Snake River Crossing Study underway to find solutions for current and future traffic demands

Image of Snake River Canyon in South-central Idaho

The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) is conducting a study to evaluate potential transportation improvements to address congestion and mobility at existing Snake River crossings that connect Twin Falls and Jerome counties.

The study will look at a range of alternatives such as improvements to the existing road network, an additional crossing over the Snake River, new roadway connections, and potential traffic routing. The study will be ongoing through early 2023.

“With tremendous growth in communities on both sides of the canyon, and the unique challenges created by the canyon, effective infrastructure is key to mobility and economic opportunity in the region,” ITD project manager Nathan Jerke said. “The project team is working closely with local jurisdictions and key stakeholders to analyze data with a goal to find a solution that works for the entire region.”

Over the coming months, ITD will work with an executive team made up of local elected officials, a technical committee comprised of roadway and engineering staff, and key stakeholders. These groups will work toward the goal of developing alternatives and proposed actions to reduce congestion and address future transportation needs.

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