Aeronautics launches upgraded aircraft registration system

The Division of Aeronautics launched SOAR (System of Aircraft Registration) in mid-July, a new system for registering aviation dealers and aircraft in Idaho. The Office of Communications spoke with Derra Kolar, Division of Aeronautics Technical Records Specialist, about the new SOAR program.

“In 2010, Aeronautics was in desperate need of a way to track aircraft and their owners, airmen and aircraft dealers. The Aircraft Dealer Airman Management (ADAM) formed a team and the system was born. The new system allows Aeronautics to quickly register aircraft and link their owners, businesses and pilots. It also created the capability to track aircraft dealers. Although ADAM provided functionality that made the job much easier, there were pitfalls that were not known prior to the system being built,” said Kolar.

The new SOAR system is much faster in processing aviation dealers and aircraft registrations. Dealers, aircrafts, and businesses are now on a single screen. This is much more efficient than ADAM where the user had to scroll through pages to find what they were looking for.  Kolar said this capability has made a huge difference in the process.

With the implementation of SOAR, Aeronautics now has:

  • A more comprehensive and reliable approach to referring records to county assessors;
  • The ability to send an automated group of reminder renewal notices – which will increase revenue; and
  • Cleaner data organized in a more usable fashion, which allows us the ability to serve the public even better.