IDPR and DMV Unveil Durable 2024 RV Registration Stickers, Saving Taxpayers $65,000 Annually

BOISE- The Idaho Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation (IDPR) have created new and improved Recreational Vehicles (RV) registration stickers using a familiar material. The new stickers will be available starting this month for all 2024 RV registration renewals.

The DMV and IDPR work together to register recreational vehicles—like boats, OHVS, and snowmobiles—across the state. This program provides its user groups with trail grooming and maintenance, access, safety education classes, and more. However, the 2023 sticker print came with an issue: the stickers were quickly peeling and fading when exposed to the elements. This was less than ideal for customers and the agencies worked together to find a solution.

“As state agencies, we are dedicated to serving the public in the best, most efficient ways possible,” shared Chelsea Chambers, Public Information Specialist at IDPR. “We heard the feedback from our customers and, under the guidance of the DMV, quickly pivoted to find both a temporary workaround and a long-term fix to this problem.”

The solution was to print RV stickers on the same decal paper that the DMV uses for vehicle registrations. The print-on-demand decal paper is a tried and tested product, used on millions of license plates across the state. If the RV owner also purchases an Idaho State Parks Passport, that sticker will be printed on the same page as the RV sticker, reducing waste.

“The DMV and IDPR came together to collaborate and problem solve,” said DMV Administrator Lisa McClellan. “Now we have a solid solution for our customers and are saving taxpayer money in the process.”

In all, this change is expected to save taxpayers more than $65,000 annually.

Customers interested in renewing their RV registration for 2024 can go online to or visit any county DMV office.