Winter weather forces road closures across the state

View from behind the plow of it pushing snow

Blizzard conditions across much of the state has caused the Idaho Transportation Department to close several routes.  

Current closures include:  

Southwest Idaho: 

  • State Highway 21 from Grandjean Junction to Banner Summit 
  • State Highway 21 from Idaho City to Lowman 

South-Central Idaho:  

  • U.S. Highway 93 from Jerome to Shoshone 
  • U.S. Highway 20 from Fairfield to Mountain Home 
  • U.S. Highway 30 from Hansen to Murtaugh 
  • State Highway 75 from Shoshone to Timmerman 
  • State Highway 46 from Gooding to Fairfield 

Southeast Idaho: 

  • State Highway 34 from Conda to Wyoming 
  • State Highway 36 from SH-34 to Ovid 

East Idaho: 

  • State Highway 47 from Ashton to Bear Gulch 
  • State Highway 32 from Tetonia to Ashton 
  • State Highway 33 from Newdale to Tetonia. Note that Teton Pass in Wyoming is also closed.  
  • U.S. Highway 26 from Ririe to Swan Valley 
  • State Highway 31 from Swan Valley to Victor  

Plows will be out in full force today and until the winter weather subsides. The department asks that those who do not need to travel stay home or time their trips around weather conditions.  

To share the road safely with plows, travelers are reminded to:  

  • Never pass a plow on the right.  
  • Give plows room to work by maintaining at least a three-second following distance.  
  • If multiple plows are working in tandem, do not attempt to move between them.  
  • Stay out of the blind spots.  
  • Drive for conditions.  
  • Allow extra time to travel.  

More closures could be possible as the system moves through the state. Road conditions are updated 24/7 at Drivers are reminded to know before they go and visit the website or check the 511 app before traveling.