ITD Communication wins nine awards from Idaho Press Club

The Idaho Press Club held their “Best of 2023” Awards show on Saturday evening, May 4. The yearly event highlights the best throughout Idaho in both media and public relations, and ITD’s Office of Communication took home some top prizes.

“We love telling the stories within ITD,” said southwest Idaho communication rep Sophia Miraglio, who took home two of the awards. “Our reputation with the media reflects ITD’s commitment to transparency, intentionality, and public service.”

On Saturday night, that commitment and public-service focus paid off, with ITD winning nine awards.

Best Online-Only Video Program – Public Affairs

  1. Angie Heuring, Axel Quartarone, Josie Bisgard – “No Guts, No Glory: ITD Behind the Plow”

Opinion Writing – PR

  1. Reed Hollinshead – Grip Strength
  2. Reed Hollinshead – Silent Ruin

News Releases – PR

  1. Sophia Miraglio – Best 3 of 2023

Feature Writing – PR

  1. Reed Hollinshead – Aunt Di: 55 years of service and going strong!
  2. Sophia Miraglio – ITD Veteran Shawn Denham continues to serve

Annual Report – PR

  1. Angie Heuring, Jared Tuttle, MacKenzie Stone – ITD Annual Report
  2. Ellen Mattila, Jared Tuttle, Lisa McClellan – DMV Annual Report

Public Service Campaign – PR

  1. Ellen Mattila, Duft Watterson – Idaho Ready