US-95/12 Aht’Wy Interchange in First Construction Phase

US 95/12 Aht’Wy Interchange in First Construction Phase

The Aht’Wy Interchange project on US-95/12 which is near the Clearwater River Casino & Lodge RV Park is currently in its earliest construction stages. After a well-attended groundbreaking ceremony this past April, contractors are getting started and motorists can expect some changes in traffic patterns.

The initial stage will consist of work in the median area to construct crossovers to facilitate traffic needed for future stages. Once this work is complete, the contractor will make changes to the traffic patterns and reconstruct the northbound lanes. During these initial stages, travelers can expect single lanes in each direction. Please drive safe and be mindful of construction workers and equipment working close to the roadway.

The new diamond-shaped interchange will replace current at-grade intersection with an overpass to access the plaza, on the east entrance. This includes additions of deceleration and acceleration ramps for eastbound traffic. As for additional infrastructure, a broadband conduit and pedestrian walkway will be included in the construction.

Download renderings of the design of the interchange.

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