Off State Street since 1961, ITD services moving to Chinden Campus

BOISE – After 61 years at the State Street location, the Idaho Transportation Department is moving to a new location on Chinden Boulevard. By Thursday (June 16), all departmental public services will be housed at the new Chinden campus, at 11311 Chinden Boulevard, Building 8, in a suite of offices purchased by the State of Idaho several years ago to house Idaho’s State Agencies.

Building 8 is a temporary home for most of ITD’s Headquarters employees affected by the flooding at HQ at the turn of 2022. The Idaho Transportation Board, after deeming that it was in the State’s best interest for the old building to not be repaired and to be permanently vacated, recently approved the remodel of Building 3 for the future home of ITD’s employees from Headquarters.

Check out this video of the new location...and this one.

“During all of this transition, ITD has continued to be open for business to serve the citizens of Idaho,” said Chief Administrative Officer Dave Tolman. “Only the location is changing,” he added, “not the high level of service provided.”