Overnight closure on I-84 between Eagle Road and I-184 Monday for utility work

Interstate 84 will be closed between Eagle Road and I-184 (The Connector) for three hours overnight Monday, May 10th to allow Idaho Power crews to work over the roadway.

Idaho Power will be stringing new power lines adjacent to Cloverdale Road. To safely work over I-84, the utility company will install a net over the highway. The installation will require daytime work on the shoulder. Then, from 1 a.m. to 4 a.m. on May 10th, I-84 will be closed as crews erect the netting.

During the closure, I-84 traffic will be diverted to local roads. Eastbound traffic will exit at Eagle Road (Exit 46), travel along Overland Road, and re-enter the Interstate at Cole/Overland (Exit 50). Westbound I-84 and I-184 traffic will be detoured at Cole/Overland and Franklin Road (Exit 1) respectively. They will travel on Franklin Road and re-enter the Interstate at Eagle Road.

Detour route for cloverdale Road overpass closure

The Ada County Highway District will be actively managing signal timing on Overland and Franklin Roads during the closure to maximize the efficiency of those routes. ITD recommends the traveling public plan trips around the closure time or anticipate significant delays through the closure area.

Idaho Power estimates placing the new lines will take 8-10 days. A second closure of the Interstate will be required when that work is complete to remove the netting.

For questions about Idaho Power’s project, contact Sven Berg, Idaho Power Corporate Communications Specialist, at sberg@idahopower.com or (208) 388-2905.