State Highway 16, built by Idahoans with Idaho materials

Contech Engineered Solutions will build 57 girders and the retaining walls for the I-84, SH-16 Interchange.

Sixteen, 96-foot girders that weigh 77,963 pounds each will be transported March 13 and 14 to begin building the Interstate 84, State Highway 16 Interchange as part of the Leading Idaho program.

Six bridges along SH-16 are being built with girders made in Caldwell. In total, Contech Engineered Solutions will build 57 girders and the retaining walls for the I-84, SH-16 Interchange.  The bridge supports will be used at Ten Mile Creek, McMillan Overpass, Quasi Place, Five Mile Creek, Cherry Lane and I-84.

SH-16 is a testament to the job creation and economic opportunities that come from road construction projects.

Contech employs 52 people at their Caldwell location. The local company says road construction projects like this have a positive effect on many Idaho businesses.

“The materials to make these are local. The bar we buy is from a local supplier. The concrete and aggregate come locally from Idaho. We try to support the local community as much as possible. We are very proud of the work we do here,” Contech Engineered Solutions Sales Manager Lee Wegner said.

The multi-year project encompasses more than four miles of new highway from I-84 to U.S. 20/26 (Chinden Boulevard).  Beyond the jobs that come from building a new highway, the project creates better connectivity to Gem County, promising a future of increased accessibility and growth.

This project is funded with Transportation Expansion and Congestion Mitigation (TECM) funds as a part of Governor Little’s Leading Idaho program. This initiative allows ITD to address rapid growth and aging infrastructure in critical corridors throughout the state.

Contech is also constructing girders for the Simco Road Bridge near Mountain Home and the bridge under SH-55 in the Avimor development.