Perrine Bridge maintenance now underway with minor traffic impacts

Image of the Perrine Bridge near Twin Falls

Routine repairs on the Perrine Bridge near Twin Falls are now underway as the contractor starts setting up staging areas for equipment and scaffolding to access areas underneath the bridge. Work is not expected to impact traffic at this time.

Maintenance efforts will extend the lifespan of the bridge and include repairing the sidewalks, the railing and cracks. Some of the steel supports will also be painted for protection from weathering.

Lane closures are not expected for a few weeks, but mobilization this week is the beginning of a maintenance project that will last through spring of 2024. Signs on the highway will advertise upcoming closures to give drivers’ time to adjust their commute, and sidewalks on either side of the bridge will remain open for the duration of construction.

ITD schedules routine bridge maintenance projects to ensure the bridge’s longevity for years to come.

“Maintenance now could prevent future closures,” District Engineer Jesse Barrus said. “It’s far more effective to schedule these routine maintenance repairs and plan for it now than address issues later. Our goal is to ensure crews work quickly but safely.”

To learn more about the repairs, visit the project website. Traveler can also stay up to date on traffic impacts at