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ITD Research Program

Research Program

Research Program

ITD’s Research Program supports research, development, and technology transfer activities addressing the Department’s strategic goals and initiatives.

The Research Program is located in the Planning Services section within ITD’s Division of Planning and Transportation Expansion and Congestion Mitigation but supports research to meet department-wide needs.

Notice to Researchers: Research Project Requests for Proposal (RFPs)

The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) Research Program has issued RFPs for the following new research projects:

Project Title & Details LinkOpen DateClose DateClarifying Questions Deadline
No RFPs currently posted - More coming soon! See topics below.

Clarifying Questions and Other Inquiries

If you’d like to be added to our mailing list and be notified when research opportunities are available, please send an email with your contact information to:

Stay Tuned for Future Research Opportunities!

The ITD Research Program will be issuing RFPs in the coming months. Topics will include:

  • GIS-based Source Management System: Developing a Geospatial Database of Material Sources in Idaho for Use on ITD Projects
  • Evaluation and Improvement of ITD-Controlled Aggregate Material Source Program
  • DMV Customer Service Survey
  • Breaking Down Commercial Motor Vehicle Crashes: What are the Main Causes?
  • Assessment of ITD Research Program Impact and Guidance on Methods for Monitoring Program Performance


Research Program Mission

  • Support research, development, and technology transfer activities addressing the Department’s strategic goals and initiatives.
  • Enhance ITD’s ability to deliver efficient and effective transportation services.
  • Offer practical solutions to problems facing the Department.
  • Develop new tools/technologies and facilitate their implementation.

Program Responsibilities

  • Coordinating development of ITD’s annual work program for federal State Planning & Research (SPR) funds and annual reporting of agency accomplishments with these funds.
  • Administering SPR funds received for ITD research, development, and technology transfer.
  • Coordinating Department involvement in multi-state pooled fund projects.
  • Identifying ITD research needs and priorities.
  • Helping staff locate transportation research and information.
  • Overseeing ITD-funded research performed by universities and consultants.
  • Coordinating ITD involvement in national and regional transportation research with TRB, AASHTO, the Northwest Transportation Consortium and others.

FY24 SPR Annual Work Program

Research Program Overview

Pooled Fund Number & LinkProject TitleITD Contact
TPF-5(357)Connecting the DOTs: Implementing ShakeCast Across Multiple State Departments of Transportation for Rapid Post-Earthquake ResponseJared Leving, 208-334-8538
TPF-5(384)Exploring Non-Traditional Methods to Obtain Vehicle Volume and Class DataMargaret Pridmore, 208-334-8221
TPF-5(385)Pavement Structural Evaluation with Traffic Speed Deflection Devices (TSDDs)John Arambarri, 208-334-8099
TPF-5(388)Developing Implementation Strategies for Risk Based Inspection (RBI)Alan Buehrig, 208-334-8406
TPF-5(391)Comprehensive Field Load Test and Geotechnical Investigation Program for Development of LRFD Recommendations of Driven Piles on Intermediate GeoMaterials Anthony Beauchamp, 208-334-8554
TPF-5(394)Western Maintenance Partnership, Phase 3Nestor Fernandez, 208-334-8979
TPF-5(431)Application of Enterprise GIS for Transportation, Guidance for a National Transportation Framework (AEGIST)Margaret Pridmore, 208-334-8221
TPF-5(437)Technology Transfer Concrete Consortium (TTCC)Dana Dietz, 208-334-8426
TPF-5(439)Technology Exchange on Managing PavementsMir Tamim, 208-334-8974
TPF-5(441)No Boundaries Transportation Maintenance InnovationsSteve Spoor, 208-334-8413
TPF-5(442)Transportation Research & ConnectivityNed Parrish, 208-334-8296
TPF-5(443)Continuous Asphalt Mixture Compaction using Density Profiling System (DPS)
John Arambarri, 208-334-8099
TPF-5(444)Traffic Safety Culture – Phase 2Lisa Losness, 208-334-8103
TPF-5(447)Traffic Control Device (TCD) Consortium – Phase 3Ryan Lancaster, 208-334-8828
TPF-5(448)Integrating Construction Practices and Weather Into Freeze Thaw SpecificationsDana Dietz, 208-334-8426
TPF-5(451)Road Usage Charge WestMatthew Moore, 208-334-8484
TPF-5(454)Updating U.S. Precipitation Frequency Estimates for the NorthwestCarrie Ann Hewitt, 208-772-1230
TPF-5(462)Assessment and Repair of Prestressed Bridge Girders Subjected to Over-Height Truck Impacts (OHTI)Shanon Murgoitio, 208-334-8547
TPF-5(465)Consortium for Asphalt Pavement Research and Implementation (CAPRI)Mike Copeland, 208-334-8446
TPF-5(467)Research Project Tracking SystemAmanda Laib, 208-334-8181
TPF-5(476)Western Alliance for Quality Transportation Construction (WAQTC) 2021-2025Chad Clawson, 208-334-8453
TPF-5(478)Demonstration to Advance New Pavement Technologies Pooled FundJohn Arambarri, 208-334-8099
TPF-5(479)Clear Roads Winter Highway Operations Pooled Fund, Phase IIISteve Spoor, 208-34-8413
TPF-5(486)Center for the Aging Infrastructure: Steel Bridge Research, Inspection, Training and Education Engineering Center - SBRITEAlan Buehrig, 208-334-8406
TPF-5(495)2023 Technology Exchange on Low Volume Road Design, Construction and MaintenanceDrew Meppen, 208-745-5627
TPF-5(498)VKelly Slipform Paving Vibration TestDana Dietz, 208-334-8426
TPF-5(499)International Conference on Ecology & Transportation (ICOET) Pooled FundWendy Terlizzi, 208-334-8629
TPF-5(501)Roadside Safety Pooled Fund – Phase 3Marc Danley, 208-334-8024
TPF-5(503)Standardizing Rigid Inclusions for Transportation Projects – Phase IAnthony Beauchamp, 208-334-8554
TPF-5(506)Northwest Passage Phase 5Barton Phelps, 208-334-8593
TPF-5(516)Highway Safety Manual 2nd Edition (HSM2) ImplementationKelly Campbell, 208-334-8105
TPF-5(517)Performance Centered Concrete ConstructionDana Dietz, 208-334-8426
TPF-5(518)Implementation of Structural Data from Traffic Speed Deflection Devices (TSDDs)John Arambarri, 208-334-8099
TPF-5(520)Improving Traffic Detection Through New Innovative i-LST Technology Demonstration PilotTony Grange, 208-334-8213
TPF-5(521)New Performance Approach to Evaluate ASR in ConcreteDana Dietz, 208-334-8426
TPF-5(522)National Partnership to Improve the Quality of Preventive Maintenance Treatment Construction & Data Collection Practices (PG Phase III)John Arambarri, 208-334-8099
TPF-5(525)2nd International Roadside Safety Conference and Peer ExchangeKelly Campbell, 208-334-8105
TPF-5(526)Western Transportation Research ConsortiumNed Parrish, 208-334-8296

Writing Guidelines


For a list of available forms, please visit the ITD Form Finder page.

ITD Research Program Contacts
Please send comments, questions, and suggestions to:

Research Program Manager: Ned Parrish | | Phone: 208-334-8296

Research Analyst, Sr: Amanda Laib | | Phone: 208-334-8181