ID Motor Carrier Services ends HVUT filings: Carriers must file directly with IRS

A blue semi truck and two cars driving on the interstate.

Starting February 1, 2024, Idaho Motor Carrier Services will no longer accept the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Form 2290 Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Returns (HVUT) filings for forwarding to the IRS. This includes in-person locations, by mail, by drop box, or e-mail.

Instead, carriers must file directly with the IRS either by mail or online.

If filing by mail, the address is provided on the 2290 instructions. The IRS estimates 6 weeks of processing time, so please plan accordingly.

If filing online, go to the e-file providers section of the website and select an IRS-approved provider from the list.

Once filing of the 2290 form is complete, the IRS will email a watermarked Schedule 1. This is the proof of HVUT filing. Federal rules require that carriers provide it when applying for vehicle registration that reflects a gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more.

Motor Carrier Services cannot accept the receipt-stamped or e-filed Schedule 1 if there are errors, or if it is filed for the wrong tax year. To ensure the right tax year is selected, use the online HVUT filing period tool.

If you have any questions please contact Motor Carrier Services at 208-334-8611

Idaho DMV offering title and registration for concession trailers

A silver food truck trailer.

Beginning January 1, 2024, the Idaho Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will offer titles and registrations for concession trailers. After careful consideration and consultation with lenders and industry partners, the DMV has determined that concession trailers more closely align with utility trailers and should be titled and registered. 

For all existing concession trailer owners, a title and registration will be optional yet encouraged. For concession trailers purchased after January 1, 2024, title and registration will be mandatory.  

“Concession trailers existed in a gray area that created challenges for their owners. Because they were not treated as vehicles, it was difficult to secure interest,” explained Vehicle Services Manager CJ Kendrick. “We consulted with industry stakeholders and determined offering title and registration was the best path forward.” 

There are several benefits to obtaining a title and registration. It provides a commonly recognized proof of ownership and a legal right to tow on highways. 

Owners who want to title their concession trailer should bring all ownership and/or purchase documentation to a local DMV office so they can assist with the titling process. Owners must also bring the concession trailer, as a VIN inspection is required. Title and registration costs will vary by county and length of registration term. 

Please note concession trailers are food service trailers pulled by another vehicle and are distinct from food trucks. Food trucks are powered vehicles and were already subject to title and registration requirements.

Commercial special permits: bulk renewal and cost savings

A semi passes the east entrance to Aht'Wy Plaza on US-12 near Lewiston.

Idaho commercial vehicle customers can now renew annual special permits in bulk online at and save money in the process.

Customers can save $5 per permit when renewing online at Bulk renewals also save time over renewing annual permits individually. also has a new Company Dashboard to easily manage your permits. Now customers can renew and pay for annual permits online in bulk, order special permits for overweight and/or over-dimensional loads, and remove annual permits that they no longer need. The site displays a notification when permits are 30 days from expiring.

Find the link to the Instructions for Annual Renewal Process The website is the central location for all commercial vehicle and motor carrier information. From permits and registrations to taxes and safety information is the greatest resource for Idaho’s trucking industry.

Declo eastbound Port of Entry to open fully mid-December

Declo port under construction.

10-months after the Declo westbound Port of Entry (POE) opened, the eastbound side is nearing completion. Staff moved in at the end of November to set up the building and test the electronic screening equipment before full operations begin. The hope is to have the newest port completely open by December 21, 2023.

The eastbound Declo port will have a state-of-the-art commercial registration office with a customer service window for appointments.

The Declo POE also has a Tire Anomaly Classification System (known as TAC) which screens tire conditions at highway speeds. Catching damaged tires before they blow out helps keep highway users safe.

The current Cotterel Port of Entry, eastbound location, will be decommissioned and only the rest area will remain.

For more information about commercial vehicle services in Idaho visit The site is the central location for all commercial vehicle and motor carrier information. From permits and registrations to taxes and safety information is the greatest resource for Idaho’s trucking industry.

Changing a commercial vehicle registration expiration date

A semi truck.

There are about 4,000 commercial vehicle customers with full fee (Idaho registered only) commercial registrations that expire on December 31 and 500 that expire on January 31.

If your registration expires in December or January, you can change the expiration date to a different time. Idaho Motor Carrier Services offers this option to all full fee (Idaho registered only) commercial vehicles.

Customer benefits:

  • Pay renewal fees during the time of year that works best for your finances.
  • For seasonal operations, you can choose the latest month of the year you will operate and then wait to renew until you start operating. This reduces the registration fees by the number of months you are not operating.
  • Faster renewals. Moving your renewal to a less busy month evens out the workload for the DMV’s commercial vehicle staff and leads to quicker service.

How to change your expiration date:

  • Every customer with full fee registered vehicles receives an Expiration Date Change form in the mail with their renewal packet.
  • If there is a more convenient month for your commercial vehicle registration(s) to expire, please complete the form and return it with your renewal.
  • For registrations that expire December 31 you will receive the renewal packet in early November. If your registration expires January 31 you will receive the packet in early December.
  • If you have already renewed for the 2024 calendar year, we can’t change it now, however you will receive the option again next year.

Motor Carrier Services’ goal is to transition at least 50% of December and January renewals to a different month. This will greatly improve department efficiency and turn-around time for all customers.

If you have any questions, contact a registration specialist at 208-334-8611, Monday – Friday, 9 am to 4 pm Mountain Time, e-mail us at, or go to where you may find the answer you’re seeking. is the central location for all commercial vehicle and motor carrier information. From permits and registrations to taxes and safety information is the greatest resource for Idaho’s trucking industry.

Expiration Date Change Form

IDPR and DMV Unveil Durable 2024 RV Registration Stickers, Saving Taxpayers $65,000 Annually

BOISE- The Idaho Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation (IDPR) have created new and improved Recreational Vehicles (RV) registration stickers using a familiar material. The new stickers will be available starting this month for all 2024 RV registration renewals.

The DMV and IDPR work together to register recreational vehicles—like boats, OHVS, and snowmobiles—across the state. This program provides its user groups with trail grooming and maintenance, access, safety education classes, and more. However, the 2023 sticker print came with an issue: the stickers were quickly peeling and fading when exposed to the elements. This was less than ideal for customers and the agencies worked together to find a solution.

“As state agencies, we are dedicated to serving the public in the best, most efficient ways possible,” shared Chelsea Chambers, Public Information Specialist at IDPR. “We heard the feedback from our customers and, under the guidance of the DMV, quickly pivoted to find both a temporary workaround and a long-term fix to this problem.”

The solution was to print RV stickers on the same decal paper that the DMV uses for vehicle registrations. The print-on-demand decal paper is a tried and tested product, used on millions of license plates across the state. If the RV owner also purchases an Idaho State Parks Passport, that sticker will be printed on the same page as the RV sticker, reducing waste.

“The DMV and IDPR came together to collaborate and problem solve,” said DMV Administrator Lisa McClellan. “Now we have a solid solution for our customers and are saving taxpayer money in the process.”

In all, this change is expected to save taxpayers more than $65,000 annually.

Customers interested in renewing their RV registration for 2024 can go online to or visit any county DMV office.

Idaho DMV makes mailed registration renewals more affordable

BOISE- It is now more affordable than ever to renew your vehicle registration by mail. The Idaho Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has eliminated administrative fees for mailed registration renewals.

“The Idaho DMV is committed to elevating the customer experience by removing extra fees and offering a variety of convenient ways to do business with the DMV that fit into Idahoans’ busy lives,” said DMV Administrator Lisa McClellan.

The administrative fee removal is the latest in a series of fee reduction efforts by the Idaho DMV. In the past 12 months, the DMV has removed administrative fees for online registration renewals and removed convenience fees for online driver’s license renewals and license reinstatements. The DMV also introduced e-notifications for customers who prefer text or email communication over mailed renewal reminders and expanded online license renewals to include commercial driver’s licenses.

Over 636,367 registrations have been renewed online or by other Skip the Trip methods since January 1, 2023. Since e-notifications launched in March, 94,295 customers have signed up. is a one-stop-shop for everything DMV. Over a dozen transactions can be completed online, from a change of address to registration renewals. Customers searching the web should be wary of imitation and scam websites claiming to offer DMV services. The safest option is always to type directly into your browser bar. Skip the Trip, save time, and go online where you are always first in line.

Idaho DMV removes convenience fees for online license reinstatement payments

BOISE– The Idaho Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has removed the convenience fee for online driver’s license reinstatement payments. 


Now customers with a suspended license will be able to pay for a license reinstatement online at without paying extra convenience fees. These savings are passed along to DMV customers. Drivers with a suspended license will still need to satisfy all other conditions and wait the appropriate amount of time to get their driving privileges back. 


“This is great news for drivers in Idaho who have had their license suspended,” explained DMV Administrator Lisa McClellan. “The removal of the convenience fee for online driver’s license reinstatement payments makes getting your license back more affordable.” is a one-stop-shop for everything DMV. Over a dozen transactions can be completed online, from a change of address to registration renewals. Customers searching the web should be wary of imitation and scam websites claiming to offer DMV services. The safest option is always to type directly into your browser bar. Skip the Trip, save time, and go online to 

100 Deadliest Days on Idaho roads claim 92 lives

BOISE—At least 92* people were killed in crashes during the 100 Deadliest Days on Idaho roads, according to preliminary data from the Idaho Transportation Department’s Office of Highway Safety (OHS). Vehicle crashes caused the majority of fatalities, followed by motorcycle crashes, and crashes involving pedestrians.

The 100 Deadliest Days are the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day when Idaho sees a spike in fatal and serious injury crashes. During this time more people are out of school or work, on vacations, and celebrating. This increase in traffic can lead to more distracted, aggressive, and impaired driving, making the roads more dangerous.

“Thinking about the gravity of the loss is heartbreaking. Ninety-two people are gone too soon, and families and communities across Idaho are mourning their loved ones,” Highway Safety Manager Josephine Middleton said. “It’s a solemn reminder of the importance of buckling up, putting down the distractions, and driving sober.”

OHS has compiled a preliminary list* of contributing factors to these fatalities. Please note that the numbers in this list add up to more than 92 because most crashes have more than one contributing factor. For example, a fatal crash could involve both impaired driving and no seat belt or inattention, speeding, and failing to yield, etc.

  • No seat belt – 34
  • Fail to maintain lane – 20
  • Speed – 11
  • Alcohol-impaired – 10
  • Fail to yield – 10
  • Inattention – 9
  • Overcorrected – 5
  • Drove left of center line – 5
  • Improper overtaking – 4
  • Wrong side or wrong way – 4
  • Drug-impaired – 3
  • Asleep, drowsy, or fatigued – 2
  • Fail to obey a stop sign – 2
  • Distracted in or on the vehicle (GPS, cell phone, etc.) – 2
  • Improper lane change – 2
  • Tire Defect – 1

Overall, 2023 has been deadlier than 2022. So far this year 168* people have died on Idaho roads, compared to 137 at this time last year. Ninety-two people died during the 100 Deadliest Days this year, compared to 81 last year.

Here is a preliminary breakdown* of fatalities during the 100 Deadliest Days by county:

8 Fatalities

  • Ada
  • Bonneville
  • Idaho
  • Kootenai

7 Fatalities

  • Jerome

6 Fatalities

  • Canyon

4 Fatalities

  • Bannock
  • Bonner
  • Clearwater
  • Teton
  • Twin Falls

3 Fatalities

  • Payette
  • Valley

2 Fatalities

  • Boise
  • Cassia
  • Jefferson
  • Minidoka
  • Nez Perce

1 Fatality

  • Bear Lake
  • Benewah
  • Bingham
  • Blaine
  • Boundary
  • Elmore
  • Franklin
  • Latah
  • Lemhi
  • Lincoln
  • Owyhee

No Fatalities

  • Adams
  • Butte
  • Camas
  • Caribou
  • Clark
  • Custer
  • Fremont
  • Gem
  • Gooding
  • Lewis
  • Madison
  • Oneida
  • Power
  • Shoshone
  • Washington

*All 2023 data is preliminary

Idaho urges sober rides for safe Labor Day as ‘100 Deadliest Days’ conclude

BOISE—As Idaho approaches the end of the 100 Deadliest Days, drivers should remember to include a sober ride home in their Labor Day plans. The Idaho Office of Highway Safety (OHS) has partnered with Idaho State Police (ISP) and more than 50 other law enforcement agencies for enhanced DUI patrols this coming holiday weekend. Expect to see more officers on the roads to stop impaired drivers before they cause harm. 

“As law enforcement professionals, we are dedicated to ensuring the safety and security of our communities. The act of impaired driving not only defies the principles we uphold but also endangers the lives we’ve sworn to protect,” said Colonel Kedrick Wills of the Idaho State Police. “This Labor Day weekend, let us all unite in our commitment to safety by making responsible choices. Through intensified patrol and advanced expertise, we are committed to creating an environment free from the dangers of impaired driving.”  

According to data gathered by OHS, 110 people were killed as a result of impaired driving crashes last year. That represents more than half of all fatalities in 2022.  

Labor Day marks the end of the 100 Deadliest Days, the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day when Idaho sees a spike in fatal and serious injury crashes. This year to date 164 people have been killed in crashes on Idaho roads, 89 of those fatalities happened during the 100 Deadliest Days.  

Sadly 2023 has been deadlier than 2022 so far. This time last year there were 133 fatalities on Idaho roads, versus 164 this year.  

“It’s a stark reminder of the dangers of impaired driving, aggressive driving, and distracted driving,” explained Highway Safety Manager Josephine Middleton. “We can help to keep ourselves and others safe by driving engaged, putting down the distractions, driving sober, and always wearing our seatbelts.”