Updated schedule released for north-central Idaho sealcoats

Update as of July 16: Idaho Highway 11 between Greer and the top of Greer Grade will not be sealcoated this week. Crews will move on to Idaho Highway 11 from Weippe to Grangemont Road while the Greer Grade portion is rescheduled.

To extend the life of previously completed highway projects, sealcoats will be applied to several highways throughout the region starting July 9. The newly-treated surface helps preserve the pavement and provides for better vehicle traction.

When sealcoats are applied, roadways will be reduced to one lane. Motorists should anticipate short delays and watch for the presence of pilot cars.

Sealcoating is a roadway surface treatment best applied during the hot and dry months of summer when chips of aggregate will properly adhere to an oil layer deposited on the highway.

Drivers are cautioned to slow down and pay attention within the work zones, as chips placed during the sealcoating process have the potential to cause windshield damage.

Crews will begin applying sealcoats in the order below:

  • July 9: Idaho Highway 8 from Moscow to Troy (11.7 miles)
  • July 12: Idaho Highway 8 from Deary to Bovill (10.2 miles)
  • July 16: Idaho Highway 11 from Greer to the top of Greer Grade (8 miles)
  • July 20: Idaho Highway 11 from Weippe to Grangemont Road (11 miles)

All sealcoats are expected to be completed by the end of July.