Changes to be made to US-95 signals in CDA and Hayden tonight

Demolition work at US-95 and Canfield

As part of ongoing work to enhance safety and traffic flow on US-95 in Coeur d’Alene and Hayden, several changes to traffic signals will be made this week.

The medians at Canfield Avenue and Wilbur Avenue will be closed tonight after 7 p.m. as crews take down the Canfield Avenue signal and turn on the Wilbur Avenue signal.

“These changes will help with the flow of traffic by creating consistent spacing between signals,” Project Manager Carrie Ann Hewitt said. “Currently, the signals are spaced too closely, causing issues when traffic at one intersection backs up into the next.”

Radar detection devices at the Wilbur Avenue signal will be installed tomorrow, and the signal will be connected with others in the corridor next week.

“Until those final connections are made and drivers adjust to the new configuration, delays should be expected on this route,” Hewitt said.

The median at Canfield Avenue will remain closed for the next two weeks as curbing is constructed to prevent drivers on the side street from turning left on to the highway or crossing it. Drivers may make these movements at other signalized intersections, usually about one-quarter mile away.

Before construction ends in late September, a new signal at Miles Avenue will be installed, and turn lanes at Hanley Avenue will be removed and repaved to meet quality specifications.

“Combined with the additional turn lanes and access modifications that are also part of this project, these changes will save time for thousands of drivers who use the highway every day,” Hewitt said.