Seal coating to begin in Preston next week

Diagram of existing and new pavement markings for US-91 (State St) in Preston
The change will return US-91 (State Street) to a 4-lane road through the city of Preston.

PRESTON – On August 25th the Idaho Transportation Department will begin a $433,000 chip seal coating operation on State Street in Preston. At the request of the city, ITD will also restripe the road to return it to a four-lane configuration. Work will continue until September 9th with a brief pause during the Labor Day weekend.

From the beginning of the project until the 29th there will be no parking on State Street. In addition, there may be up to 15 minute delays for motorists.

Chip sealing, also called seal coating, maximizes the taxpayers’ investment by extending the lifespan of the pavement.  A sticky slurry is sprayed on the pavement, rock chips are applied on top of the slurry for a long-lasting seal. Hot, daytime temperatures are needed to ensure a successful application. Chip sealing protects pavement from sun, oxidation, weather, water, oil and gas, and improves friction for drivers.