Final fix to dips on I-90 near Kellogg start Monday

Crews put down temporary pavement

Work will start on Monday, Sept. 13 to address settling on I-90 near Kellogg. Over the next two weeks, crews will address dips that first appeared near milepost 49 in the spring of 2019.

“We expect this to be the final fix until it’s time to address the larger section of interstate,” Operations Engineer Jerry Wilson said. “Our surveys have detected no movement for the last year, even during spring runoff when there was the greatest potential.”

Repairs call for the pavement in the median to be removed, the base to be built back up and paved again. All lanes between the two settling sections will also be repaved to provide for a smooth surface.

“Unlike our previous repairs in February and April of 2019, this time we will correct the settling in the median and pave the full stretch between the two dips,” Wilson said.

Construction will last two weeks, with traffic reduced to one lane in each direction. To date repairs have cost an estimated $400,000.