ITD seeks comment Aug. 1 for US-95 safety project north of CDA

ID-53 Bridge Junction US-95

The Idaho Transportation Department invites members of the public to comment on proposed safety improvements to US-95 at the intersections of Idaho Highway 53 and Garwood Road by attending an open house.

The open house will be held Wednesday, August 1 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the district office in Coeur d’Alene.

“US-95 is a primary north-south corridor through a rapidly developing area,” ITD project manager Joey Sprague said. “ITD has been planning for how to address growth and safety needs along this corridor for more than a decade, and we are excited that funding is now available to construct these improvements.”

The proposed project will:

  • Construct a new single-point urban interchange at US-95 and ID-53.
  • Realign and widen the shoulders of ID-53 from Ramsey Road to intersect more directly with US-95.
  • Replace the existing deficient ID-53 bridge over the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR).
  • Provide an overpass at Garwood Road over US-95 and the UPRR (eliminate direct access to US-95 at Garwood Road).
  • Extend Government Way as an east-side frontage road from ID-53 to the intersection of Garwood and Pope Roads.
  • Construct a roundabout at ID-53 and Government Way.
  • Extend pedestrian and bicycle facilities.

This project will improve safety while also planning for future growth and mobility in the area. Additionally, eliminating traffic signals on US-95 at ID-53 and Garwood Road will allow for a speed limit increase on US-95 to 70 mph through that section.

The final design is scheduled to be complete by spring 2019, and construction is scheduled to start during summer 2019. The project is estimated to cost $41 million to construct.

Planning for this project started in 2010 with the completion of a study of US-95 between Garwood and Sagle. In 2017, ITD started designing the realignment of ID-53 and the replacement of the bridge over the UPRR. The project scope expanded in mid-2017 to include a new ID-53 interchange, an overpass for Garwood Road and frontage roads when additional funding was secured through the GARVEE Expansion Program.

Members of the public can contact the project team by emailing or calling (208) 772-1200. For more information and to comment online until August 15, visit, find the projects tab and select “US-95: ID-53 Interchange.”