Lane closed on SH-3 bridge near Cedar Creek Campground after inspection

Log truck passing over bridge on SH-3 under a temporary traffic signal

CLARKIA — As of this morning the Idaho Transportation Department has closed the northbound lane of the bridge over the St. Maries River on State Highway 3 near milepost 57. A temporary traffic signal has been placed to allow alternating traffic over the bridge in the southbound lane, and load limit and width restrictions have been put in place for commercial vehicles.

graphic map of area surrounding SH-3 bridgeEngineers recently completed a review of the structural integrity of this bridge and found the piers under the northbound lane showing an advanced rate of deterioration from seasonal fluctuations in water levels.

Crews are working on re-fortification of the piers, similar to work performed beneath the southbound lanes of this bridge in 2020, to renew the integrity of the structure and restore both lanes of traffic for normal use.

This bridge is currently scheduled for full replacement in 2027, but may be advanced to earlier years depending on the rate of deterioration.

The ability for crews to complete work will largely depend on weather and temperature conditions over the next few weeks.

Drivers are encouraged to check Idaho 511 for any delays caused by this closure and updated load restrictions for commercial vehicles.