ITD Geologists conducting exploratory drilling along SH-33

A drilling rig and pickup truck alongside SH-33


Crews working at the back of a drill rig

The Idaho Transportation Department is conducting exploratory drilling on State Highway 33 near the Wyoming state line Tuesday, April 30 and Wednesday, May 1. This section of the road is beginning to slide and the guardrail tip to the side. Geologists and materials crews are taking samples to get information on the cause and to install instrumentation for slide monitoring. No lane closures are in effect as a result of the drilling operation.

The samples collected from drilling will help ITD specialists know what is causing the road to slide, how far down it goes, and how fast it’s occurring. There are natural springs in this vicinity and around SH-33.

Instruments will also be placed in the ground to remain there so ITD can monitor movement. With data collected from drilling, work to ensure the needs of this section of road will be planned and executed in coming months.

Motorists are cautioned to be particularly aware of working crews, slow down, and move over when passing equipment.