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Information Resources

Information Resources


The Office of Communication provides information to the public about the department’s mission, goals, accomplishments and challenges. That involves an ongoing professional relationship with the state’s media to provide accurate and timely information about the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD).

It also involves continued communications with citizens so that they have meaningful access to the department’s decision-making process, and a voice about the transportation needs of their communities and state. Public hearings and meetings provide opportunities for involvement in shaping the state’s transportation future.

  • Idaho Highway Map – Digital or print version (36 MB)
    • The Idaho Highway Map includes paved and unpaved routes, cities, counties, scenic byways, historical trails, state and national parks, backcountry airports, ski areas, and more.
  • Idaho Motorcycle Routes Map – Digital or print version
    • The Idaho Motorcycle Map highlights scenic routes and designates technical sections for more experienced riders. Safety information and resources are also included.
    • Motorcycle Safety Information

If you have additional inquiries, please use the ITD “Contact Us” portal

ITD Brand

ITD Logo Mission

Idaho Transportation Department (ITD)

The Idaho Transportation Department’s brand is the expression of its mission and vision. ITD’s mission is “Your Safety. Your Mobility. Your Economic Opportunity.” The ITD Logo was created in 1974 and the agency was formed out of the Idaho Department of Highways into the entity it is today. Now, the logo represents ITD’s Divisions of Highways, Aeronautics, Motor Vehicles, Administration, and Human Resources.

The logo stands as a guarantee of the dedication, excellence, and service of the Department and its employees. The orange state of Idaho stands out upon which the letters “ITD” can be seen. This emphasizes how the entire state and all who live in it are affected by the work of the Department. Whether it’s traveling to work, moving goods and services, or providing access to Idaho’s scenic back country, the Idaho Transportation Department serves everyone in the state.

The logo has undergone very little revision since it was first created. For nearly five decades the logo has served as the most identifiable symbol for ITD.

For additional information email: Office of Communication