Plans for addressing the pothole problem on Broadway Ave. in Boise

BOISE – The Idaho Transportation Department is aware of the poor pavement condition on Broadway Avenue in Boise and is working to address the issue. Winter weather has accelerated the roadway surface separating from the pavement underneath, resulting in many large, shallow potholes.

ITD is working to address the pothole problem on an ongoing temporary basis, as well as with a permanent repair planned for this summer. The temporary repairs consist of filling the holes with “cold patch” material, but that has proven challenging as the potholes are shallow enough that the material quickly becomes displaced. None the less, maintenance crews will continue to target those potholes that will hold the patch material.

Permanent repairs will be performed once weather allows later this year. ITD is accepting bids to repave Broadway Avenue from I-84 to Beacon/East Park Boulevard. The project is scheduled to kick off this summer and will ultimately provide drivers with a new, smooth roadway surface.

ITD appreciates the public’s patience and is working diligently to start repaving Broadway Avenue as soon as possible.