Work on SH-200 near Trestle Creek starts in July

Evening light on SH-200 near Trestle Creek

Work will begin on State Highway 200 between Pack River and Trestle Creek after the Fourth of July holiday. Crews will replace guardrail and concrete barrier near the Pack River Bridge and apply a chipseal.

The project is expected to take six weeks to complete. Guardrail replacement may require a lane closure, and temporary signals will be used to control traffic at the bridge in late July. Traffic will be reduced to one lane when crews are on site applying the chipseal.

Chipsealing is a cost-effective way to extend the life of pavement. The process involves spraying a sticky slurry on the pavement, placing rock chips on it and compressing them into place. This creates a seal that protects the pavement from water intrusion and weathering.

Drivers should be prepared for delays up to 15 minutes and check for impacts from this project and others.

As part of Governor Brad Little’s “Leading Idaho” initiative, the 2021 Idaho Legislature dedicated $126 million of one-time funds from Idaho’s budget surplus to transportation projects statewide. The funds were split 60/40 between ITD and local jurisdictions. This project is paid for with ITD’s portion of the funds that will accelerate projects to replace bridges, restore pavements, and improve mobility in communities across Idaho.