Rock scaling to begin Wednesday on SH-75 south of Challis

Road Work Ahead sign
Geotechnical crew scaling the rockface
Geotechnical crew scaling a rockface

RIGBY – Beginning Wednesday the Idaho Transportation Department will be scaling rock on SH-75 between Challis and Clayton. Rock scaling is the safe removal of loose rock from the face of a mountain or hill to ensure it does not fall on the roadway.

Contractor Rock Supremacy will be working at four different sites over the next two weeks. Work will occur Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

The four sites are:

  • MP 231.45 to 231.52 Site one: ~1-days
  • MP 231.66 to 231.75 Site two: ~3-days
  • MP 235.05 to 235.24 Site three: ~3-days
  • MP 236.67 to 236.76 Site four: ~4-days

During operations motorists should expect up to 20-minute delays. Drivers are encouraged to check road conditions on