Things to check before your eclipse road trip

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The Idaho Transportation Department is advising drivers who are planning to travel to view the eclipse to be prepared in the event of delays or an emergency.

The eclipse takes place on Monday, Aug. 21. It is anticipated there will be numerous travelers on highways and local routes.

Drivers should ensure their vehicles are in good working order. This includes getting the tire pressure checked, and making sure a vehicle’s battery, tires, headlights and brakes are in good working order.

In addition, drivers should carry emergency flares or portable signs to alert other drivers of an emergency, extra food and water, extra clothing or blankets for cooler weather, a flashlight with fully charged batteries, a fully charged cell phone and a map of Idaho highways.

The transportation department’s 511 web page and mobile app for Apple or Android will alert drivers to delays on the state’s highways. However, those planning to use the app on their smart phones or check web pages likely will not have cell service in remote or mountainous areas in Idaho.

When possible, travelers are encouraged to return home on Tuesday, Aug. 22, or later in the week. This will reduce the number of vehicles on highways that are returning home Monday afternoon.

The transportation department is working to develop a statewide plan to ensure motorists have the information they need ahead of the Aug. 21 event. ITD’s Jennifer Gonzalez shares some information about the agency’s preparation efforts, including how drivers can prepare, in the latest edition of the department’s In Motion video series below.