I-86 Bridge Repair Work Begins in Power County

AMERICAN FALLS – The Idaho Transportation Department began repairs on two I-86 bridges in Power County this week. The Sunbeam Road and Seagull Bay bridges will both be receiving new roadway surfaces to protect the integrity of the bridges and improve safety. The first phase of the project will progress for one month while the eastbound bridges are resurfaced. The second phase will also last one month as the westbound bridges are similarly repaired. All work is scheduled to be completed by the end of October.

During construction traffic will be moved to one side of the Interstate prior to the bridges and some exiting traffic will be detoured. After the construction area is passed, traffic will cross back over to the regular side of the Interstate to proceed as usual. Motorists should watch closely for signs indicating lane changes, detours, and speed limit reductions.

During the current first phase, eastbound traffic is being crossed over to the westbound side of the Interstate prior to Sunbeam Road at American Falls. Traffic remains two-way on the westbound side of the Interstate until past Seagull Bay Exit 44. Therefore, eastbound Interstate traffic will not be able to use Exit 40 into American Falls and Exit 44 to Seagull Bay. Motorists should instead exit at the west American Falls / Rockland Exit 36 or the Rainbow Road Exit 49.

American Falls residents will still be able to enter I-86 toward Pocatello at the Exit 40 on ramp. They will progress eastbound until the Seagull Bay Exit 44 where they will detour through the exit and then re-enter the Interstate and merge with through traffic as it crosses back over from the westbound lanes.

Performing work on both bridges at the same time reduces costs and effects repairs in the same construction season. Once completed the new surfaces will be smoother and the bridge decks will be protected against further deterioration.



Diagram of work area