ITD Projects Southeast Idaho

Southeast Idaho

Portneuf River Bridge on U.S. 30

New Revenue Projects
 · Projects Funded by New User Fees or General Fund Surplus

Design Projects and Corridor Studies
·I-15 Rose Rd Interchange
·I-15 / I-86 Corridor Study
·U.S. 89 East Ovid Bridge Replacement
·U.S. 91, Shelley to York Road

Recently Completed
·Chubbuck Interchange

Driving Conditions
· 511 - Road Report

Dwight Horsch
Idaho Transportation Board Member
(208) 221-4765
Ed Bala, P.E.
District Engineer
Counties : Bannock, Bear Lake,
Bingham, Caribou, Franklin,
Oneida, Power
Land Area: 9,491 square miles
Lane miles : 1,849
Centerline miles : 709
Business Address: 5151 S. 5th Ave.
Pocatello, Idaho 83204
Phone : (208) 239-3300
Fax : (208) 239-3367
Office of Communications Contact:
Adam Rush