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Contractor Bidding

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Idaho Transportation Department Standard Specifications for Highway Construction 102.13 Licensing of Bidders. For projects that do not involve federal funding, bidders shall possess the appropriate license in accordance with 107.03 before submitting a proposal. For projects that involve federal-aid funding, bidders and subcontractors that are required to be listed in the proposal shall possess the appropriate license in accordance with 107.03 before the Department awards the contract. If the proposal forms for projects that do not involve federal-aid funding require bidders to list subcontractors, the subcontractor shall possess the appropriate license in accordance with 107.03 and as stated above before the bidder submits a bid proposal.

107.03 Licensing of Contractors. The Contractor, and any subcontractors, must possess the appropriate public works contractor license in accordance with Title 54, Chapter 19, Idaho Code, as amended.

The Contractor, and any subcontractors required to be listed in the bid proposal, must posssess the license in accordance with the following:

  1. On projects that require federal-aid funding, at the time the Department executes the contract.
  2. On projects that do not involve federal-aid funding, by the date and time of bid opening.

Public works contractor licensing does not apply to Professional Service providers. The Department requires Professional Service providers to have an appropriate professional license or certification in the State for the work performed on the project.

Link to the Idaho Public Works Contractors License Board:

Contractor Information
The intent of this page is to provide a central location for information concerning highway construction and maintenance projects that are currently advertised, recently advertised, or contemplated for advertisement by the Idaho Transportation Department. The pages currently include a list of projects expected to be advertised within the next 90 days, a list of projects currently advertised for a bid, a list of recent bid results and bid abstracts, a list of recently awarded contracts, a description of the resources available through ITD’s DBE Supportive Services office and a list of useful telephone numbers for contacting us.

Contractors are required to access Plans and Proposals for project bidding through QUEST CDN. To create an account with QUEST CDN please visit To browse projects & view plan holders, click on the Browse Projects link below.

In accordance with Subsection 102.10 of the Department’s 2018 Standard Specifications for Highway Construction, bids submitted on proposal forms not purchased through the Department’s website will be considered irregular by the Department.

Access Online plans

Online Resources

Useful Telephone Numbers and Links


Quarterly Bidding

The intent of this page is to provide the public and the contracting community a listing of highway construction projects that are expected (but not guaranteed) to be advertised by the Idaho Transportation Department during the next quarter. This report is intended as a planning tool only and will normally be updated the first week of each month. Actual advertisement dates may vary from those shown and are subject to change without notice.

View 90-Day Bidding Forecast

For scheduling or project-related questions, please contact our District Offices:
Dist. 1 (Coeur d’Alene) 208-772-1200
Dist. 2 (Lewiston) 208-799-5090
Dist. 3 (Boise) 208-334-8300
Dist. 4 (Shoshone) 208-886-7800
Dist. 5 (Pocatello) 208-239-3300
Dist. 6 (Rigby) 208-745-7781

Construction Resources

Manuals and Forms for Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) Procedures

Standard Specifications for Highway Construction (also known as the SpecBook)

Current Version:

Previous Versions:

2016 Supplementals for 2012 Standard Specifications (January 2016)

Quality Assurance (QA) Manual

  • QA 100 – Quality Assurance Program
  • QA 200 – Acceptance Program
    • 200 Acceptance Program
    • 210 Inspection and Testing Responsibility
    • 215 Materials or Work Failing Specifications
    • 220 Sampling Procedures
    • 225 Testing Qualifications
    • 230 Acceptance of Materials by Manufacturer’s or Fabricator’s Certification
    • 240 Pre-Tested and Pre-Qualified Materials
    • 250 Acceptance of Material on the Basis of the Resident Engineer’s Letter of Inspection (ITD-854)
    • 255 Performance-Graded Binder Quality Assurance Plan
    • 256 Asphalt Emulsions Quality Assurance Plan
    • 260 Mix Designs
    • 265 Qualified Aggregate Material Suppliers
    • 270 – MTR Tables
    • 275 – Miscellaneous
  • QA 300 – Independent Assurance Program
  • QA 400 – Project Materials Certification
    • 400 Project Materials Certification
    • 410 Reports and Documentation
    • 420 Materials Summary Report
    • 425 Completing the MSR
    • 430 Resident Engineer’s Letter of Inspection (ITD-854)
    • 440 Independent Assurance Test Log (ITD-860)
    • 450 Materials Certification Checklist (ITD-852)
    • 460 District Audit of Materials Summary Report
    • 470 Materials Certification Letter
  • QA 500 – Standard Methods and Practices
    • Test Methods
  • QA Summary of Changes
  • Searchable 2020 QA Manual

Laboratory Operations (LabOps) Manual

  • Lab Ops 100 – Laboratory Operations
    • 100 Laboratory Operations
    • 120 Materials Samples
    • 130 Laboratory Test Reports
    • 140 Testing Requirements for Aggregate Material Sources
    • 150 Test Methods and Test Manuals
    • 160 AMRL & CCRL Proficiency Samples
  • Lab Ops 200 – ITD Laboratory Qualification Program
    • 200 ITD Laboratory Qualification Program
    • 210 Quality Control Laboratories
    • 215 Quality Assurance Laboratories
    • 220 Dispute Resolution Laboratories
    • 225 Concrete and Asphalt Mix Design Laboratories
    • 230 Laboratory Qualification Process
    • 240 Conflict of Interest
    • 250 Qualification Requirements for Personnel Who Perform Sampling and Testing
    • 260 Calibration, Standardization and Check Requirements for Testing Equipment
    • 270 Laboratory Disqualification
    • 260 Mix Designs
  • Lab Ops 290 – Appendix A
    • Test Methods & Equipment
    • Equipment, Calibration, Standardization, or Check Procedures & Frequency
    • Procedure Checklist AASHTO R-18 Quality Systems Manual
    • Forms
  • Lab Ops 290 – Appendix B
    • Calibration, Standardization, and Check Procedures & Worksheets
  • Lab Ops 300 – ITD Central Laboratory
    • 300 ITD Central Laboratory
    • 310 Aggregate & Asphalt Mix Laboratories
    • 320 Soil Laboratory
    • 330 Geotechnical Laboratory
    • 340 Chemistry Laboratory
    • 350 Asphalt Binder Laboratory
    • 360 Structures & Cement Laboratory
  • Lab Ops 400 – ITD Nuclear Gauge Program
    • 400 ITD Nuclear Gauge Program
    • 410 ITD HQ Central Laboratory
    • 420 ITD District Materials Laboratories
    • 430 ITD District Residencies
    • 440 Required Training
    • 450 Required Forms
  • Lab Ops 500 – Standard Methods and Practices
  • LabOps Summary of Changes
  • Searchable LabOps Manual

For application forms go to ITD Form Finder and then search for “EncroachmentUtility Permits Video

  • Approach Permit application – i.e. driveway, road access, etc. (Right of Way Encroachment Application and Permit Approaches or Public Streets) – Search for form # “2109” or “Encroachment” at ITD Form Finder
  • For the Utility Permit application – (Right of Way Encroachment Application and Permit for Utilities) – Search for form # “2110” or “Encroachment” at ITD Form Finder
  • Other Encroachments application – i.e. signs, banners, etc. (Right of Way Encroachment Application and Permit for Other Encroachments) – Search for form # “2111” or “Encroachment” at ITD Form Finder
  • Milepoint Logs go to the iPlan – Mapping Resource for Idaho highway route information
  • iPlan – Mapping Resource
  • Access Management Informational Brochure

Encroachment Application Office Locations & Contacts

Regional LocationOffice HoursEmailCounties & Contact Information
North Idaho - District 1
600 West Prairie Avenue
Coeur d’Alene, ID 83815
7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Pacific TimeEmail: Stacy.Simkins@itd.idaho.govCounties: Benewah, Bonner, Boundary, Kootenai, Shoshone - Stacy Simkins, 208-772-1297
North-Central Idaho - District 2
2600 Frontage Rd
Lewiston, ID 83501
7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Pacific TimeEmail: Shane.Niemela@itd.idaho.govCounties: Clearwater, Idaho, Latah, Lewis, Nez Perce - Shane Niemela, 208-799-4239
Southwest Idaho - District 3
8150 Chinden Boulevard
Boise, ID 83714
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Mountain Time
Payments are not accepted after 3:00 p.m.
Payment Phone Line:
Email: ITDD3Permits@itd.idaho.govCounties: Ada, Adams, Boise, Canyon, Elmore, Gem, Owyhee, Payette, Washington, Valley
Shona Tonkin, 208-334-8341

Ken Couch, 208-338-8335
South-Central Idaho - District 4
216 South Date Street
Shoshone, ID 83352
8:00 a.m to 5:00 pm Mountain TimeEmail: Deb.Pierson@itd.idaho.govCounties: Blaine, Camas, Cassia, Gooding, Jerome, Lincoln, Minidoka, Twin Falls - Deb Pierson, 208-886-7839
Southeast Idaho - District 5
5151 S. 5th Ave
Pocatello, ID 83204-2202
8:00 a.m to 5:00 pm Mountain TimeEmail: D5EncroachmentPermits@itd.idaho.govCounties: Bannock, Bear Lake, Bingham, Caribou, Franklin, Oneida, Power - Phone: 208-239-3300
East Idaho - District 6
206 North Yellowstone
Rigby, ID 83442
8:00 a.m to 5:00 pm Mountain TimeEmail: Anthony.Black@itd.idaho.govCounties: Bonneville, Butte, Clark, Custer, Fremont, Jefferson, Lemhi, Teton, Madison - Tony Black, 208-745-5625
Idaho Transportation Department Headquarters - Boise, IDUtility Permits

Sign Permits
Barbara Waite, 208-334-8522

Justin Pond, 208-334-8832

Roadway Sign Request Contacts

Construction Information and Links

ITD-Controlled Material Resources

Design Resources

IRP Bidding | Infrastructure Related

Infrastructure Related Procurement (IRP) for Miscellaneous Highway Projects

Use the links below to review advertised projects or bid results.

Design-related questions? Please contact Dana Dietz | 208-334-8673 |

Bid-related questions? Please contact Karen Hanna | 208-334-8433 |

Other Solicitations

Bid Information – This page contains a listing of projects advertised for bid by the ITD Business and Support Management, Facility Management Section, which consists of: building construction, maintenance, repair, and yard improvements.

All projects advertised on this page are bid in accordance with §67-5711 Idaho Code.

Contact: Megan Vaudrin | 208-334-8606 |

Current & Awarded Solicitations

FM32114Lowman Housing Expansion (Re-Bid)Open08/03/2021
02:29:59 P.M. MT

02:30:00 P.M. MT
Lowman Housing Expansion Drawings
FMF2104Blacks Creek Eastbound Rest Area Well 3 Pumping SystemAwarded07/07/2021
02:29:59 P.M. MT

02:30:00 P.M. MT
Blacks Creek Eastbound Rest Area Well 3 Pumping System - Bid Results
FM32114Lowman Housing ExpansionClosed06/30/2021
02:29:59 P.M. MT

02:30:00 P.M. MT
No Bids Received
FM92128D9 Phase 2 Materials Lab ModificationAwarded6/17/2021
02:29:59 P.M. MT

02:30:00 P.M. MT
D9 Phase 2 Materials Lab Modification - Bid Results
FM12015Clarkia Salt ShedCANCELLED04/29/2021
02:29:59 P.M. MT

02:30:00 P.M. MT

Clarkia Salt Shed - Bid Results
FM42121Carey - Maintenance Shed AdditionAwarded04/26/2021
01:59:59 P.M. MT

02:05:00 P.M. MT
Carey - Maintenance Shed Addition - Bid Results
FM72100Fuel Site Equipment Replacement: Coeur d'Alene; Lowman; Hammett; Blackfoot
02:59:59 P.M. MT

03:02:00 P.M. MT
Fuel Site Equipment - Bid Results
21-D3-AEDistrict 3 Request for Statement of Qualifications A & E Services

AwardedSOQ's will be received until:

09:00:00 A.M. MT

09:00:00 A.M. MT
21-D3-A&E Roster
FM62103D6 Materials Testing Lab Upgrade, Rigby

2:29:59 P.M. MT

2:39:59 P.M. MT
D6 Materials Testing Lab - Bid Results
FM52104D5 Materials Testing Lab UpgradeAwarded11/23/2020
2:29:59 P.M. MT

2:29:59 P.M. MT
D5 Materials Testing Lab - Bid Results
FM42113D4 HQ Administration Building ADA UpgradesAwarded11/30/2020
2:29:59 P.M. MT

2:29:59 P.M. MT
D4 HQ Administration Building ADA Upgrades - Bid Results
FM42101D4 HVAC ModificationAwarded09/24/2020
2:29:59 P.M. MT

2:29:59 P.M. MT
Record of Bid Opening
FM52105D5 Chemical Storage Building RemodelAwarded09/23/2020
2:29:59 P.M. MT
2:29:59 P.M. MT
Record of Bid Opening
FM22103D2 Powell Maintenance Building RepairAwarded08/31/2020
2:29:59 P.M. MT
2:30 P.M. MT
Record of Bid Opening
FM72002Fuel Site Equipment ProjectAwarded05/18/2020
2:29:59 P.M. MT
2:30 P.M. MT
Record of Bid Opening
FM32005New Meadows Re-RoofAwarded03/10/2020
2:29:59 P.M. MT
2:30 P.M. MT
Record of Bid Opening
D203290New Meadows Maintenance Bldg HVAC Project Awarded03/9/2020
2:29:59 P.M. MT
2:30 P.M. MT
Record of Bid Opening
FM32013East Boise POE Tunnel RepairAwarded01/27/2020
2:29:59 P.M. MT
2:30 P.M. MT
Record of Bid Opening
FM62004Rigby & Idaho Falls Shop HVAC Replacement/UpgradeAwarded12/19/2019
2:29:59 P.M. MT - Updated
2:30 P.M. MT - Updated
Record of Bid Opening
FM12004D1 Lobby Security ProjectAwarded11/19/2019
2:29:59 P.M. MT
2:30 P.M. MT
Record of Bid Opening
FM22003Lewiston Security Gates Project SpecsCANCELLED10/30/2019
2:59:59 P.M. MT
3:00 P.M. MT
Record of Bid Opening
FM32004Materials Testing Lab RenovationAwarded10/04/2019
2:29:59 P.M. MT-UPDATED
Record of Bid Opening
FM32005New Meadows Re Roof ProjectCANCELLED10/01/2019
2:29:59 P.M. MT
2:40 P.M. MT
FM22001Potlatch De-Icer Containment FacilityAwarded07/24/2019
1:59:59 P.M. PT
2:05 P.M. PT
Record of Bid Opening
19-ALTAITD Statewide ALTA Survey RosterAwarded06/10/2019
2:59:59 P.M. MT
3:05 P.M. MT
19-ALTA Notice of Roster
FM11902Coeur d’Alene Bridge Crane AdditionAwarded06/19/2019
9:00 AM PT
9:05 AM PT
Record of Bid Opening
18012.01 Smiley Creek Airstrip Maintenance Building ProjectAwarded05/29/2019
9:59:59 AM MT
10:30 AM MT
Record of Bid Opening
19-900CDA Office-Conference Room Remodel ProjectAwarded05/02/2019
8:59:59 AM PT
9:30:00 AM PT
Record of Bid Opening
D182490Powell Salt Storage Building ProjectAwarded05/02/2019
1:59:59 PM PT
2:30:00 PM PT
Record of Bid Opening
19-D6-AEDistrict 6 Roster - Architectural and Engineering ServicesAwarded04/18/2019
10:59:59 AM PT
11:30:00 AM PT
19-D6-AE Notice of Roster
19-D5-AEDistrict 5 Roster - Architectural and Engineering ServicesAwarded04/17/2019
12:59:59 PM PT
1:30:00 PM PT
19-D5-AE Notice of Roster
19-D4-AE District 4 Roster - Architectural and Engineering ServicesAwarded04/17/2019
10:59:59 AM PT
11:30:00 AM PT
19-D4-AE Notice of Roster
19-D3-AEDistrict 3 Roster - Architectural and Engineering ServicesAwarded04/18/2019
8:59:59 AM PT
9:30:00 AM PT
19-D3-AE Notice of Roster
19-D2-AEDistrict 2 Roster - Architectural and Engineering ServicesAwarded04/17/2019
8:59:59 AM PT
9:30:00 AM PT
19-D2-AE Notice of Roster
19-D1-AEDistrict 1 Roster-Architectural and Engineering Services Awarded04/17/2019
2:59:59 PM PT
3:30:00 PM PT
19-D1-AE Notice of Roster
19-104 ReBidFuel Site Equipment Project Rebid Awarded03/28/2019
2:59:59 PM PT
3:30:00 PM PT
Record of Bid Opening
19-104Fuel Site Equipment ProjectCANCELLED02/21/2019
2:59:59 PM PT
3:30:00 PM PT
Yellow Pine LogsAwarded12/19/2018
3 :00 PM PT
10:30 AM PT
Record of Public Bid Opening
B000224D2 Septic Repairs and AbandonmentAwarded01/07/2019
2:59:59 AM PT
10:30 AM PT
Record of Bid Opening
19-302-03Phase 2 Site Work Lowman Housing Awarded12/21/2018
8:59:59 AM MT
9:05 AM MT
Record of Public Bid Opening
19-302-02Phase 1 – Foundations, Lowman Housing
2:00 PM MT
2:05 PM MT
Record of Public Bid Opening
19-101Sheep Creek Salt Shed (Containment Slab) RE-BID

3:30 PM MT
3:35 PM MT
Record of Public Bid Opening
19-303Manufactured Homes, District 3 Lowman Awarded10/3/2018
2:59:59 PM MT
1:59:59 PM PT
New Closing Date
3:05 PM MT
2:05 PM PT
New Bid Opening Date
Record of Public Bid Opening
19-301District 3 Paving Project, Hwy 55

CANCELLEDProject has been canceled
E000225D5 US 91 Bingham County Line Road to York Road

5:00 PM MT

10:30 AM MT
Record of Public Bid Opening
A000180D1 Mill and Inlay, Summer 2018

2:00 PM PT

2:05 PM PT
Record of Public Bid Opening
18-205D2 Mill and Inlay, US 12

4:00 PM PT

10:30 PM PT
Record of Public Bid Opening
18-108Sheep Creek Brine Facility Project Awarded6/19/2018
3:30 PM MT
New Closing Date
3:35 PM MT
Record of Public Bid Opening
18-409Heyburn Bridge Repair Awarded6/15/2018
2:00 PM MT
2:30 PM MT
Record of Public Bid Opening
18-305District 3 Shop Renovation Exterior RestorationAwarded Bid Package 1 Due 5/24/2018 2:00 PM MT

Bid Package 2,3,4,5,6 & 7 Due 5/31/2018 (See Project Manual) for Times.

Bid Package #2 Closing on June 19, 2018 at 2:00 PM MT.
Bid Package 1 5/24/2018 2:00 PM MT

Bid Package 2,3,4,5,6 & 7 Opening (See Project Manual) for Times.
Record of Public Bid Opening
18-307Garden City ShedAwarded 6/13/2018
1:30 PM MT
New Closing Date
Record of Public Bid Opening
18-306Banks Maintenance Shed

Awarded 6/13/2018
2:00 PM MT
New Closing Date
Record of Public Bid Opening
18-104Coeur d'Alene District 1 HQ Main Generator Mechanical P

Awarded 6/12/2018
9:00 AM MT
Record of Public Bid Opening
18-402Carey Maintenance Building Structural Details

Awarded 6/12/2018
3:30 PM MT
Record of Public Bid Opening
18-315Nampa Sand Storage Shed

CANCELLEDProject has been canceled.

We will bid at a later date.
18-401Bliss Salt Storage Shed District 4

3:00 PM MT
New Closing Date
Record of Public Bid Opening
18-406Shoshone Brine Making Facility

2:00 PM MT
New Closing Date
Record of Public Bid Opening
18-501Downey Brine Making Facility

3:00 PM MT
Record of Public Bid Opening
18-100Coeur d'Alene Equipment Shed ReRoof

3:00 PM MT
Record of Public Bid Opening
18-101Spirit Lake Maintenance Shed ReRoof Project Awarded6/7/2018
2:00 PM MT
Record of Public Bid Opening
18-502D-5 CFRP Girder Repair

2:00 PM MT
2:05 PM MT
Record of Public Bid Opening
18-203District 2 Preventative Rockfall Scaling

2:00 PM MT
2:05 PM MT
Record of Public Bid Opening
18-202Stites Culvert Project Awarded4/30/2018
2:00 PM MT
2:05 PM MT
Record of Public Bid Opening
18-102Athol Maintenance Building

2:00 PM MT
2:05 PM MT
Record of Public Bid Opening
18-304Geotechnical Drilling Services

5:00 PM MT
10:30 AM MT
Record of Public Bid Opening
18-310Traffic Light Signal Services with Traffic Control D-3

5:00 PM MT
10:00 AM MT
Record of Public Bid Opening
18-103Bonner's Ferry Fuel Site Equipment Project Awarded4/9/2018
5:00 PM MT
10:00 AM MT
Record of Public Bid Opening

Innovative Contracting

Innovative Contracting incorporates new practices to supplement traditional low-bid, design-bid-build contracting. Innovative contracting can decrease project delivery time, reduce construction time, improve safety, incorporate innovation, and reduce costs. Currently, the Department has authority to utilize design-build and Construction Manager/General Contractor as contracting tools.

Design-Build Procurement Process – Design-build procurements are accomplished through a two-step process. The first step is the Request for Qualifications (RFQ) where the Department seeks statements of qualifications (SOQ) from interested design-build firms. The firms that submit SOQs will be evaluated by the Department and the Department will short-list the top 2 – 5 proposers. Only the short-listed proposers will be invited to continue on to the second step of the procurement process, the Request for Proposals (RFP). In the RFP phase, the short-listed proposers will be invited to develop and submit technical and price proposals to be later evaluated by the Department.

CMGC Procurement Process – Construction Manager/General Contractor (CMGC) involves procuring a contractor through a qualifications-based solicitation which also has a price component. The selected contractor assists the department with constructability and value engineering during design and then has an opportunity to construct the work through negotiations for specific phases or packages.

Active Project Solicitation – The procurement documentation for the active projects below will be posted through the Department’s QuestCDN eBidDoc system located at:


  • No active Design-Build solicitations at this time


  • No active CMGC solicitations at this time

Consultant Agreements

New Information: **New TECM Projects Update** | 6-10-2021

Consultant Services

The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) uses consultant engineering services as an integral part in accomplishing the department’s goals to provide a safe and efficient transportation system in Idaho. The consultant work force is considered an extension of the Highway Division performing the same tasks and procedures as ITD personnel.

It is the responsibility of the Consultant Services Section to provide assurance of compliance by monitoring transactions and procedures relating to consultants performing professional engineering services. All professional services agreements for project development and highway improvements connected to a highway project must be processed through the Consultant Services Section.

Consultants are utilized by selection from the pre-approved list of consultants (See “Term Agreement Qualifications & Consultant List” below), or through individual project solicitation (See “Open Project Solications” below).

Date PostedDue DateOpen Project Solicitations | Click project title for detailsDetails
July 20, 2021Due Date: August 17, 2021SH-20, CHESTER TO ASHTON, Key No. 20053
Project Development Services
District 6
July 15, 2021Due Date: August 12, 2021PINE-FEATHERVILLE RD REHAB, MT HOME HD, Key Nos. 22606 & 22889
Project Development Services
District 3
July 6, 2021Due Date: August 3, 2021POCATELLO TO IDAHO FALLS CORRIDOR STUDY, Key No. 23346
Project Development Services
District 5
June 29, 2021Due Date: July 27, 2021KILPATRICK BRIDGE, BLAINE COUNTY, Key No. 22432
Project Development Services
District 4

All consultants must establish an overhead rate for use on professional services agreements, or, at the discretion of the Department, establish a billing rate if they are a small firm. Once an overhead rate has been established, it must be updated on a yearly basis. For additional information regarding requirements on establishing overhead rates, please refer to the Overhead Rate Policy located in Consultant Services Policies.

A current certified hourly wage rate schedule must be maintained on file with the Department, and has to meet the reasonableness and fairness criteria. Certified Hourly Wage Rates should follow the approved format (located in Consultant Services Forms and Documents), and must be provided in .pdf file format by e-mail to . The file name shall be the company name followed by the month and year (ConsultantName02/05). It is recommended that a copy of the certified wage rate schedule be included with all cost estimates submitted for each negotiated contract.

The Consultant Services Section has developed a Cost Estimate Summary Form which will be required for all agreements. It should be submitted along with the negotiated man-hour estimate and scope of work by both the prime consultant and each subconsultant. That form is located in Consultant Services Forms and Documents.

Direct expenses will be reimbursed at actual cost. No markup is allowed.

The Department has a Travel Expense and Per Diem Policy. This policy applies to all consultant agreements. Please check this site for updates to all policies throughout the year. This policy is located in Consultant Services Policies.

In order to work as a subconsultant on a Work Task under the Term Agreement, the subconsultant must be on the Term Agreement for the category of service they will be providing as a subconsultant.

Refer to the CADD Manual for a complete set of the CADD Specifications.

The Idaho Transportation Department has adopted the AASHTOWare Project EstimatorTM Highway Construction Cost Estimation software package as the standard for developing all highway construction cost estimates. All consulting engineers who perform work for the Department and prepare PS&E packages (Plans, Specifications and Estimate) for submittal to the Department on highway construction projects are required to use Estimator.

For more information about Estimator, or to purchase a copy of the software, contact the AASHTOWareTM contractor and specify you are purchasing a license for Idaho. Contractor information is as follows:

5700 SW 34th Street, Suite 1235
Gainesville, FL 32608
Phone: (352) 381-4400
Fax: (352) 381-4444

New Customers:

Existing Customers:

The following specifications apply for all estimates prepared and delivered to the Idaho Transportation Department on highway construction projects:

  • File Format and Delivery
    The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) has adopted the AASHTOWare Project EstimatorTM Highway Construction Cost Estimation software package as the standard for developing all future highway construction cost estimates.
    Estimates shall be delivered to the ITD in two formats. A hard copy of the Final Estimate (generated from EstimatorTM ) and an electronic EstimatorTM file on a CD or DVD. Files shall be developed using the EstimatorTM software, Version 2.12a or higher.
  • File Naming
    Electronic files shall be named using the project’s Key Number with the file extension .EST (Estimator). The EstimatorTM program will automatically generate the .EST file extension when the file is saved. The extension .EST defines the file type to the computer software. An example of a file name is 04782.EST.

The Professional Service Agreement Procedures* (PSAP) Manual. Find out about procedures for consultant services.

Travel Expense – Information on Travel Expenses.
Federal Per Diem Rates for FY21 – Information about lodging, meals, and mileage reimbursement.
Overhead Rate Policy – Guidelines on overhead rate submittals.

ITD-771 (Professional Agreement Invoice and Progress Report)
Microsoft Word format
Professional Agreement Invoice and Progress Report form. Consultants are required to fill out this form every month and submit it to the Agreement Administrator with their invoice.

Bidder’s Registration (Online Application Form)
From DBE Forms & Publications
DBE Regulations (49 CFR 26.11(c)) require the Idaho Transportation Department to maintain a comprehensive bidders list consisting of all firms who seek to work or are bidding on prime contracts on federally-funded transportation projects. All consultants must fill out this form prior to working for the Department.

Certification of Indebtedness (8-13)
Microsoft Word format
This is the certification of indebtedness that is required to be signed by the consultant prior to final payment being made on an agreement.

Cost Estimate Summary format (7-15)
Excel Worksheet
This form is required for all agreements. It is the summary of the cost estimate, and should be submitted along with the negotiated man-hour estimate.

This worksheet is a tool for use in negotiating the fixed fee. It is to be completed as part of the independent estimate.

This is the format that is required to be used for certified hourly wage rates. The certified hourly wage rates, in pdf format, should be e-mailed to

This is one of the forms required for Overhead Rate Submittals.

This is the National Compensation Matrix, instructions, and FAQs to aid consulants when performing their compensation policy.

This is a blank form developed for consultants to use when submitting compensation information. It is required for Overhead Rate Submittals.

Professional Agreement (10-08)
pdf format
This is a sample of a Professional Services Agreement used by the Department.

Attachment No. 1 Consultant Agreement Specifications (06-19)
pdf format
(edition changes)
These are the Consultant Agreement Specifications which apply professional agreements on state and federally funded projects, with the exception of CE&I agreements and local project agreements

Attachment No. 1L Consultant Agreement Specifications for local projects (06-19)
pdf format
(edition changes)
These are the Consultant Agreement Specifications which apply to all local project agreements, with the exception of CE&I agreements.

Attachment No. 1A Consultant Agreement Specifications/ CE&I
(03-19) pdf format
(edition changes)
These are the Consultant Agreement Specifications which apply to professional agreements for construction engineering and inspection (CE&I).

Administration Of Agreements (Administration Information) (2013)
pdf format
This is an informational document relating to the administration of consultant agreements.

Term Agreement Sample (12-15)
pdf format
This is the form that will be used when Term Agreements are issued.

This form is used to identify, assess, and manage actual or potential conflicts of interest that may arise when consultants, sub-consultants, contractors and subcontractors perform work for the Department relating to a potential project.

These are guidelines for use of the Proposer Conflict of Interest form.

This form is required to be submitted by the district, along with the general scope of work, when initiating an RFP (Request for Proposals). This form will be used to determine the DBE goal for the RFP.

ITD-2398 Consultant DBE Commitment (1-18)
Microsoft Word File
This form will be used by the proposer to document their DBE commitment when submitting a proposal.

This form is required from all consultants who are submitting a proposal for an open solicitation, and also when submitting qualifications for the Term Agreement.

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DBE Requirements

U.S. Department of Transportation Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program requirements must be met on Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) federally-funded design and construction projects.

Public Comment period now open for ITD’s Proposed FFY20-22 DBE Methodology

July 7 to August 9, 2021

Below are links to assist prime contractors or consultants for soliciting DBE firms, and for DBE firms or firms wishing to become DBE-certified.

DBE Directory
Search by key word, NAICS Code, availability by ITD District, etc.

Invitations to Bid to DBEs submittal form – Fill out the PDF form and email directly to the Office of Civil Rights for online posting.

Invitations to Bid for DBEs web page – See which prime contractors are seeking subcontractor/supplier bids from ITD-certified DBE firms.

ITD DBE Program Web Page
More on the DBE Program, including ITD’s DBE Program Plan, information on becoming certified as a DBE in the State of Idaho, and more.


Accessibility | Title VI | Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance

The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) is committed to compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and all related regulations and directives. ITD assures that no person shall on the grounds of race, color, national origin, gender, age, or disability be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be otherwise subjected to discrimination under any ITD service, program, or activity. The department also assures that every effort will be made to prevent discrimination through the impacts of its programs, policies, and activities on minority and low-income populations. In addition, the department will take reasonable steps to provide meaningful access to services for persons with Limited English Proficiency.

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