ITD work zone, road clearing efforts win community service awards

ITD’s work zone safety and winter road maintenance efforts recently won in the Leadership in Community Service categories of the Communitas Awards, which recognizes excellence in Community Service and Social Responsibility.

“Making Work Zones Safer” won on March 23 in the Leadership in Community Service category, and “Winter Road Maintenance Customer Service to Idaho Road Users” won in a category called Leadership in Community Service and Corporate Social Responsibility. This is an international competition, and ITD won in categories that also featured such massive companies as Toyota, MasterCard, Dow Chemical, and Honeywell.

“We started this program to highlight the community involvement of great companies and individuals who were sharing their skills and resources with their communities,” explained Mardelle Riley of the Association of Marketing & Communications Professionals (the umbrella group guiding the Communitas Awards).

“Our judges found that your nominee clearly exhibits the spirit of communitas, a Latin word that means people coming together for the good of a community. Communitas winners are recognized for specific programs involving volunteerism, philanthropy and ethical, sustainable business practices.”

The Winter Road Maintenance entry focused on the above-and-beyond efforts of hundreds of workers across the state dedicated to keeping the state’s roads and bridges clear and open. The department’s Work Zone efforts positively impact Gem State drivers and the many ITD employees working on roadsides statewide.

“We are proud of ITD employees for winning this international recognition in the middle of our busiest winter storms season in years,” said ITD Chief Deputy and Chief Operations Officer Dan McElhinney.  “Their outstanding customer-focused efforts keep our highways and work zones safe for drivers, project contractors and our own dedicated highway workers. This is truly a confirmation of the incredible services they provide daily for Idaho communities statewide.”

ITD tracked 4,572 storm events last year, but have already seen 6,773 storms this year, and this number will continue to climb over the next month or so. The numbers demonstrate that this winter has been more intense than recent years. However, the Mobility Score, which indicates the percentage of time during winter storms that the state’s roads are clear and passable, remains steady at 75% despite the more challenging winter.