County DMV offices statewide to close Aug. 9-10 for system upgrades

Idaho’s computer system for issuing driver’s licenses and identification cards will upgrade this month from a 1980s mainframe to a more modern system.

To make this transition, all county sheriff’s DMV offices that issue driver’s licenses and identification cards, will be closed Thursday, Aug. 9 and Friday, Aug. 10.

County assessor’s offices will remain open to issue vehicle registrations and titles. Disability placards will not be available during the two-day closure.

County sheriff’s DMV offices will reopen on Monday, Aug. 13, however customers should anticipate delays while employees adjust to the new system.

“We are very pleased to move to a new system that is designed to provide enhanced security and increased customer service to citizens across Idaho,” said Idaho Transportation Department Division of Motor Vehicles Administrator Alberto Gonzalez.

The ITD DMV Headquarters office in Boise will also be closed to the public Aug. 9-10. The office assists the public through telephone calls and emails with driving records, driver’s license extensions and reinstatement fees.

“We are encouraging citizens needing to apply for or renew their driver’s license or identification card in August to do so before Aug. 9, or if possible wait until the week of Aug. 20,” Gonzalez said. “The DMV clerks will be trained in the new system, but there will likely be delays while they become more familiar with it.”

This is the second phase of a three-phase project to modernize the state’s DMV system. In 2017, the first phase was completed when permanent disability placards became available at the county assessor’s offices rather than at the DMV headquarters in Boise to better serve customers. The third phase will move vehicle registrations and title records from the mainframe computer next year.