Idaho DMV makes mailed registration renewals more affordable

BOISE- It is now more affordable than ever to renew your vehicle registration by mail. The Idaho Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has eliminated administrative fees for mailed registration renewals.

“The Idaho DMV is committed to elevating the customer experience by removing extra fees and offering a variety of convenient ways to do business with the DMV that fit into Idahoans’ busy lives,” said DMV Administrator Lisa McClellan.

The administrative fee removal is the latest in a series of fee reduction efforts by the Idaho DMV. In the past 12 months, the DMV has removed administrative fees for online registration renewals and removed convenience fees for online driver’s license renewals and license reinstatements. The DMV also introduced e-notifications for customers who prefer text or email communication over mailed renewal reminders and expanded online license renewals to include commercial driver’s licenses.

Over 636,367 registrations have been renewed online or by other Skip the Trip methods since January 1, 2023. Since e-notifications launched in March, 94,295 customers have signed up. is a one-stop-shop for everything DMV. Over a dozen transactions can be completed online, from a change of address to registration renewals. Customers searching the web should be wary of imitation and scam websites claiming to offer DMV services. The safest option is always to type directly into your browser bar. Skip the Trip, save time, and go online where you are always first in line.