COCOLALLA RD TO WESTMOND RDMajorState1AwardedBid Abstract8054054
Nov 2, 2021Key No. 21991 SMA-7045, INT PRAIRIE AVE & IDAHO RD,
MajorFederalLHTAC (1)AwardedBid Abstract8044518
Nov 2, 2021Key No. 19960 US-93, BLUE LAKES BLVD; POLELINE RD TO
MajorState4Awarded N/A8048732

Construction Resources

Manuals, guides and forms for Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) procedures

Standard Specifications for Highway Construction (also known as the SpecBook or SSHC)

Current Version:

Previous Versions:

405 Special Provisions & QASP:

Specification-related Memorandum:

Laboratory Operations (LabOps) Manual

  • Lab Ops 100 – Laboratory Operations
    • 100 Laboratory Operations
    • 120 Materials Samples
    • 130 Laboratory Test Reports
    • 140 Testing Requirements for Aggregate Material Sources
    • 150 Test Methods and Test Manuals
    • 160 AMRL & CCRL Proficiency Samples
  • Lab Ops 200 – ITD Laboratory Qualification Program
    • 200 ITD Laboratory Qualification Program
    • 210 Quality Control Laboratories
    • 215 Quality Assurance Laboratories
    • 220 Dispute Resolution Laboratories
    • 225 Concrete and Asphalt Mix Design Laboratories
    • 230 Laboratory Qualification Process
    • 240 Conflict of Interest
    • 250 Qualification Requirements for Personnel Who Perform Sampling and Testing
    • 260 Calibration, Standardization and Check Requirements for Testing Equipment
    • 270 Laboratory Disqualification
    • 260 Mix Designs
  • Lab Ops 290 – Appendix A
    • Test Methods & Equipment
    • Equipment, Calibration, Standardization, or Check Procedures & Frequency
    • Procedure Checklist AASHTO R-18 Quality Systems Manual
    • Forms
  • Lab Ops 290 – Appendix B
    • Calibration, Standardization, and Check Procedures & Worksheets
  • Lab Ops 300 – ITD Central Laboratory
    • 300 ITD Central Laboratory
    • 310 Aggregate & Asphalt Mix Laboratories
    • 320 Soil Laboratory
    • 330 Geotechnical Laboratory
    • 340 Chemistry Laboratory
    • 350 Asphalt Binder Laboratory
    • 360 Structures & Cement Laboratory
  • Lab Ops 400 – ITD Nuclear Gauge Program
    • 400 ITD Nuclear Gauge Program
    • 410 ITD HQ Central Laboratory
    • 420 ITD District Materials Laboratories
    • 430 ITD District Residencies
    • 440 Required Training
    • 450 Required Forms
  • Lab Ops 500 – Standard Methods and Practices
  • LabOps Summary of Changes
  • Searchable LabOps Manual

Construction Information and Links

ITD-Controlled Material Resources

Design Resources

DBE Requirements

U.S. Department of Transportation Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program requirements must be met on Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) federally-funded design and construction projects.

Below are links to assist prime contractors or consultants for soliciting DBE firms, plus information for DBE firms or firms wishing to become DBE-certified.

DBE Directory – Search by key word, NAICS Code, availability by ITD District, etc.

Invitations to Bid to DBEs submittal form – Fill out the PDF form and email directly to the Office of Civil Rights for online posting.

Invitations to Bid for DBEs web page – See which prime contractors are seeking subcontractor/supplier bids from ITD-certified DBE firms.

Helpful Guide for Good Faith Efforts

ITD DBE Program and Civil Rights website
Learn about the DBE Program, including ITD’s DBE Program Plan, information on becoming certified as a DBE in the State of Idaho, and more.

If you have any questions, concerns, or program comments, please contact:


Accessibility | Title VI | Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance

The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) is committed to compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and all related regulations and directives. ITD assures that no person shall on the grounds of race, color, national origin, gender, age, or disability be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be otherwise subjected to discrimination under any ITD service, program, or activity. The department also assures that every effort will be made to prevent discrimination through the impacts of its programs, policies, and activities on minority and low-income populations. In addition, the department will take reasonable steps to provide meaningful access to services for persons with Limited English Proficiency.

TTY/TDD Users: Dial 711 or (800) 377-3529 to use Idaho Relay System

Facility Bids

Facility Management & Bid Information

Below is a listing of projects advertised for bid by the ITD Business and Support Management – Facility Management Section, which consists of: building construction, maintenance, repair, and yard improvements.

ITD Facility Management includes all aspects of building, maintaining, remodeling, and repairing state buildings, and structures when contracted and paid for by ITD. We work closely with Headquarters and District staff to prepare and post ITD Public Works solicitations, award and finalize contracts, renew contracts, and ensure compliance.

We work with the Idaho Division of Building Safety to verify contractors have current Public Works licensing and Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC trade licensing, to verify appropriate permits, to conduct state-building plan reviews, and to consult on building code questions and interpretations.

  • All projects advertised on this page are bid in accordance with §67-5711 Idaho Code.
  • Policy Compliance

Travis Frei | 208-334-8622 |

Jacob Jackson | 208-334-8831 |

Current & Awarded Solicitations

FM92501Statewide - Request for Statement of Qualifications - Construction Manager OpenSOQ's will be received until:

01:59:59 P.M. MT


FM12501Peterson Hill Fuel IslandOpen07/31/2024
0:29:59 P.M. MT

02:00:00 P.M. MT
Peterson Hill Fuel Island Additional Drawings

Addendum 1
FM82501Big Creek Shed RebuildOpen07/17/2024
02:29:59 P.M. MT

02:00:00 P.M. MT
Big Creek Shed Drawingss

Big Creek Shed Structural Package
D231130D1 New Testing Lab Phase 2Closed06/25/2024
Staggered Bid Opening

Staggered Bid Opening
Bid Results
FM52416D5 Mechanic-Supply Building Window ReplacementClosed06/06/2024
01:59:59 P.M. MT

02:00:00 P.M. MT
Bid Results
FM12444Plummer SepticClosed06/05/2024
02:29:59 P.M. MT

02:30:00 P.M. MT
Bid Results
FM22421Lewiston LandscapeClosed06/05/2024
01:59:59 P.M. MT

02:00:00 P.M. MT

Bid Results
FM92410D9 Sign Shop RoofClosed06/03/2024
01:59:59 P.M. MT

02:00:00 P.M. MT
Bid Results
D233080 / D243120D3 Improvements & Training Center



Bid Results
FM42417Fairfield HUD Manufactured Home Units & Site DevelopmentClosed05/22/2024
01:59:59 P.M. MT

02:00:00 P.M. MT

Bid Results
FM42418Fairfield WellsClosed05/16/2024
01:59:59 P.M. MT

02:00:00 P.M. MT
Bid Results
FM42414Stanley Mobile Home Unit & Site DesignClosed05/9/2024
01:59:59 P.M. MT

02:00:00 P.M. MT
Bid Results
FM32422Midvale Salt ShedClosed05/8/2024
01:59:59 P.M. MT

02:00:00 P.M. MT
Bid Results
D231130D1 New Testing LabClosed05/07/2024
11:59:59 A.M. PT

12:05:00 P.M. PT

Bid Results
FM22418D2 Service Station ConversionClosed04/24/2024
02:29:59 P.M. MT

02:30:00 P.M. MT
Bid Results
FM62426Salmon Job Trailer SiteClosed04/9/2024
01:59:59 P.M. MT

02:05:00 P.M. MT

Bid Results
FM32417RFSOQ District 3 Operation Building RenovationsClosed03/27/2024
01:59:59 P.M. MT

Intent To Negotiate
FM32414Snake River Rest AreaClosed12/6/2023
01:59:59 P.M. MT
02:00:00 P.M. MT
Bid Results
24-D1-A&E RFSOQ District 1 - A&EClosed11/22/2023
02:59:59 P.M. MT

N/A24-D1-A&E Notice of Roster
24-D2-A&E RFSOQ District 2-A&EClosed11/22/2023
02:59:59 P.M. MT

N/A24-D2-A&E Notice of Roster
24-D3-A&E RFSOQ District 3-A&EClosed11/22/2023
02:59:59 P.M. MT

N/A24-D3-A&E Notice of Roster
24-D4-A&E RFSOQ District 4-A&EClosed11/22/2023
02:59:59 P.M. MT

N/A24-D4-A&E Notice of Roster
24-D5-A&E RFSOQ District 5-A&EClosed11/22/2023
02:59:59 P.M. MT

N/A24-D5-A&E Notice of Roster
24-D6-A&E RFSOQ District 6-A&EClosed11/22/2023
02:59:59 P.M. MT

N/A24-D6-A&E Notice of Roster
FM72401FY24 Fuel Site EquipmentClosed11/15/2023
01:59:59 P.M. MT

02:00:00 P.M. MT
Bid Results
FM22403Powell Yard WellsClosed11/1/2023
01:59:59 P.M. MT

02:00:00 P.M. MT
Bid Results
FM42404District 4 Supply Operations Boiler ReplacementClosed09/27/2023
02:29:59 P.M. MT

02:30:00 P.M. MT
Bid Results
FM42405District 4 Office Building Heat Pump ReplacementClosed09/27/2023
01:59:59 P.M. MT

02:00:00 P.M. MT
Bid Results
FM22403Powell Yard WellsClosed08/24/2023
02:29:59 P.M. MT

02:30:00 P.M. MT
No Bids Received
FM22401Fleming House RenovationClosed07/19/2023
02:29:59 P.M. MT

02:30:00 P.M. MT
Bid Results
FM32361Caldwell Maintenance Building Renovation Fire SprinklersClosed06/26/2023
01:59:59 P.M. MT

02:00:00 P.M. MT
No Bids Received
FM62322Gibbonsville Housing Site DevelopmentClosed06/7/2023
1:59:59 P.M. MT

02:0:00 P.M. MT
Bid Results
FM62323Irwin Housing Site DevelopmentClosed06/7/2023
2:29:59 P.M. MT

02:30:00 P.M. MT
Bid Results

FM62324Island Park Housing Site DevelopmentClosed06/7/2023
2:59:59 P.M. MT

03:00:00 P.M. MT
Bid Results
FM12302Cedars Cold StorageClosed05/31/2023
1:59:59 P.M. PT

02:0:00 P.M. PT
Bid Results

FM82305Cavanaugh Bay RestroomClosed05/31/2023
12:59:59 P.M. PT

01:0:00 P.M. PT
Bid Results
FM92401RFSOQ Central Operations Facility Engineer as LeadClosedSOQ's will be received until
1:59:59 P.M. MT

N/AEvaluation Results
FM92402RFSOQ Central Operations Facility Construction ManagerClosedSOQ's will be received until
1:59:59 P.M. MT

N/AEvaluation Results

FM42401Sublett Equipment BuildingClosed05/24/2023
1:59:59 P.M. MT

02:0:00 P.M. MT
Bid Results
FM42334Bliss Salt Material Shed SpecificationClosed04/20/2022
01:59:59 P.M. MT

02:05:00 P.M. MT
Bid Results
D222170Powell New Maintenance BuildingClosed04/18/2023

Bid Results
FM32301New Meadows Maintenance Building RenovationClosed03/30/2023
D225080Blackfoot Maintenance Building Addition and Renovation and New Brine FacilityClosed03/21/2023
Bid will have staggered closing times. See bid opening schedule.
Bid will have staggered opening times. See bid opening schedule.
Bid Results
FM12317Clarkia Salt Shed 2023Closed03/17/2023
02:29:59 P.M. MT

02:30:00 P.M. MT
Bid Results
D233040Caldwell Maintenance Shed RenovationClosed03/02/2023
Bid will have staggered closing times. See bid opening schedule.

Bid will have staggered opening times. See bid opening schedule.
Bid Results
FM22011 / D202670D2 Materials Lab RemodelClosed02/16/2023

Bid Results
FM82311Johnson Creek Caretakers Building - Snow Roof and FoundationClosed02/24/2023
01:59:59 P.M. MT

02:00:00 P.M. MT
Bid Results
FM82309Cavanaugh Bay Caretakers Building - Snow Roof and FoundationClosed02/24/2023
01:59:59 P.M. MT

02:00:00 P.M. MT
Bid Results
FM52311D5 - Pocatello HQ Roof Replacements RebidAwarded12/21/2022
02:29:59 P.M. MT

02:40 P.M. MT
Bid Results
FM52311D5 - Pocatello HQ Roof ReplacementsClosed11/30/2022
02:29:59 P.M. MT

02:40 P.M. MT
No Bids Received
FM72302FY23 Fuel Site Equipment - Multiple Locations
02:29:59 P.M. MT

02:40:00 P.M. MT
Bid Results
FM22321D2 Supply Storage Building (New Enclosed Storage BayAwarded10/12/2022
02:29:59 P.M. MT

02:30:00 P.M. MT
Bid Results
FM42313Hagerman Rest Area Well Pumping SystemClosed09/21/2022
02:59:59 P.M. MT

03:00:00 P.M. MT
No Bids Received
FM42312INFORMAL BID: Shoshone Access Control AdditionsAwarded09/7/2022
02:59:59 P.M. MT

03:05:00 P.M. MT
Bid Results
FM72301ITD Employee Manufactured Housing - Multiple LocationsAwarded08/31/2022
02:59:59 P.M. MT

03:00:00 P.M. MT
Bid Results
FM22314Fleming House RenovationClosed09/14/2022
02:29:59 P.M. MT

02:30:00 P.M. MT
Bid Results
FM22316INFORMAL BID: Powell Maintenance Yard Electrical DistributionAwarded09/8/2022
02:29:59 P.M. MT

02:30:00 P.M. MT
Bid Results
FM72300FY23 Fuel Storage Tank Preparation and Paint Projects - Multiple LocationsAwarded08/17/2022
02:59:59 P.M. MT

03:00:00 P.M. MT
Bid Results
FM62207INFORMAL BID: D6 Rigby Conference Room UpgradeClosed06/16/2022
2:29.59 P.M. MT

02:30:00 P.M. MT
No Bids Received
FM22212Request for Statement of Qualifications - Powell A&E ServicesAwardedSOQ's will be received until:

02:30:00 P.M. MT

No Public OpeningEvaluation Results
FM72201Statewide - Request for Statement of Qualifications - Construction ManagerAwardedSOQ's will be received until:

02:00:00 P.M. MT

No Public OpeningConstruction Manager Roster
FM12218ITD D1 Campus ImprovementsClosed05/10/2022
02:29:59 P.M. MT

02:30:00 P.M. MT
No Bids Received
FM32219ITD Nampa Salt ShedAwarded05/05/2022
02:29:59 P.M. MT

02:30:00 P.M. MT
Bid Results
FM12217Copeland Site DevelopmentAwarded04/05/2022
02:29:59 P.M. MT

02:30:00 P.M. MT
Bid Results
FM72200Fuel Site Equipment - Multiple LocationAwarded02/24/2022
02:29:59 P.M. MT

02:40:00 P.M. MT
Bid Results
FM32203Lowman Manufactured House No. 8 (Re-Bid)Awarded11/04/2021
02:59:59 P.M. MT

03:00:00 P.M. MT
Bid Results
FM32203Lowman Manufactured House No. 8Closed10/05/2021
02:59:59 P.M. MT

03:00:00 P.M. MT
No Bids Received
FM32210Mountain Home Shed Cover Replacement - Informal BidAwarded09/28/2021
03:59:59 P.M. MT

04:00:00 P.M. MT
Bid Results
FM32114Lowman Housing Expansion (Re-Bid)Awarded08/03/2021
02:29:59 P.M. MT

02:30:00 P.M. MT
Bid Results
FMF2104Blacks Creek Eastbound Rest Area Well 3 Pumping SystemAwarded07/07/2021
02:29:59 P.M. MT

02:30:00 P.M. MT
Bid Results
FM32114Lowman Housing ExpansionClosed06/30/2021
02:29:59 P.M. MT

02:30:00 P.M. MT
No Bids Received
FM92128D9 Phase 2 Materials Lab ModificationAwarded6/17/2021
02:29:59 P.M. MT

02:30:00 P.M. MT
Bid Results
FM12015Clarkia Salt ShedCANCELLED04/29/2021
02:29:59 P.M. MT

02:30:00 P.M. MT

Bid Results
FM42121Carey - Maintenance Shed AdditionAwarded04/26/2021
01:59:59 P.M. MT

02:05:00 P.M. MT
Bid Results
FM72100Fuel Site Equipment Replacement: Coeur d'Alene; Lowman; Hammett; Blackfoot
02:59:59 P.M. MT

03:02:00 P.M. MT
Bid Results
21-D3-AEDistrict 3 Request for Statement of Qualifications A & E Services

AwardedSOQ's will be received until:

09:00:00 A.M. MT

09:00:00 A.M. MT
21-D3-A&E Roster
FM62103D6 Materials Testing Lab Upgrade, Rigby

2:29:59 P.M. MT

2:39:59 P.M. MT
D6 Materials Testing Lab - Bid Results
FM52104D5 Materials Testing Lab UpgradeAwarded11/23/2020
2:29:59 P.M. MT

2:29:59 P.M. MT
D5 Materials Testing Lab - Bid Results
FM42113D4 HQ Administration Building ADA UpgradesAwarded11/30/2020
2:29:59 P.M. MT

2:29:59 P.M. MT
D4 HQ Administration Building ADA Upgrades - Bid Results
FM42101D4 HVAC ModificationAwarded09/24/2020
2:29:59 P.M. MT

2:29:59 P.M. MT
Record of Bid Opening
FM52105D5 Chemical Storage Building RemodelAwarded09/23/2020
2:29:59 P.M. MT
2:29:59 P.M. MT
Record of Bid Opening
FM22103D2 Powell Maintenance Building RepairAwarded08/31/2020
2:29:59 P.M. MT
2:30 P.M. MT
Record of Bid Opening
FM72002Fuel Site Equipment ProjectAwarded05/18/2020
2:29:59 P.M. MT
2:30 P.M. MT
Record of Bid Opening
FM32005New Meadows Re-RoofAwarded03/10/2020
2:29:59 P.M. MT
2:30 P.M. MT
Record of Bid Opening
D203290New Meadows Maintenance Bldg HVAC Project Awarded03/9/2020
2:29:59 P.M. MT
2:30 P.M. MT
Record of Bid Opening
FM32013East Boise POE Tunnel RepairAwarded01/27/2020
2:29:59 P.M. MT
2:30 P.M. MT
Record of Bid Opening
FM62004Rigby & Idaho Falls Shop HVAC Replacement/UpgradeAwarded12/19/2019
2:29:59 P.M. MT - Updated
2:30 P.M. MT - Updated
Record of Bid Opening
FM12004D1 Lobby Security ProjectAwarded11/19/2019
2:29:59 P.M. MT
2:30 P.M. MT
Record of Bid Opening
FM22003Lewiston Security Gates Project SpecsCANCELLED10/30/2019
2:59:59 P.M. MT
3:00 P.M. MT
Record of Bid Opening
FM32004Materials Testing Lab RenovationAwarded10/04/2019
2:29:59 P.M. MT-UPDATED
Record of Bid Opening
FM32005New Meadows Re Roof ProjectCANCELLED10/01/2019
2:29:59 P.M. MT
2:40 P.M. MT
FM22001Potlatch De-Icer Containment FacilityAwarded07/24/2019
1:59:59 P.M. PT
2:05 P.M. PT
Record of Bid Opening
19-ALTAITD Statewide ALTA Survey RosterAwarded06/10/2019
2:59:59 P.M. MT
3:05 P.M. MT
19-ALTA Notice of Roster
FM11902Coeur d’Alene Bridge Crane AdditionAwarded06/19/2019
9:00 AM PT
9:05 AM PT
Record of Bid Opening
18012.01 Smiley Creek Airstrip Maintenance Building ProjectAwarded05/29/2019
9:59:59 AM MT
10:30 AM MT
Record of Bid Opening
19-900CDA Office-Conference Room Remodel ProjectAwarded05/02/2019
8:59:59 AM PT
9:30:00 AM PT
Record of Bid Opening
D182490Powell Salt Storage Building ProjectAwarded05/02/2019
1:59:59 PM PT
2:30:00 PM PT
Record of Bid Opening
19-D6-AEDistrict 6 Roster - Architectural and Engineering ServicesAwarded04/18/2019
10:59:59 AM PT
11:30:00 AM PT
19-D6-AE Notice of Roster
19-D5-AEDistrict 5 Roster - Architectural and Engineering ServicesAwarded04/17/2019
12:59:59 PM PT
1:30:00 PM PT
19-D5-AE Notice of Roster
19-D4-AE District 4 Roster - Architectural and Engineering ServicesAwarded04/17/2019
10:59:59 AM PT
11:30:00 AM PT
19-D4-AE Notice of Roster
19-D3-AEDistrict 3 Roster - Architectural and Engineering ServicesAwarded04/18/2019
8:59:59 AM PT
9:30:00 AM PT
19-D3-AE Notice of Roster
19-D2-AEDistrict 2 Roster - Architectural and Engineering ServicesAwarded04/17/2019
8:59:59 AM PT
9:30:00 AM PT
19-D2-AE Notice of Roster
19-D1-AEDistrict 1 Roster-Architectural and Engineering Services Awarded04/17/2019
2:59:59 PM PT
3:30:00 PM PT
19-D1-AE Notice of Roster
19-104 ReBidFuel Site Equipment Project Rebid Awarded03/28/2019
2:59:59 PM PT
3:30:00 PM PT
Record of Bid Opening
19-104Fuel Site Equipment ProjectCANCELLED02/21/2019
2:59:59 PM PT
3:30:00 PM PT
Yellow Pine LogsAwarded12/19/2018
3 :00 PM PT
10:30 AM PT
Record of Public Bid Opening
B000224D2 Septic Repairs and AbandonmentAwarded01/07/2019
2:59:59 AM PT
10:30 AM PT
Record of Bid Opening
19-302-03Phase 2 Site Work Lowman Housing Awarded12/21/2018
8:59:59 AM MT
9:05 AM MT
Record of Public Bid Opening
19-302-02Phase 1 – Foundations, Lowman Housing
2:00 PM MT
2:05 PM MT
Record of Public Bid Opening
19-101Sheep Creek Salt Shed (Containment Slab) RE-BID

3:30 PM MT
3:35 PM MT
Record of Public Bid Opening
19-303Manufactured Homes, District 3 Lowman Awarded10/3/2018
2:59:59 PM MT
1:59:59 PM PT
New Closing Date
3:05 PM MT
2:05 PM PT
New Bid Opening Date
Record of Public Bid Opening
19-301District 3 Paving Project, Hwy 55

CANCELLEDProject has been canceled
E000225D5 US 91 Bingham County Line Road to York Road

5:00 PM MT

10:30 AM MT
Record of Public Bid Opening
A000180D1 Mill and Inlay, Summer 2018

2:00 PM PT

2:05 PM PT
Record of Public Bid Opening
18-205D2 Mill and Inlay, US 12

4:00 PM PT

10:30 PM PT
Record of Public Bid Opening
18-108Sheep Creek Brine Facility Project Awarded6/19/2018
3:30 PM MT
New Closing Date
3:35 PM MT
Record of Public Bid Opening
18-409Heyburn Bridge Repair Awarded6/15/2018
2:00 PM MT
2:30 PM MT
Record of Public Bid Opening
18-305District 3 Shop Renovation Exterior RestorationAwarded Bid Package 1 Due 5/24/2018 2:00 PM MT

Bid Package 2,3,4,5,6 & 7 Due 5/31/2018 (See Project Manual) for Times.

Bid Package #2 Closing on June 19, 2018 at 2:00 PM MT.
Bid Package 1 5/24/2018 2:00 PM MT

Bid Package 2,3,4,5,6 & 7 Opening (See Project Manual) for Times.
Record of Public Bid Opening
18-307Garden City ShedAwarded 6/13/2018
1:30 PM MT
New Closing Date
Record of Public Bid Opening
18-306Banks Maintenance Shed

Awarded 6/13/2018
2:00 PM MT
New Closing Date
Record of Public Bid Opening
18-104Coeur d'Alene District 1 HQ Main Generator Mechanical P

Awarded 6/12/2018
9:00 AM MT
Record of Public Bid Opening
18-402Carey Maintenance Building Structural Details

Awarded 6/12/2018
3:30 PM MT
Record of Public Bid Opening
18-315Nampa Sand Storage Shed

CANCELLEDProject has been canceled.

We will bid at a later date.
18-401Bliss Salt Storage Shed District 4

3:00 PM MT
New Closing Date
Record of Public Bid Opening
18-406Shoshone Brine Making Facility

2:00 PM MT
New Closing Date
Record of Public Bid Opening
18-501Downey Brine Making Facility

3:00 PM MT
Record of Public Bid Opening
18-100Coeur d'Alene Equipment Shed ReRoof

3:00 PM MT
Record of Public Bid Opening
18-101Spirit Lake Maintenance Shed ReRoof Project Awarded6/7/2018
2:00 PM MT
Record of Public Bid Opening
18-502D-5 CFRP Girder Repair

2:00 PM MT
2:05 PM MT
Record of Public Bid Opening
18-203District 2 Preventative Rockfall Scaling

2:00 PM MT
2:05 PM MT
Record of Public Bid Opening
18-202Stites Culvert Project Awarded4/30/2018
2:00 PM MT
2:05 PM MT
Record of Public Bid Opening
18-102Athol Maintenance Building

2:00 PM MT
2:05 PM MT
Record of Public Bid Opening
18-304Geotechnical Drilling Services

5:00 PM MT
10:30 AM MT
Record of Public Bid Opening
18-310Traffic Light Signal Services with Traffic Control D-3

5:00 PM MT
10:00 AM MT
Record of Public Bid Opening
18-103Bonner's Ferry Fuel Site Equipment Project Awarded4/9/2018
5:00 PM MT
10:00 AM MT
Record of Public Bid Opening

Right of Way Permits

*NEW* Check it out: Right-of-Way Online Permit Tool

The Right-of-Way (ROW) permit tool is both a guide and an application for completing different types of ROW permits.

  • This tool helps you identify the appropriate type of permit.
    • Then the tool steps you through the specific process.
  • Within the tool are the digital forms to fill out online which expedites the application process.
    • Direct links to traditional ITD PDF forms are in the tool as another option.
  • The tool also includes Online Payment Portals for each ITD District Office.
    • The Payment Portals are always open 24/7.
  • Encroachment information & permitting resources are together in this new online tool location.

Right-of-Way Permit Tool
Remember, you will need to:

  • Include all requested plans and details with your completed application form.
  • Prepayment is required.
    • Include your payment portal receipt with your application.
  • Once the completed packet is submitted, allow 30 business days for processing
  • After the application is approved, contact ITD Maintenance Foreman at least five days prior to installation for start date approval.

Resources: Encroachment, Utility & Other Permits

This table contains resources for processing requests involving Idaho highway right of way. For additional details, see the “District Submittal” contacts below.

Permits Quick LinksResources
Idaho Parcels
Milepoint Logs
iPlan – Mapping tool for Idaho highway route information
IDAPA 39.03.42 - Governing Rules
Access Management Information
DIG-Line | 811 - Contacts & rules for safe digging
ITD Manuals & Guidance - Complete list

District Submittal Locations, Details & Contacts

Regional LocationsOffice HoursEmail Contact & District Right-of-Way ResourcesCounties & Specific Contacts
North Idaho | District 1
600 W. Prairie Ave
Coeur d’Alene, ID 83815
7 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Pacific Time
• District 1 | ROW Permit Quick Reference
• District 1 | ROW Permit FAQs
• District 1 | Traffic Impact Study FAQs
Counties: Benewah, Bonner, Boundary, Kootenai, Shoshone
Phone: 208-772-1297
North-Central Idaho | District 2
2600 Frontage Rd | P.O. Box 837
Lewiston, ID 83501
7 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Pacific Time
• District 2 | ROW Permit Quick Reference
• District 2 | ROW Permit FAQs
• District 2 | Traffic Impact Study FAQs
Counties: Clearwater, Idaho, Latah, Lewis, Nez Perce
Shane Niemela, 208-799-4239
Southwest Idaho | District 3
8150 Chinden Blvd
Boise, ID 83714
8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mountain Time
Payments are not accepted after 3 p.m.
Payment Phone Line:
208-334-8300, Ext. 2
• District 3 | ROW Permit Quick Reference
• District 3 | ROW Permit FAQs
• District 3 | Traffic Impact Study FAQs
Counties: Ada, Adams, Boise, Canyon, Elmore, Gem, Owyhee, Payette, Washington, Valley
• Approach & Commercial Permits:
Josh Nopens, 208-332-7190
• Utility, Special Event & Other Encroachment Permits:
Shona Tonkin, 208-334-8341
South-Central Idaho | District 4
216 S. Date St
Shoshone, ID 83352
8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mountain TimeEmail:
• District 4 | ROW Permit Quick Reference
• District 4 | ROW Permit FAQs
• District 4 | Traffic Impact Study FAQs
Counties: Blaine, Camas, Cassia, Gooding, Jerome, Lincoln, Minidoka, Twin Falls
Mary Ellen Russell, 208-886-7839
Southeast Idaho | District 5
5151 S. 5th Ave
Pocatello, ID 83205
8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mountain TimeEmail:
• District 5 | ROW Permit Quick Reference
• District 5 | ROW Permit FAQs
• District 5 | Traffic Impact Study FAQs
Counties: Bannock, Bear Lake, Bingham, Caribou, Franklin, Oneida, Power
Phone: 208-239-3300
East Idaho | District 6
206 N. Yellowstone Ave
Rigby, ID 83442
8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mountain TimeEmail:
• District 6 | ROW Permit Quick Reference
• District 6 | ROW Permit FAQs
• District 6 | Traffic Impact Study FAQs
Counties: Bonneville, Butte, Clark, Custer, Fremont, Jefferson, Lemhi, Teton, Madison
JR Grotjohn, 208-745-5625

Roadway Sign Request Contacts

Consultant Agreements

New Information

Consultant Services
The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) uses consultant engineering services as an integral part in accomplishing the department’s goals to provide a safe and efficient transportation system in Idaho. The consultant work force is considered an extension of the Highway Division performing the same tasks and procedures as ITD personnel.

It is the responsibility of the Consultant Services Section to provide assurance of compliance by monitoring transactions and procedures relating to consultants performing professional engineering services. All professional services agreements for project development and highway improvements connected to a highway project must be processed through the Consultant Services Section.

Consultants are utilized by selection from the pre-approved list of consultants (See “Term Agreement Qualifications & Consultant List” below), or through individual project solicitation.

Open Project Solicitations

Due DateDate PostedOpen Solicitations | Click project title for detailsDetails
July 25, 2024June 27, 2024PRIEST RIVER, BONNER CO, Key No. 23616Project Development Services
District 1
July 31, 2024July 10, 2024US 95, LONGBRIDGE TO SCHWEITZER BASIN RD, Key No. 24189Project Development Services
District 1

All consultants must establish an overhead rate for use on professional services agreements, or, at the discretion of the Department, establish a billing rate if they are a small firm. Once an overhead rate has been established, it must be updated on a yearly basis. For additional information regarding requirements on establishing overhead rates, please refer to the Overhead Rate Policy located in Consultant Services Policies.

A current certified hourly wage rate schedule must be maintained on file with the Department, and has to meet the reasonableness and fairness criteria. Certified Hourly Wage Rates should follow the approved format (located in Consultant Services Forms and Documents), and must be provided in .pdf file format by e-mail to . The file name shall be the company name followed by the month and year (ConsultantName02/05). It is recommended that a copy of the certified wage rate schedule be included with all cost estimates submitted for each negotiated contract.

The Consultant Services Section has developed a Cost Estimate Summary Form which will be required for all agreements. It should be submitted along with the negotiated man-hour estimate and scope of work by both the prime consultant and each subconsultant. That form is located in Consultant Services Forms and Documents.

Direct expenses will be reimbursed at actual cost. No markup is allowed.

The Department has a Travel Expense and Per Diem Policy. This policy applies to all consultant agreements. Please check this site for updates to all policies throughout the year. This policy is located in Consultant Services Policies.

In order to work as a subconsultant on a Work Task under the Term Agreement, the subconsultant must be on the Term Agreement for the category of service they will be providing as a subconsultant.

Refer to the CADD Manual for a complete set of the CADD Specifications.

The Idaho Transportation Department has adopted the AASHTOWare Project Estimation as the standard for developing all highway construction cost estimates. All consulting engineers who perform work for the Department and prepare PS&E packages (Plans, Specifications and Estimate) for submittal to the Department on highway construction projects are required to use Estimation.

ITD is providing access to the AASHTOWare Project Estimation module at no cost to the consultant. The previous Estimator application has been replaced with the new Estimation system. We will still accept Estimator files for upload until March of 2023. Please use the new system for any new estimates going forward. Please contact your ITD Liaison to request access to the new Estimation system from AASHTOWare Project Suite administrator.

The following specifications apply for all estimates prepared and delivered to the Idaho Transportation Department on highway construction projects:

  • File Format and Delivery
    The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) has adopted the AASHTOWare Project Estimation application as the standard for developing highway construction cost estimates.
    Estimates shall be delivered to the ITD in two formats (generated from ESTIMATION). A hard copy of the Final Estimate or an electronic ESTIMATION file saved on an acceptable format.
  • File Naming
    Electronic files shall be named using the project’s Key Number with the file extension .pdf. An example of a file name is 04782.pdf.

The Professional Service Agreement Procedures* (PSAP) Manual. Find out about procedures for consultant services.

Travel Expense – Information on Travel Expenses
Federal Per Diem Rates for FY24 (Effective 10-1-2023) – Information about lodging, meals, and mileage reimbursement.
Federal Per Diem Rates for FY23 (Effective 10-1-2022)
Overhead Rate Policy – Guidelines on overhead rate submittals

ITD-0771 (Professional Agreement Invoice and Progress Report)
Microsoft Word format
Professional Agreement Invoice and Progress Report form. Consultants are required to fill out this form every month and submit it to the Agreement Administrator with their invoice.

Bidder’s Registration (Online Application Form)
From DBE Forms & Publications
DBE Regulations (49 CFR 26.11(c)) require the Idaho Transportation Department to maintain a comprehensive bidders list consisting of all firms who seek to work or are bidding on prime contracts on federally-funded transportation projects. All consultants must fill out this form prior to working for the Department.

Certification of Indebtedness (8-13)
Microsoft Word format
This is the certification of indebtedness that is required to be signed by the consultant prior to final payment being made on an agreement.

Cost Estimate Summary format (7-15)
Excel Worksheet
This form is required for all agreements. It is the summary of the cost estimate, and should be submitted along with the negotiated man-hour estimate.

This worksheet is a tool for use in negotiating the fixed fee. It is to be completed as part of the independent estimate.

This is the format that is required to be used for certified hourly wage rates. The certified hourly wage rates, in pdf format, should be e-mailed to

This is one of the forms required for Overhead Rate Submittals.

This is one of the forms required for Overhead Rate Submittals.

This is the National Compensation Matrix, instructions, and FAQs to aid consulants when performing their compensation policy.

This is a blank form developed for consultants to use when submitting compensation information. It is required for Overhead Rate Submittals.

Professional Agreement (10-08)
pdf format
This is a sample of a Professional Services Agreement used by the Department.

Attachment No. 1 Consultant Agreement Specifications (06-19)
pdf format
(edition changes)
These are the Consultant Agreement Specifications which apply professional agreements on state and federally funded projects, with the exception of CE&I agreements and local project agreements

Attachment No. 1L Consultant Agreement Specifications for local projects (06-19)
pdf format
(edition changes)
These are the Consultant Agreement Specifications which apply to all local project agreements, with the exception of CE&I agreements.

Attachment No. 1A Consultant Agreement Specifications/ CE&I
(03-19) pdf format
(edition changes)
These are the Consultant Agreement Specifications which apply to professional agreements for construction engineering and inspection (CE&I).

Administration Of Agreements (Administration Information) (2013)
pdf format
This is an informational document relating to the administration of consultant agreements.

Term Agreement Sample (3-21)
pdf format
This is the form that will be used when Term Agreements are issued.

This form is used to identify, assess, and manage actual or potential conflicts of interest that may arise when consultants, sub-consultants, contractors and subcontractors perform work for the Department relating to a potential project.

These are guidelines for use of the Proposer Conflict of Interest form.

This form is required to be submitted by the district, along with the general scope of work, when initiating an RFP (Request for Proposals). This form will be used to determine the DBE goal for the RFP.

ITD-2398 Consultant DBE Commitment (1-18)
Microsoft Word File
This form will be used by the proposer to document their DBE commitment when submitting a proposal.

This form is required from all consultants who are submitting a proposal for an open solicitation, and also when submitting qualifications for the Term Agreement.

Please send comments, questions and suggestions to Andrea at

Or write to:
Idaho Transportation Department
Contracting Services
P.O. Box 7129
Boise, Idaho 83707-1129