Idaho DMV to update vehicle registration and titling system in October

In an effort to reduce wait times at county DMV offices, the Idaho Transportation Department is providing an extension on expiring vehicle registrations and driver’s licenses. Non-commercial vehicle registrations and driver’s licenses that expire between September and December 2020 now have until January 31, 2021 to renew.

The Idaho DMV team is working all hours to refine the state’s new vehicle registration and titling computer system. Customers at county offices are currently experiencing extended wait times. Please remember, many DMV services are available ONLINE at We encourage you to skip the line and renew online 24/7.

Idaho’s vehicle registration and titling system will operate on a new computer system this month.

It’s the next phase of the Idaho Division of Motor Vehicles’ modernization project, moving from a 1980s mainframe to an updated GEM system. Statewide upgrades are planned over the Columbus Day weekend (Oct. 10-12) to minimize impacts to the public at county DMV offices.

“We anticipate a smooth transition,” DMV Administrator Alberto Gonzalez said. “State and county agents are testing and training now in preparation.”

During the three-day weekend, the Idaho DMV will integrate millions of DMV records into one system, resulting in a “one person, one record” system. Each Idahoan will now have one record with both their driver’s license and vehicle registration/title information on it.

“The one person, one record will reduce transaction times at DMV offices, and help county agents and law enforcement correctly identify Idahoans and vehicle ownership,” Gonzalez said. “It also paves the way to the future, giving us the ability to eventually offer more online services to Idaho drivers.”

The Idaho DMV has provided multiple training opportunities to county DMV offices, both virtually and in-person, and staff in all 44 Idaho counties have experience using the new system. County agents ask for patience and understanding from customers in October, as wait times could be longer while agents become more comfortable processing transactions. Title transactions on Oct. 8-9, prior to the transition, may be delayed several days.

The DMV modernization effort is an ongoing process. The disabled parking placards program was moved to the new system in 2017, and the driver’s license program in 2018. This latest phase transitioning vehicle registration and titling does not depend on a third party vendor.

Some of the DMV’s online services will be temporarily out of service Oct. 7-11 while the transition takes place. Aside from that time, drivers are still encouraged to skip the DMV line, and go online to renew their vehicle registration. For more information and resources visit or call the DMV Customer Contact Center at 208.334.8000.