New Commercial Driver Record Dashboard Available

The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) and Tyler Idaho are offering commercial fleets a Driver Record Dashboard (DRD) to help companies manage their driver risks. The DRD service allows motor carriers to build a roster of Idaho drivers to monitor changes and receive an alert if any of their drivers’ statuses change.


  • Driver roster is checked twice a month (early and mid-month) for changes.
  • Email notification when a driver’s status changes.
    • Status changes include new conviction/suspension, a class change, expired or cancelled DLR.
  • Nightly monitoring for medical certification issues and expiration dates.
  • Flags records, driver’s licenses, and CDL expiration dates are for review and download.

Companies can build a roster one driver at a time or through bulk employee uploading. After building the roster you can purchase driver records individually or in bulk. If there is an issue with a driver’s status, the tracking history is saved each month, to create a compliance record. The record will be a full view of a driver’s history and available for review for 24 months.

Auto dealers, bus companies, school districts, state agencies, and food distribution fleets have used DRD for managing multiple driver records and compliance.

What does DRD Cost?

  • Monthly DRD service $10.00/month
  • Twice a month monitoring fee per record $0.16
  • Automatic record pull following a status change $10.00/Driver’s license record (DLR)
  • Manual driver’s license record pull $10.00/DLR
  • Tyler Idaho subscription $95/year

For more information on participating in this program call Tyler Idaho at 208-332-0102 or visit to view a demo and sign up.