Construction to widen US-95 in CDA begins Wednesday

Large truck navigating a sharp corner on US-95

Construction will begin Wednesday, April 5, to widen U.S. Highway 95 in Coeur d’Alene north of the Spokane River Bridge to increase traffic flow.

Work will last for four months, and traffic will only have one lane in each direction to get through the work zone. Drivers should plan extra time to travel on US-95 or head downtown.

The highway currently features one lane in each direction in the area, with a sharp corner near the intersection with Lincoln Way and Walnut Avenue. Work will remove the concrete median in the center of that intersection so additional through and turn lanes can be built.

“This project will end near the turn off to go downtown and the Spokane River Bridge,” Project Manager Edward Cabale said. “All of the major intersections in this short section will remain the same, except near Lincoln Way and Walnut Avenue.”

During construction drivers will not be able to access the highway from Lincoln Way or Walnut Avenue. After construction a thin concrete curb will separate northbound and southbound traffic on US-95 at the curve and change how drivers will access the two side streets:

  • Northbound drivers on US-95 will be able to access both streets.
  • Southbound drivers on US-95 will no longer have access to either street.
  • Drivers on Walnut Avenue will only be able to turn right on to the highway and will not be able to access Lincoln Way.
  • Drivers on Lincoln Way will not be able to turn on to the highway and will only be able to turn right at Walnut Avenue.

This design was developed with the City of Coeur d’Alene and public feedback from open houses in 2018 to reduce confusion at the intersection. These changes will go into effect immediately once construction starts.

View the new design here.

“The current layout of the intersection allows highway traffic to flow freely but all other movements function like a three-way stop,” Cabale said. “Simplifying this intersection will make it safer and easier to navigate.”

The existing center turn lane will be extended through Linden Avenue to help with the changes at this intersection as well as access to businesses.

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