Subcommittee for the Idaho Transportation Board to review reclassification of Latah County highways on Thursday

Centerline photo of ID-9 south of Harvard

The Idaho Transportation Board 129,000-pound subcommittee will meet Thursday to review an application to reclassify the weight limits of several highways in Latah County. After review, the subcommittee could provide a recommendation to the Idaho Transportation Board, which will make a final decision on the reclassification, or require further analysis by the department.

The subcommittee will convene virtually at 2:15 p.m. PT / 3:15 p.m. MT to discuss engineering analysis completed by department staff and comments received during the public hearing process.

Members of the public may access the meeting via instructions located on the agenda. Since this meeting will be held after the Idaho Transportation Board meeting, participants should be prepared for any resulting delays.

Public comments were sought in December on the application submitted by Bennett Lumber Products to increase the limits on the following highways from 105,500 pounds to 129,000 pounds:

  • Idaho Highway 6 from the US-95 junction to Harvard
  • Idaho Highway 9 from Harvard to Deary
  • Idaho Highway 8 from Deary to the US-95 junction

No further public comment will be taken at the subcommittee meeting.

Download a photo of ID-9.

The application, analysis by ITD and FAQs about 129,000-pound loads are available at

A final decision by the Idaho Transportation Board could be made as early as the next regular board meeting on February 18.